Terrible Herbst Car Wash Prices List ❤️️ 2023

Terrible Herbst Car Wash Prices List ❤️️ 2023

Terrible Herbst Car Wash Prices List 2022

Terrible Herbst Car Wash Prices: Terrible Herbst is a family-owned company with three primary services, including the car wash and gas station and a convenience store. 

It’s a well-known auto wash located in Las Vegas that offers exterior and non-touch wash.

If you’re looking for an easy snack or car cleaning on the course of your Las Vegas drive, the service and products offered by the company are among the best available.

at a Glance:

  • Terrible Herbst Car Wash is a car wash, gas station along with a convenience store franchising which is primarily located from Las Vegas.
  • The cost for car wash services ranges between $8 and $15 for a car wash and can go up to $29.99 with the monthly unlimited plan.
  • Location specific working hours are 9 am 5 pm – 7:30 a m–7:15 pm. However, all services are accessible between Monday and Saturday.

Introduction of Terrible Herbst Car Wash

terrible herbst car wash prices

Terrible Herbst is primarily a convenience store and fuel station franchise operating in NV, CA, UT, and AZ regions. 

There are more than 140 locations that are home to convenience stores and fueling stations; however, only 50+ locations have car washes. At present, the headquarters is located at its main branch Russel Road, Las Vegas.

Since 1959, the privately owned company has almost 70 years of expertise. The franchise is managed through Timothy Herbst, who serves as President. 

The Terrible Herbst car washes operate on an operational schedule based on location. Find out the schedule that is appropriate to the closest location to you here on the following page.

Terrible Herbst Car Wash Prices

terrible herbst car wash prices list

Terrible Herbst Car Wash offers an exterior tunnel, a tunnel that is unattended, and wash facilities that are touch-free. Certain locations require speedy access to facilities that are only accessible by monthly payment. 

However, there are some locations that provide the use of free vacuums to make use of the services of these locations.

At present, the full-service wash is not offered in all Terrible Herbst locations across the country. The business is currently only open to exterior washes, and there’s no word as of yet on whether full-service options are coming back in the future.

How Much Does a Car Wash Cost at Terrible Herbst?

The most affordable package for sale at Terrible Halloween is Pony Express at $8 per wash. It’s only the basic car maintenance, which includes foam bath, wheel cleaner clear coat, air dry. 

Bad Guy’s Best is the highest-priced wash package with a price of $15. It comes with all Lustra accessories such as wheel cleaning and other freebies.

Prices for All Terrible Herbst Car Wash Services

Prices for All Terrible Herbst Car Wash Services

Exterior washes are available in four-packs: Pony Express ($8), Stampede ($9), Quick Draw ($11), and Bad Guy’s Best ($15). Additionally, there are unlimited versions of Pony Express and Bad Guy’s BEST that cost $19.99 and $29.99 each.

Due to COVID-19’s restrictions, it is basically all the facility that is active, with the exception of the convenience stores.

Terrible Herbst Car Wash Prices List:

Here are the most recent prices and packages that are included in the awful Herbst Car washing. Packages vary by region and pricing.

Terrible Herbst Exterior Car Wash Prices



Package Offerings:



Pony Express

Wheel cleaner, foam bath, clear coat, and air dry



Pony express + triple foam polish and spot-free rinse


Quick Draw

Stampede + wheel scrub, total surface gloss, free air freshener & towel


Bad Guy’s BEST

Quick Draw + foamy Glo & go and tire shine


These are Terrible Prices for Car Washes in the Herbst for their unending selection of services.

Terrible Herbst Unlimited Pass Car Wash Prices



Package Offerings:


Pony Express Wash Pass

Soft cloth wash, spot-free rinse, air dr, foam bath, and clear coat protectant


Bad Guy’s Best Wash Pass

Pony Express + Lustra foam polish, Carnauba Wax, ProShield Super Sealant, Lustra Clear Coat Protectant, Tire Shine, free drying towel, and air freshener


How Do Terrible Herbst Car Wash Prices Compare to Other Car Wash Brands?

Terrible Herbst Exterior Car Washes Prices vs. Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Prices: One Wash



Car Spa





Mike’s Car Wash



Are There Ways to Reduce Cost?

There are currently no currently running promotions for their car washing services. You can gain access to their special deals and promotions through the Terrible’s Social House app. 

If you’re interested in any savings (and occasionally coupons for car washes), You can join their various social media accounts. Be aware that the majority of coupons are for gas stations and convenience store usage; however, there are occasional promotions for car washes at a time.

Find Your Carwash ( Terrible Herbst Car Wash Near Me, Hours, Locations)

terrible herbst car wash coupon

The hours of operation for Terrible Autumn Car Wash can vary between locations; however, all locations are open from Monday through Sunday, offering exterior washes. 

This list includes all locations and hours. If your have any questions contact their customer service via this URL & they usually respond within 24 hours.

Terrible Herbst Location & Operating Hours

Open Hours:


9 AM – 5 PM

11330 Southern Highlands Pkwy

2343 E Warm Springs Road

4070 S Arville Street

109 S Rainbow Blvd #200

4036 E Sunset #200

6035 Centennial Center Blvd

3650 W Sahara Ave

201 N Pecos Road

7:30 AM – 7:30 PM

2601 Wigwam Pkwy

11 N Nellis

8598 W. Lake Mead

7510 W. Cheyenne Ave

7125 W. Ann Road

1815 Hwy 95

6045 W Sahara Ave

4090 S Maryland Pkwy

7820 W. Sahara

8 AM – 6 PM

10890 W. Charleston Blvd

6 AM – 10 PM

3425 Volunteer Blvd

How To Cancel Terrible Herbst Car Wash Plan / Unlimited Wash Plans?

You can start a cancel request by filling out the form via this page. Change your credit cards details on the page.

Make sure you have Your Customer ID to assist with these changes. In the event of losing your ID, you’ll be required to go to the Terrible Herbst location near you.

The changing or transferring plans (e.g., for example, from Bad Guy’s BEST to Pony Express and the reverse) can only be processed in physical stores. They cannot be made online.

Final Thoughts

Terrible Herbst is a pretty ideal location for those who don’t wish to travel to an independent gas station and convenience store to purchase items. 

The prices are available in the same price bracket as competitors, with the exception of the full-service car wash that is currently not available. 

Because this franchise is a petrol station auto wash facility, the main purpose is serving up gas changes and offering snacks to their customers. 

If you’re on the go and require fast food along with a gas change and car wash (on some of the participating locations), Then Terrible Herbst is definitely worth considering.


How is Terrible Herbst & Car Wash rated?

Terrible Herbst & Car Wash has 3.5 stars.

What days are Terrible Herbst & Car Wash open?

Mon-Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

How much is an oil change at Terrible Herbst?

$20 for Oil Change and Car Wash at Terrible Herbst.

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