Sheetz Car Wash Prices List 2024

SheetzCar Wash Prices List and Near Me

Sheetz Car Wash Prices: Sheetz is a family-owned and operated convenience store chain that provides food items and services to motorists and drivers from several states.


Sheetz offers one-wash services that are touchless and unlimited monthly plans.

A Quick Overview:

  • Sheetz is one of the chains of convenience shops that provides car wash services in a variety of locations.
  • The touchscreen auto wash facilities are accessible 24/7, seven days a week, in addition to the fuel or convenience store.
  • A car wash costs either $5 or $9 based on whether the establishment utilizes the three- or four-wash kits to show its offerings.

Introduction of Sheetz Car Wash

The company was established in 1952. initial Sheetz franchise was created in 1952 by G. Robert “Bob” Sheets.

Bob was successful in transforming an old diary shop into a convenience store located in Altoona. In the past six decades, the store located in Altoona is now the headquarters.

The Sheetz family owns more than 550 locations that are currently spread across Ohio Pennsylvania Virginia North Carolina and Maryland.


The majority of the car washes are available at all hours of the day.

Sheetz Car Wash Prices

Sheetz Car Wash Prices

As with the typical grocery stores, Sheetz has touch-free, daily-open wash services to motorists who require snacks, fuel, or have their car cleaned. However, not all shops offer car wash services.

How Much Is A Car Wash At Sheetz?

Sheetz Car Wash is well-known because of its cheap wash that provides basic services (presoak rinse, presoak, and dry) by using the laser 360+ system. 


Some locations also offer packages that start at $9 and include an undercarriage wash as well as a clear coating.

Prices for All Sheetz Car Wash Services

At the moment, Sheetz is offering basic polish, shine, or professional-finish options that can be purchased at prices that range between $9 and $15. 

Users can pick the basic washes with coating or opt for three foam polishes or Hot Wax offered by Simoniz. Unfortunately, the shop is not offering full-service car wash services.

Sheetz Car Wash Prices List

Sheetz Car Wash Prices

This is the price for the current Sheetz 3-tier car wash packages. They are also offered in four price tiers of $5 $7, $9, and $12, each with different wash options. 

Purchase experience depends on what’s offered.

Sheetz Car Wash Prices (Touchless 3-Tier)
Item:Package Offerings:Price:
ProtectDouble pre-soak + Spot-free Rinse + Dryer + Undercarriage + Clear Coat$9 
ShineProtect Package + Triple Foam Polish$12
Pro FinishShine Package + Simoniz Hot Wax$14

Sheetz Car Wash Prices Compared to Other Car Wash Brands

Sheetz Car Wash Prices Compared to Other Car Wash Brands

Despite not offering a full-service car wash Sheetz Car Wash has reasonable prices.

For a service that is only for exteriors, its Protect bundle is comparable with other options, as is the clear coat and undercarriage.

Sheetz Car Wash Prices Compared To Other Brands (Exterior Only)
Car Wash Brands:Prices: (One Wash)
Sheetz Car Wash$9
Autobell Car Wash$14
Mister Car Wash$7
Brown Bear Car Wash$10
Delta Sonic Car Wash$11.99

Are There Ways to Reduce Cost? – Sheetz Car Wash Coupons & Discounts

Sheetz Car Wash Coupons Discounts.

Sheetz provides a very easy Rewards Program that you can avail of certain benefits and discounts for frequent users. However, the majority of coupons are intended for food and fuel usage. 

Social media accounts of the company could occasionally offer car wash-related promotions at various locations and are a good source of discount coupons.

Overall, downloading the Sheetz Reward App is a fantastic option to lower any costs if the customer intends to shop, fuel, or even get an auto wash at Sheetz locations frequently.

Sheetz Car Wash Hours, Locations Near Me & Contact

Sheetz Car Wash Hours

The most efficient and simple method to locate the closest Sheetz Car Wash location is to use the mobile application. It will quickly tell you the distance from the nearest Sheetz location when you order. 

You can also set up the pickup time for your food purchases. Utilize the “Find A Sheet” or “Find A Sheet” option to find their contact information and operating hours.

How to Cancel Sheetz Car Wash Plan?

How to Cancel Sheetz Car Wash Plan

Sheetz does not offer the option of an unlimited vehicle wash program. They only provide an exterior wash that is one-time. There are, however, subscription options for food, such as unlimited self-serve beverage service.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Sheetz Car Wash is an attractive and affordable service that only provides exterior car care. If you are looking for a fast and cheap vehicle wash, the services are sufficient. 

Unfortunately, you’re able to only avail discounts on car washes when they are on promotion which is not often since the company is more in line with its restaurant service.


Is it OK to go through a car wash every day?

While improperly washing your vehicle can cause damage, washing it as frequently as you wish, even once per week, will not harm your vehicle. Depending on how well the wax holds up, you may need to reapply it after each car wash if you wax your vehicle.

What type of car wash is most profitable?

An automated car wash that is in the bay will generate more income than a self-service auto wash because it charges an additional amount per wash and takes less time to wash each time, meaning that the capacity to earn revenue is higher.

Can you use the Sheetz car wash code at any Sheetz?

SHEETZ on Twitter: “@daradare our car wash codes do not expire, but they must be used at the location they were purchased” /

Are touchless car washes bad for your car?

The most widely recommended type of car wash is the touchless type. Touchless car washes tend to be the least damaging to your vehicle’s paint. …

if you use a touchless car wash that offers hand drying, make sure the type of towel used to dry the car is non-abrasive in order to avoid scratches to your paint.

How much does a car wash cost?

A basic mobile car wash can go from $20 to $50. Exterior Wash only will cost you between $20 to $30. Exterior and Interior (vacuum and wipe down) will cost you between $30 to $40. A full car wash with the trunk rims and tires usually costs $40

How often should I wash my car?

every two weeks

Generally speaking, you should wash your automobile every two weeks at the very least. Obsessives will do it every week, or sometimes more frequently.

Additionally, irregular dirt such as road salt and bug guts require immediate attention to prevent paint or metal damage.

how much is a car wash at Sheetz

A car wash costs either $5 or $9 based on whether the establishment utilizes the three- or four-wash kits to show their offerings. Introduction

Does Sheetz sell laundry detergent?

Finally, we provide starter amenities like hair and body care products, cleaning supplies (where permitted by law), and additional stock of standard household items like paper towels, toilet paper, a new sponge, dishwashing soap, and laundry detergent. This allows guests to simply arrive and unwind.

Is Sheetz Car Wash open 24 hours?

The touchscreen auto wash facilities are accessible 24/7, seven days a week, in addition to the fuel or convenience store. A car wash costs


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