Price’s Corner Car Wash Prices List 2024

Introduction of Price’s Corner Car Wash

Price’s Corner Car Wash Prices: Price’s Corner Car Wash is a family-owned and operated business that is located within Wilmington, Delaware. Exterior washes and full-service washes and miscellaneous items are offered in packages that are priced at various levels. 


On Monday through Saturday from 8:30 A M to 5:30 P M & on Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM additional services including car washing & cleaning are available.

The car wash business has successfully washed more than 1.4 million vehicles since it was founded. 


It has also been awarded numerous awards since 2004 for its delicate hand-car wash towel drying, and much more. The location in Wilmington has been in operation operating since and is now operated by Darlene Harbinson.

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Price’s Corner Car Wash


At a Glance:

  • Price’s Corner is a Delaware-based car wash provider with an established history of providing high-quality service.
  • It has daily specials and packages that are only available for exterior use, as well as a full-service car wash, wax-tire shield combination, and auto-detaining for as little as $14.95.
  • From Monday through Saturday between 8:30 A M – 5:30 PM clients can reach them. Additionally the service is accessible on Sundays from 9 a m to 4 p m.

In contrast to other car washes, this one in Delaware Price’s Corner has been exclusively providing services at its one site for over two decades. In addition, they don’t offer a monthly membership for unlimited washes. this post, we’ll be able to learn more about their car wash services and prices. 

Price’s Corner Car Wash Prices

Price’s Corner Car Wash offers four packages of their main services, which range between $14.95 up to $24.95. Customers who require Auto Detailing would need to schedule an appointment in order to avail of this service. 


The price begins at $225. You can also make purchases of other items or services like carnauba wax and banana oil or floor mats. In contrast to other car care service suppliers, Price’s doesn’t offer an unlimited membership.

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost At Price’s Corner?

Exterior washes are $14.95 and are the lowest price of the company’s wash offering. If you’re looking for a complete service package, you should expect to pay a minimum $16.95 to access options that include cleaning options for the interior. 

Note: Automatic Detailing is also available with prices starting from $225 for vehicles and $250 on SUVs. But, before you are able to avail of this service, you’ll need to reserve.

Prices for All Price’s Corner Car Wash Services

There are four different packages offered at Price’s Corner’s Car Wash. Customers are able to choose from Full-Service, Exterior-only Royal Wash Super Ultra Wash. 

Vacuums can only be available in Full-Service car wash packages or above. Unfortunately, there aren’t auto-wash options for cars, because all cleaning is done by hand and drying towels.

Price’s Corner Car Wash

Price’s Corner Car Wash Prices List:

These are the rates for the various packages and other services that Price’s Corner Car Wash is providing. All of them are accessible to customers who come in, except for Auto Detailing, which requires an appointment.

Price’s Corner Car Wash Prices


Package Offerings:


Exterior Wash

Includes undercarriage wash with rust inhibitor


Full-Service Wash

Exterior wash + vacuum, windows, dash, and wheel cleaning


Royal Wash

Full-Service wash + triple foam polish, carnauba was. And Glo-N-Go Wax


Super-Ultra Wash

Royal Wash + Shield Sealant, Air freshener, and Tire Shine.


Price’s Corner Additional Services



Floor Mats Machine Washed (pair)


Vacuum (Trunk/3rd seat/Cargo Area)


Lustra Shield


Lustra Foamy Carnauba Wax


Lustra Pro Sheen (tires only)


Hand Wax (Cars)


Hand Wax (SUVs)


How Do Price’s Corner Car Wash Prices Compare to Other Car Wash Brands?

Price’s Car Wash solely operates in Delaware and doesn’t offer an option for a monthly subscription. In terms of its retail services, the cost is comparable to the prices of other multi-branch businesses such as Car Spa, Waterway Car Wash along Zips Car Wash.

Note: This table is for all one-wash services. Other car-care establishments like Delta Sonic Car Wash, Splash Car Wash as well as The Wash Tub tend to be more expensive because of variations in the locations of operations.

Price’s Corner Car Wash Prices vs. Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Prices: One Wash (Basic)

Price’s Corner Car Wash


Car Spa


Zips Car Wash


Splash Car Wash


Waterway Car Wash


The Wash Tub


Brown Bear Car Wash


Delta Sonic Car Wash


Are There Ways to Reduce Cost?

Special discounts are generally available on special occasions like Father’s Day and Christmas. If you’re a long-term Price’s client, you may be eligible for a monthly discount on your charges. The store also provides coupons that don’t expire periodically.

If you are interested in buying wash booklets rather than regular retail packs, the best method to save money is to purchase the six washes for your car. Instead of having to pay to wash six times, you’ll only pay for the cost of five.

Price’s Corner Car Wash Opening Times:

The shop for Price’s Corner is currently situated on Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington Delaware. weekends weekdays &  Sundays this store is open from 8:30 a m to 5:30 p m.

For questions, suggestions or appointments, contact their customer service department by calling (302) 994-6045, or via an email address at [email protected]. You can also contact them through the Instagram platform and on Facebook.

Final Thoughts

Price’s Car Wash had focused on servicing motorists who reside in Delaware. In comparison to other providers, their services are straightforward and simple to comprehend. If you’re located in Delaware and are looking for a simple car wash This establishment is well worth a visit.


This section will provide you with some of the top requested concerns about Price’s Corner car wash offerings. If you’re short on time to look through the complete catalog, or you just need to know the cost for a specific service we’ve got it prepared for you.

How Much Does Price’s Corner Car Wash Cost?

An exterior-only car wash is priced at $14.95 and a full-service car wash costs $16.95. The most expensive options like Royal Wash include sealant, wax, and more options, however, these packages are generally more expensive.

How Much Does Exterior Wash Cost At Price’s Corner Car Wash?

An entire exterior-only wash is only $14.95.

How Much Does Full Service Wash Cost At Price’s Corner?

The standard full-service auto wash in Price’s Corner begins at $16.95. This service is included in their premium offerings.

How Much Does Royal Wash Cost At Price’s Corner Car Wash?

Royal Car Wash, with carnauba wax, foam polish, and Glo-N Go Wax is priced at $19.95.

How Much Does Super-Ultra Wash Cost At Price’s Corner?

It’s the Super Ultra car wash that’s Price’s Corner’s expensive offering, however, it’s also one of the priciest priced at $24.95.

How Much Does Auto Detailing By Appointment Cost At Price’s Corner Car Wash?

Auto detailing is $25 on cars and $250 on SUVs.


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