Macy’s Return Policy FAQs, Tips & Tricks 2023

A Guide to Macy’s Refund Policy [98% Success]

Macy’s Return Policy: Macy’s with their customers to be happy with their purchases. They have implemented a return policy allowing this as many as possible. Many items can be suitable for return in a variety of conditions.

In the following article below, we’ll examine some commonly asked questions regarding Macy’s return policies and what you can exchange.

Macy’s Return Policy

What is Macy’s Return Policy?

Macy’s return policy on most items allows you to return the item within 90 days of its original condition, and you get a complete refund or an exchange. 

There are several exceptions to this rule in terms of the time frame and specific categories of merchandise which aren’t acceptable for returns.

What is Macy's Return Policy

Return Period 90 Days
Return Method In Store or by mail
Exchange Period 90 Days
Exchange Method In Store or by mail
Refund Period Within 14 Days From Purchase
Refund Method Method of Payment

How Do I Return a Macy’s Product?

Macy’s provides customers with two options to return products.

Return to a store

The first choice is to physically return the item to the store along with a receipt. However, this is possible to work around if you don’t possess your permit.

Products purchased in stores or online can be returned to stores. However, items bought in stores can only be returned in-store.

Return by mail

Purchased items online may also be returned via post.

You must package your items and then include return labels once you have posted them.

Macy’s will take care of your refund. If you do not have the returns label yet, get an additional one on Macy’s website.

Can I Return All Macy’s Items?

Certain items bought from the Macy’s store aren’t allowed to returned or exchanged however they can be refunded or exchanged according to Macy’s return policy.

For other customers, the policy for return is different from the standard 90-day period.

These are items which are not returnable:

1. Live plants

2. Macy’s Beauty Box Items

3. Food and beverages

How Strict is Macy’s Return Policy?

Macy’s uses discretion to occasionally offer a cash-back in-store if you cannot show proof of purchase to allow returning. In addition, as is described in their return policies and is strictly adhered to.

What is Macy’s Exchange Policy?

If you decide to return your item to the store to exchange, it can be completed on the spot. 

You can order the same item again & have it delivered to your location if you mail you return to the retailer.

What is Macy’s Refund Policy?

You refund is applied to you account in precisely the same way that you paid if your provide proof of payment such as a credit cards you used to make the purchase a receipt a packing slip or a return label.

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Cash payments made at the counter will refunded & credit card payments will be deposited to your bank account. Cash payments made online will be added to your account.

If you return an item Macy’s will give you store credit equal to the item value. To qualify for this credit, you must submit a bridal registry number, gift receipt or return label.

You may also receive credit for purchases made at the store if you don’t have evidence of purchase for the lowest price for the item held for the last 180 days. 

However, it’s an option that is discretionary.

 How Does Macy’s Online Return Policy Work?  

According to Macy’s online return policy, returning an item via mail is straightforward.

The steps you must take to ensure the smoothest return possible:

  • Log in to your account at, where you made your purchase.
  • Go to the Orders page within the “My Account section.
  • Input the Order number in the Search Bar.
  • Check out the order details and then click on “Return Item”. 
  • Please provide the reason for the return.
  • Select the method of refund.
  • Make sure you confirm the request. Return requests will be handled.
  • When you have submitted your return request, take the mailer’s label and adhere it to the box where you received the package.
  • Transport the parcel to the nearest UPS drop-off point.
  • Macy’s will be notified of the item/s and begin the exchange or refund as appropriate.

Does Macy’s Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Most Macy’s items can return within 90 days from purchase. However, there are many variations to the 90-day return policy. 

Items to take care of personal items, dresses and watches must be returned within 60 days. Products of Finish Line can only be returned within 45 days after purchase.

Rugs bought on the internet with tech and select brands for maternity, LensCrafters lighting products and other merchandise purchased at Backstage, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Last Act are required to be returned within 30 days after purchase.

Fur Vault products are required to be returned within 15 calendar days. 

Technology accessories, Apple products, and products purchased from Longchamp, Tous, and Gucci can only return within 14 days after the purchase. Rugs purchased in physical stores can only be returned within the first seven day after the purchase date.


Macy’s will not accept returns on custom-made orders from Alexandre London or any other food or drinks or Macy’s Beauty Box products.

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Apple Products 14 days
Rugs Bought Online: 30 days
Bought In-store: 7 days
Beauty Box Non-returnable
Bridal Salon By Demetrios Non-returnable
Cosmetics/Fragrances 180 Days
Designer brands 14 days
Gourmet food and wine Non-returnable
Jewelry & Watches 30 days
Small Electronics 30 days

 Macy’s Designer Products Returns:

Macy's Designer Products Returns:

It is a bit difficult to follow.

Here’s the list of brands and the terms of return to Macy’s:

  • GucciLongchamp Gucci, Longchamp and all Gucci, Longchamp & Tous The 14 days to return the item, but only to the Macy’s retailer that stocks the brands.
  • Alexandre London – Custom orders are not qualified to be returned or used for exchange.
  • Burberry – 30 days for return. For items on sale for 14 days, the Macy’s Herald Square. All items must have Burberry tags with the appropriate tags and, in the event of a hygiene seal, with a hygiene seal. Acceptance will be granted only upon the original receipt.
  • Louis Vuitton – 30 days at Macy’s Herald Square

Does Macy’s Have Free Returns?

Macy’s offers free returns in-store and via mail, with some exceptions.

When returning things to you by postal mail package them in a box with the return label & send them to the location listed below to take advantage of the free return option.

The things that are not eligible for return free of charge include furniture and area rugs, lamps, gift cards and gourmet gifts and mattresses, wall art and mirrors.

How Long do Macy’s Refunds Take?

Returns made to any store are handl through Macy’s immediately, and returns made via mail can take up to 10 working days to process before Macy’s will credit your account. 

In both cases there can be delays of up to a week before the money is available if the return goes to your bank account.

What is Macy’s Return Policy Without a Receipt?

Yes, you can return the item to Macy’s without a receipt. They’ll still try to exchange or refund your purchase if you do not more are the owner of the ticket.

They can look up the details of your purchase in their database if you have your original packing slips, return label, a confirmation email from the order or shipping or order, the registry number or the credit card used to purchase the purchase.

Macy’s Apple Products Returns:

According to Macy’s return policy, Apple products can be return in fourteen days.

Be aware that Apple products purchase from stores can be return to Macy’s stores selling Apple products.

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In addition, Apple products purchase online can be return via mail or at the stores of your choice.

Can I Return Items on Sale to Macy’s?

Macy’s will let you return items include in Macy’s Buy One Get One offer. The sum offer, however will be base on what you really spent, not the publish price. So the refunds for each item will not be the same as the list price. 

However, they will be added to the total amount, allowing both the free and paid items to be reimbursed.

Macy’s Credit Cards

Like many stores, Macy’s offers credit card offers to their customers. It provides four kinds of cards: that include Platinum ($1200plus spending using Macy’s credit card), Gold ($500-$1,199 spend with Macy’s Card), Silver ($1-$499 spending with Macy’s cards) with the Bronze (no limitation).

Each of them gives the following rewards: 5%, 3 per cent, 2% and the chance to earn 1% in rewards according to. 

Other benefits include free shipping, discounts on special occasions, and a birthday surprise. Find out more here.

You may lower your expenses using credit cards, improve your credit score make shopping simpler & enjoy many other benefits.


Can I Return Macy’s Products After Use?

Macy’s generally accepts the return of products when they’re in their original condition and with original tags. 

However, there is an exclusion of “gently used” fragrances and cosmetics.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charge to Macy’s?

If you return an item to Macy’s using the prepaid return label, it will be cover by Macy’s without charge to you. 

Return shipping is your responsibility for non returnable items.

Will Macy’s accept returns after 180 days?

Yes, Macy’s return policy is 90 days from the date of purchase and must be follow by all customers seeking to return products to get a refund or exchange.


With 90 days to return most products, we’ve learn that Macy’s return policy is an opportunity for shoppers to make the most of their purchases. 

But we’ve also known about the different return conditions available to Macy’s across their range of products and how to use their procedures.

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