Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices Last Updated 2024

Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices 2024

Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices:  The process of getting a car washed regardless of whether it’s an automatic car wash or manual wash, is not an inconvenience and a hassle.


What if you’d like to grab a quick bite and change your oil as well while waiting in line for the car wash to take place? With Delta Sonic, you can receive top-quality services all around for an affordable price.

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Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices

What Is Delta Sonic Car Wash?

Delta Sonic Car Wash is owned by a family business that provides washing stations, snacks, and minor repairs, as well as service for oil changes. The company is headquartered in Buffalo, NY, and has expanded its reach since it opened.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Customer Services / Packages:

At present, the company currently offers Super Kiss, Super Kiss Plus Basic Interior Cleaning Super Interior Cleaning, and much more. The company offers interior cleaning Express services, complete detailing, rustproofing, and the ability to order a la carte services.

Is Delta Sonic Car Wash Touchless Service?

There’s an option to get a touchless car wash that comprises high-pressure sprays, ultrasonic soaps, and a rejuvenator. For a deeper cleaning (and numerous other services) you can opt for their Super Kiss packages.


What Is A Delta Sonic Super Kiss?

Delta Sonic Super Kiss wash offers everything you need in a touchless car wash but with an added feature of brake dust remover as well as a clear coat protector and polish for clear coats. rust inhibitor, and even under the spray. Super Kiss Plus Super Kiss Plus adds gloss glaze, gloss, and rain-proofing to your vehicle.

What Is Delta Sonic Car Wash Unlimited Plan?

The company has two unlimited packages that come in two variations: Unlimited Super Kiss and Unlimited Interior.

  • Unlimited Super Kiss – Comes with Super Kiss and Super Kiss Plus variations. Every plan is automatically charged each month.
  • Unlimited Interiors – Enjoy unlimited interior washes per month with this deal.

What Is Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems?

The system employed for Delta Sonic Car Wash can accommodate vehicles that have a maximum height of 7 feet and a maximum size for tires in the range of 12.5″. In the case of Union Road, the maximum size of the tire can be 10.5″.


Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Delta Sonic Car Wash Cost?

Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost At Delta Sonic?

Basic cleaning for interiors begins at $21.99 completed in 10 minutes. An express service costs $39.99 and a complete detail (including both interior and exterior detail) begins at $199.99. Delta Sonic’s top service The Ultimate Detail, makes your vehicle appear like a show product for $399.99.

How Much Is A Delta Sonic Super Kiss Car Wash?

To wash your clothes in unlimited amounts you can purchase unlimited Super Kiss Wash plans for $29.99. If, however, you’d like three washes with no subscription it is possible to purchase a three-pack wash ticket for just $47.97.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Unlimited Plan Prices

If you’re looking for regular car wash services then you could opt for Delta Sonic’s unlimited package starting at just $29.99.

  • Unlimited Super Kiss – Touchless car wash and gas price reduction for just $29.99.
  • Unlimited Super Kiss Plus – Upgrade your Super Kiss plan with additional polishing and tire dressing for only $44.99.
  • Unlimited Basic Basic Interior Clean – The basic, interior-only unlimited plan at $29.99.
  • Unlimited Super Interior Cleansing Get your car’s interior to get the perfect cleaning you can ever get at $44.99.

Prices For All Delta Sonic Car Wash Customer Services:

Delta Sonic car wash gives interior cleaning as low as $21.99. Customers can also avail of the express cleaning service for $39.99 which includes hand-waxing and vinyl protectorate. 

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To get a completely clean and polished experience The Ultimate Detail package comes with odor elimination and engine steam cleaning as well as Valugard’s service for $399.99. 

You can also get rustproofing for your car’s body or opt for specific services from their A at-a-la carte services.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Gift Cards Prices

If you’re looking for a more flexible car wash, or if simply want to show an expression of love to your dear ones, Delta Sonic Gift Card is a more economical and flexible option. 

The cost of a gift card starts at $5, with the maximum amount being $100. These gift cards are redeemable at any car detail shop, wash, and oil change branch that is part of Delta Sonic.

The gift cards can purchased at a cost of $5 10 20$, $25$ 40, $50, and $100. The credit card may used to buy all Delta Sonic services, but it is not valid for fuel, convenience stores, or online purchases.

Delta Sonic Price List For All Services:

It is easy to find the service you are looking for as well as your Delta Sonic car wash price for that service in the comprehensive list below. Note that prices could differ depending on the Delta Sonic car wash locations throughout the nation.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Prices For All Services
Interior Cleaning
Basic Interior Cleaning$21.99
Super Interior with Steam$34.99
Express Detail$129.99
Express Services
Retail Price (With Hand Wax, Carpet Shampoo, Vinyl Protectant, and Leather Conditioner)$39.99
Additional 6-Month Polymer Sealant$15
Additional Seats Wash$20
Full Detail
Exterior Detail$149.99
Interior Detail$149.99
Professional Detail$199.99
Showroom Detail$299.99
Ultimate Detail$399.99
For Qualifying Older Cars (3-year warranty)$199.99
For Qualifying Newer Cars (Lifetime warranty)$299.99
A la carte
Wheel Rim Waxing$19.99
Scratch Repair$19.99
Delta Sonic Fabric Protection$19.99
Trunk Detail$39.99
Headliner Fabric$69.99
Windshield Chip Repair$49.99
Headlight Restoration$69.99
Odor Elimination$79.99
Engine Steam Cleaned and Detailed$79.99
Paint Reconditioning (Per Hour)$75
Additional Seat Wash$75
Extraction Charge On Heavily Soiled Vehicles (Per Hour)$75
Hand Wash Cars$35
Hand Wash Trucks, SUVs, Vans, etc$45
Hand Wash Specialty Vehicles (buses, limos, etc)$75
Basic Brushes
3 Pack Of Basic Brush Washes$26.97
Basic Touch-Less
3 Pack Of Basic Touch-Less$32.97
Super Kiss
3 Pack Of Super Kiss Car Washes$47.97
3 Months Unlimited Super Kiss Ticket$89.97
Super Kiss Plus
3 Pack Of Super Kiss Plus Car Washes$62.97
3 Months Of Unlimited Super Kiss Plus Ticket$134.97

Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash Plan Price List

Are you looking for an unlimited package? Keep your car sparkling and clean by using these unlimited options. Take a look at the top Delta Sonic car wash price plans below.

Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash Club
Unlimited Super Kiss
Unlimited Super Kiss$29.99
UNLIMITED Super Kiss Plus$44.99
Unlimited Interiors
Unlimited Basic Interior Cleaning$29.99
UNLIMITED Super Interior Cleaning$44.99

Oil Changes, Auto Restyling Car Care Services Prices List

Delta Sonic Car Wash also provides oil changes for full synthetic and semi-synthetic oil. Take a look at the cost of oil changes repair maintenance charges and A la carte services in the table below.

Delta Sonic Oil Change Price Approximate
Oil Change
Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Ticket$34.99
Full Synthetic Oil Change Ticket$64.99
Wiper Blade ReplacementStarting at $9.99
Head, Tail & Marker Light ReplacementStarting at $9.99
Radiator Fluid ExchangeStarting at $99.99
Serpentine Belt ReplacementStarting at $79.99
A/C Evacuation & Recharge ServiceStarting at $99.99
Fuel Filter ReplacementStarting at $89.99
Differential Fluid Exchange$59.99 per unit
Air Filter ReplacementStarting at $19.99
Power Steering Fluid ExchangeStarting at $54.99
Cabin Air Filter ReplacementStarting at $29.99
Ultimate Engine PackageStarting at $139.99
Automatic Transmission Fluid ExchangeStarting at $139.99
Tire RotationStarting at $19.99
Repairs & Tires
Minor repairs, tune-ups, emissions, tires, and moreCall for pricing
Premier Club
Premier Club (per year)$39.99
Premier Club For Unlimited Members (per year)$69.99
Auto Restyling
Auto body, wheels, and glass servicesCall for pricing

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Gas & The Card Car Care Services Prices List

You can also choose “Delta Sonic Car Wash The Card” It is a payment method managed by Zipline. With this card, you’ll able to save between 10C and up to 15 cents per gallon when you purchase gasoline with this card.

Delta Sonic Gas & Delta Sonic Card Prices
The Card RegistrationCall for pricing

Delta Sonic Car Wash Coupons & Delta Sonic Car Wash Deals

There aren’t any present Delta Sonic deals for its detailing and car wash services. However, you can avail of the current promotion on oil changes. 

With the bar codes on the page, you will save as much as $10 for your next oil change. It also comes with the free Super Kiss Car Wash. quick, as you will take advantage of this offer through January 31, 2021.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Detailing Coupons

There aren’t any deals available on Delta Sonic detailing right now. To receive the most recent promotions from the business, you can sign up for the Text Club by sending “delta sonic” to 555-888. You can also fill out this form below.

Does Delta Sonic Have a Free Car Wash?

If you choose to purchase Super Kiss Plus Super Kiss Plus, you will also receive 2 Super Kiss Car Washes which are valid for 2 weeks. If you buy the Super Kiss, you can receive one for free Super Kiss Wash, which can used for five days.

Are Delta Sonic Vacuums Free?

Delta Sonic offers a powerful self-service vacuum cleaner. wary of your first attempt, because these vacuums can deliver quite a punch. If it’s a touchless car wash or full-service car wash or a self-service car wash, the vacuums are not required for use.

Do You Tip At Delta Sonic?

It’s your choice whether you’d like to leave an extra tip, particularly when you have received excellent service. It’s your Delta Sonic gives its employees tips that are paid, which makes it encouraged to offer the employees who are hardworking something to help boost their motivation to keep working.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Hours Of Operation Near Me Locations & Corporate Office

Delta Sonic has a lot of locations throughout New York as well as Illinois. You don’t need to Google “Delta Sonic car wash Near Me” to locate one near you. For questions, contact their customer service number listed below for any additional concerns.

What Time Does Delta Sonic Car Wash Open?

The majority of Delta Sonic Car Wash hours of operation are from 7 am to 8 pm on weekdays, and close later on weekends. The convenience and oil change stores typically open at an earlier time and are closed earlier to allow for customers.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Hours & Location & Phone
Locations:Hours:Prices Basic (Per Month)Phone:
Amherst, NYMonday – Saturday: 8:00 am-5:00 pmStarting at $21.99716-832-4050
Buffalo, NYMonday – Saturday: 8:00 am-5:00 pmStarting at $21.99716-874-5668
Erie PaMonday – Saturday: 7:00 am-8:00 pmStarting at $21.99814-217-0321
Glenwood, ILMonday – Saturday: 7:00 am-8:00 pmStarting at $21.99708-754-3909
Henrietta Rochester, NYMonday – Saturday: 8:00 am-5:00 pmStarting at $21.99585-427-0520
Joliet, ILMonday – Saturday: 7:00 am-8:00 pmStarting at $21.99815-207-7000
Melrose Park, ILMonday – Saturday: 8:00 am-5:00 pmStarting at $21.99630-305-8397
Naperville, ILMonday – Saturday: 7:00 am-8:00 pmStarting at $21.99630-305-8397
Orchard Park, NYMonday – Saturday: 6:00 am-9:00 pmStarting at $21.99716-674-8312
PalatineMonday – Saturday: 7:00 am-8:00 pmStarting at $21.99847-705-9292
Rochester, NYMonday – Saturday: 7:00 am-8:00 pmStarting at $21.99585-232-4418
Syracuse, NYMonday – Saturday: 7:00 am-9:30 pmStarting at $21.99315-251-0605
Williamsville, NYMonday – Saturday: 7:00am-8:00 pmStarting at $21.99716-631-0771

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Delta Sonic Car Wash Corporate Office:

At the moment it is currently as of now, the Delta Sonic headquarters is located in Buffalo, New York. If you’d like a complete refund on online purchases in the event of a negative experience, visit the company in Delta Sonic Returns located at 557 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY 14202.

To reach Delta Sonic Car Wash customer service, go to any of the locations near you or fill out the Contact Form

Call us to schedule an appointment at 1-800-843-5477 or 1-800 THE KISS if you need immediate assistance from a member of the customer care team. You can ask questions concerning refunds complaints suggestions & a variety of other issues.

How To Cancel Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash Membership?

Members who belong to the unlimited club can terminate their membership in Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash on or before the 25th of the following month. 

There is no refund or credit provided, but your membership will remain in effect even after you cancel.  aware that you are unable to end your membership if it was paid for the amount in advance. The confirmation of cancellation could take as long as 48 hours. 

It is not necessary to start a Delta Sonic Unlimited Car Wash cancellation if you need the transfer to a different vehicle. Just show your membership card at the counter.

Delta Sonic Car Wash Reviews: Is Quick Quack Car Wash Good?

Customers who regularly use Delta Sonic for one good reason: the cost-effective and quick unlimited car wash. 

The discount on gas is beneficial because all you need to do is apply for the card to gain access to this discount. If you’re a part of the club that is unlimited, you’ll benefit from additional benefits like discounts on other services like washes and protectants.

Final Thoughts

It is said that Delta Sonic Car Wash is among the top car wash services located in New York. Its additional services and facilities will make it easier for its customers. You can find everything you require for the road all in one spot. Find the closest Delta Sonic vehicle wash close to your home.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How much does a car wash cost?

A basic car wash on mobile will cost you between $ 20 and $50. Exterior Wash can cost between $20 and $30. Interior and exterior (vacuum and wiping down) will cost you anywhere from $30 and $40. A complete car wash including the tires and rims of the trunk generally costs around $40.

How much does supersonic car wash cost?


Does car wash scratch your car?

Unfortunately, the possibility is yes. Although certain types of car washes are more harmful than others, every time you wash your vehicle, even in the case of hand-washing it, you are applying abrasive or harsh chemicals to the finish of your car, and the chance of scratching and swirls on the paint finish will always there.


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