Circle K Car Wash Prices List 2024

Circle K Car Wash Prices List: unlimited car wash price

Circle K Car Wash Prices: Circle K Car Wash is one of the many services that Circle K offers, among their international convenience stores as well as gas stations. Car wash facilities are only available in certain areas within the US.


The company provides three basic packages that include standard, premium, and ultimate. A standard car wash is priced at $29 per month and $11 for one package (price and availability of car washes may vary depending on where you are).

The majority of Circle K Car Wash is open 24 hours a day using soft-touch and touch-free options.


As a global franchise, Circle K has thousands of convenience stores as well as gas stations around the world. If you are looking to simplify your car wash and snacking experiences, Circle K would be the best choice. To make your experience more enjoyable (especially for the wash section), you may have to utilize their mobile app in-house.

Car washes are one of the many goods and services that Circle K, a network of convenience stores, provides. Circle K shops normally provide both exterior and interior cleaning services, while the availability and cost of these services can vary. Additionally, certain places could provide services like detailing or tire polishing. Visit the Circle K website or get in touch with the business to find out if car washes are offered at a particular location.

Introduction of Circle K Car Wash

Circle K Car Wash Prices

Circle K is an international franchise that is primarily a convenience store and gas station service. The company’s car wash services are only available at select US stations, and registration is available only to customers who reside within the region. In contrast to other car wash companies, Circle K is a huge franchise with operations across several countries.


The franchise was first established by Fred Hervey in 1951 in El Paso, Texas. The car wash was only recently added to their catalog. It is possible to avail an experience similar to Circle K car wash experience in Missouri and Illinois (within their US franchises). At present, the business is owned by Alimentation Couche-Tard, a Canadian multinational corporation.

Circle K Car Wash Prices

Circle K car wash is available in three options: standard, premium, and ultimate.

Express is available only with single-wash options.


At present, Circle K is using an app-only method for its monthly plans.

This is quite convenient, as you can sign up for a single month of membership on the Internet.

Each transaction requires only the app. No stickers or other accessories are required. To make use of the subscription service, all you need to do is create an app-generated code and then enter it in the terminal. At the moment, only soft-touch, as well as touchless car washes, are offered.

How Much Is A Car Wash At Circle K?

As with other car wash services, you can opt for a single-wash wash or sign up for the monthly plan. Their most affordable option for one-use washes comes in the form of Express Wash, which is $8. The most comprehensive wash package costs $16, which appears sensible compared to other auto care premium plans.

What sets Circle K apart from its competitors is its flexibility. Customers can select other vehicles without having to purchase another membership. Unlimited car washes may be solo (car-based membership) or family-based, where your membership is tied to your phone instead of your vehicle.

If you choose to purchase the family package, you can choose the car you wish to wash. You are not restricted to just an individual car for each member so long as the vehicle is used for personal purposes (and not for transport services or limousines). Therefore, you could choose to clean your car now and then wash your partner’s vehicle the following day.

Prices for All Circle K Car Wash Services

Unlimited services are available. Their rates are according to the following: the standard ($19 or $29 for family membership), premium ($26 or $39) and ultimate ($34 or $49). The single washes they offer include the express wash ($8) and their regular package priced at $11, 14, and $16, respectively.

Circle K Car Wash Prices List

Here’s the most current pricing schedule for the Circle K car wash. Note that the pricing and availability for each of the above services could differ for each location. However, you are able to make use of your monthly subscription at any franchise location that is a member, as long as they have car wax facilities.

Circle K Unlimited Car Wash Prices
Item:Package Offerings:Standard, Tire Clean, and Rain-XPrice: (Solo)Price : (Family)
StandardBasic Wash, rinse, dry, and Tri-color treatmentSoft Touch / Touch Free$19$29
PremiumStandard + Tire clean and Rain-XSoft Touch / Touch Free$26$39
UltimatePremium + Undercarriage / Powe Side Blaster, Road Grime Wash, and Armor All Shine WaxSoft Touch$34$49
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Circle K Single Car Wash Prices
Item:Package Offerings:Price:
ExpressWash, rinse, and dry$8
StandardExpress + Tri-color treatment$11
PremiumStandard + Max Protection$14
Ultimate SeasonPremium + UltraShine$16

How Do Circle K Car Wash Prices Compare To Other Car Wash Brands?

Circle K’s services are accessible via their application-based platform. Most of the time, regular customers of car wash services use the monthly plan because of its reasonable prices and ease of use (no card or RFID-based installments are required.) At $19 per month and a monthly subscription, Circle K’s plan is typically less expensive than its competitors; however, you can make use of it in Missouri as well as Illinois.

Circle K Car Wash Price vs. Other Brands
Car Wash Brands:Price: (Monthly Subscription)
Circle K Car Wash$19
Car Spa$19.99
Autobell Car Wash$35.99
The Wash Tub$35
Splash Car Wash$24.99
Goo Goo Car Wash$39.95

Are There Ways To Reduce Cost?

At the moment, there aren’t any discounts on car wash services. Download the official app to get discounts and keep track of deals. The deals usually are valid for products sold in convenience stores and gas stations, However, coupons for car washes are available occasionally.

You can also visit their global website and select “select your region”, then “US”, and pick your state. It will then take you to their current promotions that are happening in your area. You can also go to Circle K’s social media pages to get deals from time to time.

If you’re from Canada and are in Canada, you can use coupons available on this website without installing the application.

Circle K Car Wash Locations & Hours Near Me: Find Your Carwash

Contacting the customer service of Circle K to inquire about assistance or have questions is easy. Ask inquiries via the mobile app or web form. To ensure customer support responds, please provide your full name and contact information. The regional office contact form is on the right. It helps with urgent concerns.

Unfortunately, their social media profiles aren’t as helpful and the web-based form is the best way to go if you need answers quickly. To locate your local Circle K Car Wash near your location, use this helpful store locater.

How Can I Cancel Circle K Car Wash Plans?

You can use the online form that was mentioned earlier to cancel your subscription. Enter your contact information and address, select “A Circle K Store,” and select your specific region within the “In this area” option. Then you can send a cancellation request. Alternately, there’s an option within the “My Page” section of the mobile application that allows users to make cancellation requests as well.

Note that your cancellation request will go into effect during the following billing cycle. Therefore, if you choose to terminate your membership before August. 15th, you will keep your benefits in effect up to the end of September.

Circle K Car Wash near me

Final Thoughts

Circle K is still a superior convenience gas station and store, which is evident in the number of locations that offer car washes. If you’re looking to wash your car in the middle of taking time off from driving, they have pretty easy and reasonably priced services for washing cars. Don’t expect extra services such as detailing or other services that full-service car wash franchises can provide.


Here is a quick guide if you are short on time.

How Much Does Circle K Car Wash Cost?

It’s dependent on whether you’re selecting standard or premium packages. For a single-wash package, the cost of every package starts at $11 or $14, $16, and $16.

How Much Does Exterior Washing Cost at Circle K Car Wash?

Exterior Wash, also known as the express Wash, is available for just $8 for a wash

How Much Does Circle K Full Service Car Wash Cost?

A full-service wash starts at $11. If you’d like to avail yourself of all of the services Circle K has to offer, you can sign up for the Ultimate Wash for $16.

How Much Does Circle K Unlimited Car Wash Cost?

For the monthly subscription, the basic package starts at $19 and $29 for family members. The most expensive full-service car wash has the most comprehensive package. It costs $34 for a single person as well as $49 for family prices.

How Do You Use Circle K Car Wash Plan?

When you reach the facility, you can generate an entry code with your Circle K car wash app. Input that code into the terminal to gain entry into the wash tunnel. Each code is valid for a maximum of two hours.

Does Circle K sell One For All Vouchers?

At present, there are no One-For vouchers available to purchase within the US. However, some countries, like Ireland currently have the One4All credit card program that is in use. We hope that the US branches will also support vouchers in the near future.

What is Circle K Max Protection?

Circle K Max Protection is an optional service that is only available on Ultimate and Premium packages. It safeguards the interior of your car from dirt and salt while also keeping it shining and elegant.

How To Cancel the Circle K Car Wash Plan?

You can contact them via their online contact form to contact them or make a cancellation request using the mobile application.

How long is a Circle K car wash code good for?

How long is my coupon code valid? Your code lasts two hours.


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