Chevron Encinitas Car Wash Prices 2023

Chevron Encinitas Car Wash Prices 2023

Chevron Encinitas Car Wash Prices: California’s Chevron Encinitas is a reputable car wash and auto servicing company. The information in this post includes the car wash’s rates, hours of operation, and discount codes and specials.

Car washes cost $8.99 in California. Chevron Deli operates between 8 am and 3 pm. Car wash facilities are available between 8 AM and 3 pm.

At present, Chevron has four main offers and coupons for headlight restoration as well as wax express, hand wax, and car wash deals.

Are you searching for an ideal location that provides the top car washing services in California? Chevron Encinitas is one of the best choices. Chevron is famous for being among the top one-stop car wash/detailing stations located in town. To be efficient, Chevron Gas Stations with Car Wash are the best locations all around.

What is Chevron Car Wash?

Chevron Encinitas is an all-in-one location for motorists in California. It provides fuel refills as well as car wash along with detailing and cleaning services. Customers can also visit the convenience store and deli to grab a quick bite. The location was opened in 1996 as a gasoline station and later added an auto wash facility 12 years after.

Chevron Car Wash Prices

To allow for a variety of services and products, Chevron Encinitas offers five car wash options: Diamond Wash, Platinum Wash, Gold Wash, Regular Wash along with Express Wash. Chevron offers customers a range of choices and even more affordable options with their A la Carte Menu.

How Does Chevron Car Wash Pricing Compare?

In contrast to other car wash facilities across California, Chevron Encinitas can offer both exterior and interior wash services for less than $20. Alongside the affordable deals, Chevron Encinitas makes sure that customers have the best service by providing additional services.

Prices For Chevron Car Wash:

With five car wash options, Customers have a wide range of options. Choose the least expensive and fastest one for only $8.99 or choose the top cleaning option for just $27.99.

Express Wash Available at locations that are express 24 hours a day. This pack includes exterior wash as well as dry-hand dries for just $8.99.

Regular Exterior wash only. Includes wheels as well as a wipe dash and console cleaning using mats and carpets vacuum as well as window wash for $12.99.

Gold Wash and Pre-Wash preparation as well as the Regular wash package. Windows, wheels as well as vacuum cleaners are also offered. Additionally, the bundle also includes sealing waxes, air purifiers, and tire dressing, starting at $16.99.

Platinum Wash The full range of features included in Gold Wash in addition to Foam Wax Clear Coat Protectant and under Body Rinse and an exterior vinyl dressing for just $21.99.

Diamond Wash Includes all the features of Platinum Wash, as well as exterior vinyl dressing, as well as wheel cleaning, and it costs just $27.99.

Prices For Chevron Car Wash Detail:

Packages for detailing start with $44.99 to get express. If you are looking for specific services like the Carnauba Hand Wax application, go to the A la Carte menu. Here are the official details packages for Chevron Encinitas.

Mini-Detail Mini Detail SuperWorks wash shampooing mats, as well as either exterior or interior dressing, or $79.99.

Interior DetailsShampooing of carpets, seats, and mats, along with super cleaning (for consoles, dash, and doors) is available for just $99.99.

Exterior DetailHand Wax high-speed buffer white exterior trim with blue coral, tire dressing super works washing, and Teflon sealing agent for paint at $159.99.

Comprehensive Detail The Complete Detail is considered to be the finest detailing bundle Chevron Encinitas offers. 

The package comprises SuperWorks Wash Shampooing, High-Speed Buffing (for carpets, seats, as well as mats), Hand Wax, Teflon Blue Coral Dressing, and clay. The package is available at a cost of $239.99.

Other bundles of car detailing services are available at every Chevron Encinitas Express location. More services for a lesser price than the usual A la Carte menu. Each of the Chevron carwashes offers A la Carte as well as package-based services.

Wax Express Wax Express includes Diamond Wash, tire dressing paint protectant, wheel clean, and exterior trim dressing for $44.99.

Seat Express offers diamond Wash that includes Seats Shampoo, Air Freshener, and interior leather or vinyl dressings at a price as low as $44.99.

Carpet Express – shampooing of back and front carpets, as well as mats starting at $44.99.

Chevron Car Wash Prices List:

It is the complete cost list of Chevron Encinitas. The range of services includes Express car washes to most efficient detailing and car wash services The Chevron menu is able to accommodate every budget with its numerous options of services available. Here are the most popular car wash products and the prices they charge.

Item: Price:

Chevron Car Wash Price Menu

Express Wash $8.99
Regular Wash $12.99
Gold Wash $16.99
Platinum Wash $21.99
Diamond Wash $27.99

Do you require a specific service? Choose your preferred option from the A la Carte menu. Note: There are prices for services and products dependent on consumption and other elements. 

The base prices and rates are available. Prices can vary since larger vehicles like minivans, trucks, and SUVs will cost more.

Item: Price:

Chevron Car Wash A La Carte

Air Freshener $0.99
Tri-Color Foam $3.99
Wheel Brite $3.99
Interior Dressing $7.99
Exterior Dressing $4.99
Tire Dressing $3.99
Shampoo Mats (2/4) $7.00 / $10.00
Prep Wash Starting at $8.99
Custom Handwash Starting at $29.99
Paint Sealant Per Estimate
Fabric Protection / Scotchguard $49.99
Overspray Removal Per Estimate
Hand Dry $3.99

Express Detailing services are also offered. Have your car’s parts cleaned faster and for a lower cost than local competitors by using Chevron Express Packages.

Item: Price:

Chevron Express Detail Packages

Wax Express $44.99
Seat Express $44.99
Carpet Express $44.99


Item: Price:
Chevron Express Detail A La Carte (Exterior)
Carnauba Hand Wax $15.00
Teflon Paint Sealant $59.00
Clay (Overspray & Oxidation Removal) $69.00
High-Speed Buffer (Scratch Removal) $69.00
Dark Vehicle Buffing $10.00
Large Vehicles Extra
Tops + Canopies + Covers Extra
Headlight Restoration $45 / Light


Item: Price:

Chevron Express Detail A La Carte Price (Interior)

Scotchgard or Teflon Repellant $39.00
Leather Cleaning $29.00
Dash + Console + Doors Cleaned $19.00
Dash + Console + Doors Blue Coral Dressing $9.00


Item: Price:

Chevron Express Detail A La Carte Price (Interior)

Mini Detail $79.99
Interior Detail $99.99
Exterior Detail $159.99
Complete Detail $239.99

The detailing package for the official version starts from $79.99 (for smaller vehicles) The most affordable package is priced at $239.99 (for both exterior and interior detailing). All packages come with SuperWorks Wash, which is a combination of car detailing and of protection and cleaning.

Chevron Car Wash Coupons

To draw more customers in, Chevron Encinitas runs promotions that offer massive savings. At present, their promotions are available as coupons (there aren’t any Chevron Car Wash Coupons at present). 

Print or show the coupons listed below to take advantage of discounts and special deals. The coupon must be printed, and just one coupon per person is valid. 

Note: promotional offers are not valid and cannot be exchanged with other packages (e.g. by using a Headlight Restoration coupon for Wax Express). Smaller or larger vehicles could also be rejected for security reasons.

headlight restoration Do you want to fix your worn-out headlight for less? There are coupons available or Chevron Encinitas discounted prices. You can get headlight repair for only $59.99 (the regular cost is $120).

Chevron Car Wash Coupons

Wax Express In This package, you receive Diamond Wash, tire dressing wheel cleaner, paint protector, and dressing for the exterior, or just $39.99 (regular pricing: $44.99).

Chevron Car Wash Coupons

Hand wax Package is an ideal choice for people who are looking for products such as hand waxing Gold Wash, hand dressing, and wheels cleaning. You can save $10 and receive the mentioned services for just $44.99.

Chevron Car Wash Coupons

Coupons for Car Washes Do you want additional savings on one of your purchases from a package? Make use of this Chevron coupon for car washing and save $3 on any Gold Wash or Platinum Wash and Diamond Wash.

Chevron Car Wash Coupons

Chevron Car Wash Hours

If you’re thinking of opting for Chevron’s auto wash services the operating hours are Monday through Sunday, from 8 am to 6 pm. Gas stations and express locations are accessible at all hours of the day. The hours for Deli are available from 8 AM until 3 PM on Mondays and Saturdays only. For bookings during the holidays and state occasions, contact customer service at (760) 942-6802 or send them an email at [email protected].

Are There Ways To Reduce Cost?

There is only one method to lower the cost of the Chevron car wash price by choosing Chevron Encinitas products: making use of coupons. This post will be updated with the most current Chevron Encinitas offerings once they were made available in the near future. 

To ensure the best purchase it is always advisable to check the menu of a la carte and choose from a variety of affordable choices.

Common Specials With Chevron Car Wash To Save Your Money

In addition to the coupons available, Chevron Encinitas also offers an excellent selection of snacks for those who travel. From tasty sandwiches to rich soup, you can be sure of an enjoyable snack in their deli and sandwich shop. 

Friendly staff. The business also sells beverages. Start the day with coffee and end it with a cold drink.

Moonlight Beach Deli Prices

Item: Price:
101 $3.29
Bagel $1.99
I-5 $4.29
Sunrise $5.29
Signature Sandwiches
Moonlight $7.99
Soprano $8.25
Swami $7.99
Garden State $7.99
Ham And Swiss $7.99
Egg Salad $6.49
Specialty Sandwiches
Cuban $8.25
Cali Cuban $8.49
Tuna Melt $8.25
Club $8.25
Heaven $8.25
Twilight $8.25
Reuben $8.25
Frozen Treats
Frozen Yogurt $1.99
Smoothies $3.49
Acai Bowl $6.99
Hot Dogs
Natural $3.49
Fire Dog $4.75
Chili Dog $5.99

Chevron car wash near me

Final Thoughts

If you’re in a rush and need to get somewhere fast, Chevron Encinitas is among the top places to get your car cleaned, detailed, and also a comfortable spot to grab a quick bite in California. There is everything you require for car services or products. 

Even though there’s no subscription plan for a monthly period the customers still get great value for their money by taking advantage of low-cost offers. With the wide options for food and the high quality of services and products, it’s not hard to be awed by your time with Chevron in Encinitas. 

If you’re not from California and desire to enjoy the same services such as Chevron Encinitas, you don’t have to be concerned! You can look into some other wash facilities as well as auto services:

Hoffman Car Wash Car wash and jiffy lube service located within Albany NY.

Mister Car Wash Tucson-based car wash detailing, car wash, and Mister Oil changing facility based in Tucson.

Autobell Car Wash A North-Caroline-based auto wash service that provides basic and high-end washing services for cars.

Brown Bear Car Wash Best monthly plans and costs to Seattle drivers.

Delta Sonic CarwashThe most reliable car wash facility in Buffalo NY. You can also take advantage of their a la menu services.

Goo Goo Car Wash Look up Goo Goo Car Wash offers and specials if you’re located living in Columbus, Georgia.

Quick Quack Carwash Are you looking to rid your car of Texas dirt? Visit Quick Quack car washes for quick and cost-effective auto service.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does every Chevron station uses Techron?

Chevron Encinitas, as well as other gas stations such as Texaco and Caltex, make use of Techron to clean, protect and restore the engine’s performance. Techron also makes use of Meguiar’s approved products that are serviced by Meguiar-certified employees.

Does Chevron have vacuums?

The car wash offers vacuum options that are available for Regular Wash and Gold Wash. It’s the city best but it’s not free.

Is Chevron a gas station?

Chevron car wash at the gas station is a single-stop auto convenience store, meaning it offers everything you need in dealing with cars on the road. It is home to the convenience of a car wash, detailing facility, and even a snack and food store.

Are Chevron Car Washes Touchless?

Customers can choose to use the 24 hours Chevron express car wash that is touch-free to get a quick and inexpensive service. The automatic car washes can be found at Chevron Encinitas Express stations. If you require manual car washes car wash team is eager to make your car appear as good as it can.

How do I reach Chevron?

The most effective way to reach Chevron’s customer support is by calling their hotline (760) 942-6802. Users can also send an email at [email protected], which will be answered as soon as possible.

What are Chevron’s operational timings?

It is contingent on the service. It is dependent on the services. Deli & laundry services are open from 8 AM to 3 PM.

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