Hoffman Car Wash Prices 2024

Hoffman Car Wash Prices: Hoffman Car Wash is a supplier of automated car wash manual car wash complete-service auto wash as well as DIY Car Wash.


The option is to get your car cleaned using touch-free drying for one month for their unlimited plan that starts from $29.99.

Customers appreciate the quick and efficient service, along with the friendly and honest person who washes for the company.


Cleaning your car and keeping it shining isn’t just visually appealing and enjoyable. Regular maintenance and car cleaning will keep your vehicle running longer than it’s useful. If you’re looking for a cost-effective quick, clean, and efficient car wash, Hoffman Car Wash is one of the best choices located in Capital District, Vestal, or Binghamton.

Hoffman Car Wash is a company that offers a brand of car wash. It could offer a variety of car wash services including express exterior washes and full-service washes along with detailing. 

Prices and services offered by the car wash may differ in accordance with the area of the wash. Certain Hoffman car washes could provide self-service services and others might offer full-service options that include cleaning of the interior along with tire shining, as well as other services. 


The services provided at Hoffman Car Wash can vary depending on the area, therefore it’s recommended to visit their website or check out the location for more details regarding their services and prices.

Hoffman Car Wash

What Is Hoffman Car Wash?

Hoffman Car Wash is a family-owned business founded in the year 1965, by the Hoffman family. It was the first auto wash with self-service in Colonie. It has since then, the business has expanded its operations. In 2018 Hoffman Car Wash opened its first location in Binghamton.


Who Owns Hoffman Car Wash?

At present, the person who owns Hoffman Car Wash is Tom Hoffman Jr. Hoffman is also involved in other car companies like Hoffman Development Corporation, J.D. Byrider, and innovator Auto Washing Equipment.

Hoffman Car Wash Services & Detailing

The car wash company offers diverse kinds of services and products for the diverse requirements of customers. No matter if you’re looking for a thorough clean, or just want to do a quick car wash There’s a Hoffman Car Wash product for you.

Hoffman Car Wash Unlimited Club Get your car’s exterior and tires cleaned and shiny each weekday by joining Hoffman Car Wash Unlimited Club beginning at $29.99.

Hoffman Car Wash Customer Service The staff at any Hoffman branch is happy to answer any questions or concerns. If you prefer, you can ask questions by clicking here.

Hoffman CarWash Interior Detailing This package comprises carpet washing, two-step cleaning of surfaces seats, tire shine, seat cleaning, and a full-service car wash for just $189.99.

If you want to make the most of your money, purchase a touch-free wash as well as dry for just $8.

Hoffman Mint Car Wash Token The company doesn’t offer tokens. Instead, they’ve got cars that can be washed with touchless cards and expired dates.

Hoffman Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Hoffman Car Wash Cost?

Hoffman Car Wash Prices

If you’re in search of one-time-only car washes or you’re looking to have a sparkling car on a daily basis There’s a fantastic Hoffman car wash product that will suit you. We’ve gathered all the Hoffman pricing information and put the information on tables for your reading ease.

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost At Hoffman?

Hoffman’s most popular washing plan includes the ultimate exterior which includes the Interior Cleaning & Tire Shine. One wash with this plan retails for $40 and includes all the amenities that Hoffman provides. 

For a basic wash that is full-service starting at $29. Washes for exteriors only start from $11 while touch-free car washing that includes Express prices starts at just $8. Additionally, you can get started with the auto-service vehicle wash express as low as $1.

Hoffman Car Wash Unlimited Plan Prices

Five membership choices are available to join Unlimited Club. Starting at $29.99 per month, you’ll avail yourself of the basic features including a soft-touch wash and dry without touch. 

Its Ultimate Full Serve package is priced at $63.99 and offers additional features such as undercarriage cleaning, polishing and protection windshield, and dashboard cleaning, and hot carnauba oil. Unlimited plans are renewed every month. There’s also Hoffman’s 90-day Unlimited vehicle wash pass that is sold on occasion.

Prices For All Hoffman Car Wash Customer Services:

Addition to the unlimited club In addition to the unlimited club, you can also purchase Hoffman Car Wash products at retail costs. This is great for those who don’t require unlimited car washes but want to cut down on their costs.

Hoffman Car Wash Hand Prices for WaxThe service is included in the ultimate full-service. One car wash is $35. However, you can save $60 by purchasing the wash card.

Hoffman Detailing of Cars Prices features like Nanoskin Surface Cleaner, Tire Shine, and two-step surface cleaning are included in Hoffman’s total retailing for $269.99.

External Car Wash Services Costs for exterior washes, the most attractive option is to purchase the Ultimate Exterior (includes tire shine and hot wax) for just $21.

full-service (“Inside and out” Car Wash Services) Prices Get the best Hoffman Car Wash cleaning experience for just $40 per wash.

Touch Free Car Wash Prices for a fast and inexpensive wash it is the Hoffman Express Ultimate is one of the top options.

Prices List For All Hoffman Services:

Are you looking for a complete overview of Hoffman Car Wash prices? We have all costs in place, and all you have to do is find the services you’re looking for. To make things easier for you we’ve also have included our Jibby Lube Service Menu on this list.

Item: Price:

Hoffman Car Wash Prices For All Services

Express Exterior $12 (C-D), $9.26 (B-V)
Ultimate Exterior $15 (C-D), $12.96 (B-V)
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine $18 (C-D), $15.74 (B-V)
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine & Hot Wax $21 (C-D), $18.52 (B-V)
Full-service (Inside & Outside)
Full-service $29
Ultimate Full-service $32
Ultimate Full-service with Tire Shine $35
Ultimate Exterior with Interior Cleaning & Tire Shine $40
Touch-Free Express $8
Touch-Free Deluxe $10
Touch-Free Works $12
Touch-Free Ultimate $15

Hoffman Unlimited Car Wash Club Price List

Sign up to and join the Hoffman Unlimited Car Wash club and see your car appear sparkling and clean throughout the day. Pricing starts at $29.99 for a single service, and the full services start starting at $63.99.

Item: Price:
Hoffman Unlimited Car Wash Club
Express Exterior $29.99
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine $34.99
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine & Hot Wax $44.99
Ultimate Full Serve with Tire Shine $54.99
Ultimate Full Serve with Tire Shine & Hot Wax $63.99

Jiffy Lube Services Prices:

Hoffman has added Jiffy Lube services to every Hoffman Car Wash to bring convenience to their customers. These are Jiffy Luber services you can also use at the Hoffman store near you.

Oil Services – High mileage synthetic 1, as well as Mobil 1 service for oil, are offered. You can also choose an exclusive service for $46.99. Every oil change includes the benefit of a complimentary Hoffman Car Wash too.

Additional ServicesThere are a variety of other ancillary services that are available on the website, such as air filters tire rotation, antifreeze exchange, and much more.

Automated Transmission Service – A fluid exchange service is offered for $159.99.

Fuel System Services – Need some fuel injection maintenance or replacement of your fuel filter? Go to the closest Hoffman Car wash for their fuel system service.

Gearboxes The HTML0 Gear Boxes Hoffman provides forward differential, rear differential as well as transfer cases gearboxes all at $99.99.

NY State Inspection This is the NY State Safety and emission inspections that are accessible.

Item: Price:
Hoffman Oil Change Price Approximate
Oil Services
Signature Service $46.99
High Mileage $69.99
Synthetic $79.99
Mobil 1 $109.99
Ancillary Services
Air Filters Start at $19.99
Cabin Air Filters Start at $34.99
Power Steering Fluid Exchange $99.99
Antifreeze Exchange $119.99
Lights Start at $9.99
Napa Batteries Start at $99.99
Tire Rotation $29.99
Wiper Blades Start at $15.99
Automatic Transmission Service
Fluid Exchange Start at $159.99
Fuel System Services
Fuel Injection Cleaning $99.99
Fuel Filter Replacement $69.99
Gear Box
Front Differential $99.99
Rear Differential $99.99
Transfer Case $99.99
NY State Inspections
Safety Only $10
Emissions / Safety $21

Free Hoffman Car Wash

In addition to getting a free car wash through Oil Change, there are different ways to have your car cleaned at no cost. If you’re a Times Union member with Gold Bronze, Silver, or membership, you will receive an absolutely complimentary Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine car wash. 

Complete this application at the bottom of this webpage to get this deal. The barcode is delivered to you after a week or two days. Customers can also sign up to Hoffman Car Wash Club to receive a free hot wax. Hoffman Car Wash Club newsletter to receive a hot wax free.

Does Hoffman Car Wash Take Credit Cards?

The company is now accepting credit cards for payment. If you select one of the car washes that are unlimited, your card’s credit will be charged automatically every month. 

The plan’s activation occurs when the card is debited. If your plan is activated by the end of each month the billing will be also due at the time of the month’s end.

Hoffman Car Wash Coupons & Promotion Code

The competition is fierce, and you have to advertise your business within New York to get some customers. Hoffman car wash is aware of the advantages, which is why they provide Hoffman coupon codes for car wash in addition to their car wash as well as Jiffy Lube services.

Hoffman Car Wash Free Coupon

There is currently a Hoffman Car Wash coupon available at the moment. However, you can avail yourself of discounts when you purchase car wash coupons. For instance, three separate Works packages cost 36 dollars. However, if you purchase an auto wash card to use it, it will be only $27.

Hoffman Car Wash Detailing Coupons

For coupon codes for detailing, Hoffman Car Wash partnered with Uber to offer amazing detailing deals to its customers. You can receive up to 15% off Express Detail Services if you use an app when you visit any Hoffman locations. Not to mention, last but not least, Uber drivers can also receive extra Jiffy Lube coupon codes. Visit the website to see the coupons available.

Coupons NY

The Hoffman Car Wash coupons are available at all of the participating New York locations. Note that prices in the store could vary, and the final cost may vary depending on the location.

Kingston NY Coupons

Kingston as well as other locations participating Kingston, along with other participating locations, is offering a discount of $30 discount at the Signature Service Oil Change with an additional gratuitous Hoffman Exterior car wash. Use “20PPC20” to save.

Jiffy Lube Coupons

You can save 20 dollars on the next oil change you make with the Jiffy Lube coupon. Jiffy Lube coupon to save money in winter. Visit the website to see which locations are participating in the offer. Additionally, every Signature Service oil change can be discounted as much as $15 by using the coupon available on this page.

Hoffman Car Wash vs. Other Car Washes Costs

If there are any Hoffman Car Wash locations available near you, browse other excellent car wash services listed below. The costs are for Mister Car Wash, Autobell Car Wash, Brown Bear Car Wash, Delta Sonic Car Wash, Quick Quack Car Wash, Moo Moo Car Wash, Zips Car Wash, Mike’s Carwash, Crew Carwash, and Goo Goo Car Wash are all available at their monthly unlimited wash clubs.

Hoffman Car Wash vs. Other Car Wash Prices

Car Wash Brands: Prices: (Monthly)
Hoffman Car Wash $29.99
Mister Car Wash $19.99
Autobell Car Wash $12
Brown Bear Car Wash $24.99
Delta Sonic Car Wash $29.99
Quick Quack Car Wash $19.99
Goo Goo Car Wash $39.95
Zips Car Wash $14.95


Hoffman Car Wash Hours Of Operation Near Me Locations & Corporate Office

Hoffman Car Wash Hours Near Me Locations

There’s there are no invisibility establishments in the present, particularly with the advent of the Internet where speedy information transfer is the norm. Simply searching “Hoffman Car Wash Near Me” will provide you with the location and contact number for a business. Note that as of this moment, Hoffman is only operating in locations like Colonie, Latham, Schenectady, East Greenbush, Wynantskill, Kingson, Albany, Clifton Park, Binghamton, and the other locations below.

What Time Does Hoffman Car Wash Open?

Car wash hours are 8 am–8 pm on weekdays. They’re open 8–6 on Sundays. Customer assistance can provide holiday hours.

Hoffman Car Wash Hours & Location

Locations: Hours: Prices Basic (Per Month) Phone:
Albany NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-213-3057
Central Ave 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-489-4367
Central Ave Albany 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-489-4367
Central Ave Colonie 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-869-3398
Clifton Park NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-373-9796
Colonie NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-869-3398
Delmar NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-478-9154
East Greenbush NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-477-8536
Glens Falls NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-689-2294
Kingston NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 845-336-2667
Latham NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-785-1043
Mercedes Estates No Data No Data No Data
Queensbury NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-689-2294
Saratoga NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-581-1600
Saratoga Springs, NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-581-1600
Schenectady NY 8 AM–7 PM Starts at $29.99 518-783-5196
Troy 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 518-274-1165
Vestal NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $29.99 607-484-5555

Hoffman Car Wash Corporate Office:

Visit the corporate office of the car wash located at 1757 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205. Alternately, you can visit the official site to find the ideal address for you.

Email or contact customer service:

Phone: 518 862-1658

Fax: (518) 869-3574

Toll-Free: (877) 446-3362

How Do I Cancel My Hoffman Car Wash?

Customers who are members of the unlimited club are able to cancel their membership at any time most convenient for them. To stop the monthly charge pre-authorized by the company members must initiate a Hoffman car wash cancellation prior to they make their payment. 

Plan cancellations can  initiated by visiting any Hoffman store or by sending your details and request on the following application.

Hoffman Car Wash Jobs / Careers Application:

Hoffman is always seeking those who want to get experience in the field. Benefits like scholarships and health insurance packages by joining Hoffman. Hoffman team. There are positions available for car wash, Jiffy Lube positions, Byrider facilities, administrative.

Be aware that at the time of writing in light of the current health crisis, Hoffman has stopped accepting new applicants for the Hoffman Car Wash and Hoffman Jiffy Lube locations.

How Much Does Hoffman Pay An Hour?

Car wash attendants earn $11.49 per hour, according Indeed. Automotive and lubricant technicians earn $14.13 and $13.84 per hour, respectively.

What Age Does Hoffman Hire?

In accordance with the state’s regulations that you are at minimum 16 years old in order to  employed for Hoffman Car Wash, as in its Jiffy Lube sites. If you are a person who is less than 18 years older, a work permit could  required. It is obtained through the school.

Hoffman Carwash Fundraising:

Hoffman Car Wash helps churches and schools raise funds.By selling vehicle wash tickets, non-profits can raise revenue rapidly.Fundraising paperwork is unnecessary.Contact your local Hoffman branch for fundraising.

How do I cancel my Hoffman car wash subscription?

The member can opt to decide to cancel through the internet at HoffmanCarWash.com or inform HCW by writing to 16 Kairnes St., Albany, NY 12205. The member must provide a the license plate and/or security tag number at the time of notification. To cancel, wait five business days before your bill.

Hoffman Car Wash Reviews: Is Car Wash Good?

One of the greatest characteristics among the best features of Hoffman Car Wash is its thorough cleaning. Even the toughest dirt such as bug splatters road dust and rain streaks are removed. 

Self-service can  a wonderful experience since you can clean your car and not worry about not having enough coins or cash to pay for this Coin Operated Car Wash (only in the event that you pay by credit card instead of a debit card). There is also the option of a free vacuum for every Hoffman car wash that is offered.

How many locations does Hoffman Car Wash have?

On the human side we’ve expanded to over 700 workers and more than 30 locations throughout all of New York, and provide not only full-time job opportunities with a variety of benefits for employees and flexible part-time jobs for adults and teens.

hoffman’s car wash near me

Final Thoughts

Hoffman car wash is determined to  the top car wash service for its customers within the regions that it operates. Some customers recommend paying the staff with a tip since the employees at the car wash will keep it in mind and will hook up. Go to the wash now and get to experience their services for yourself.


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