Target Baby Registry welcome kit ❤️️ 2022

Target Baby Registry Review: How to Sign Up and Benefits

Target Baby Registry: Target sells a wide range of products for children and babies both in-store and on the internet. It also offers a baby registry to assist new parents in getting ready with the necessary items prior to the time their due date rolls around.

If you’re planning to have the joy of having a baby and you want to make sure that you’re ready for the time of birth, you could be wondering how a Target baby registry functions? Here’s everything I’ve learned about it!

Target Baby Registry Review How to Sign Up and Benefits

How Does a Target Baby Registry Work In 2022?

The Target Baby Registry can be created in-store, on the internet, or through online or the Target Registry App from 2022. The registry can then be shared with family and friends. 

The Target baby registry includes a complimentary welcoming Kit (over $150 worth) and coupons for discounts. They can be returned, or exchanged for a year following the due date.

If you’re looking to know more about the process of creating a Target Baby Registry, what is included in the no-cost Welcome Kit as well as the advantages and benefits you receive in the registry for your baby, continue going!

Target Baby Registry Return Policy

How Do I Create A Target Baby Registry?

Parents of expecting babies can make a baby registry in Target using a variety of ways The registry can be made using The Target Registry Application or at under the registry tab or by visiting Guest Services in-store.

To make your baby’s registry, you can use The Target Registry App (notably distinct from its Target app) Simply follow the directions within the app to set up the registry for your child.

For creating the baby registry on, all you have to do is sign into the account on your account and then go to your registry’s page.

Once you’ve done that, click the option ‘baby registry’ and then press the button ‘create. Then, you’ll be able to choose and add items you’d like to include on your list to finish the Target Baby Registry.

If you’re in Guest Services in-store to make your baby registry, you’ll be assisted by a Target employee about the steps you have to follow to create your baby registry.

What Is A Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

If you set up your own baby registry at Target and you register, you’ll receive a welcome kit worth more than $150. It is created to assist you in deciding what baby items you think are the most and would like for your baby.

Welcome kits are said to contain a variety of coupons and samples of the most popular Target brands for parents and babies. It is packaged in bags that are reusable.

What Is In The Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

It is a Target baby registry kit that varies in terms of contents, but generally includes many coupons as well as specially selected samples from the best and most popular brands.

The items typically include diapers and burp cloths, nursery decor, and baby clothes.

In addition, Target has even been reported to offer Starbucks coupons for coffee free for new parents as part of their welcoming kits.

How Do I Get My Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

You can get your welcome kit at Target by going to the Guest Services desk with your baby registry barcode that is available through using your account.

The barcode is scannable by printing it out or using any mobile device. The barcode you need to create your welcome kit isn’t currently available through the Target registry application.

Be aware that the no-cost Baby Registry Welcome Kits available from Target are very popular, therefore it’s important to making a call to the retailer to confirm that they have one on hand prior to your visit.

Additionally, Target has also made it possible for you to receive the welcome kit for your baby’s registry delivered to you as part of your normal Target purchase. Log in to the account on your account and look for the registry for your child.

On the page with benefits, You can choose to send the welcome kit and then checkout as normal. When you purchase more than $35 you’ll also receive free shipping.

What Are The Benefits Of Target Baby Registry?

Target Baby Registry

Alongside the welcoming kit, Target provides other benefits and benefits to make sure the baby registry is successful.

For instance, Target will give you 15% off for any remaining items that you have on your baby’s registry when the newborn is coming in less than 8 weeks.

In addition, you can enjoy all-year-round discounts on brands like Huggies, Pampers, Johnson’s, Graco, Fisher-Price, Up & Up, Cloud Island, Dreft, and numerous others.

Target also allows exchanges and returns for the entire year following the date of your event for all Baby registry products.

Can I See Who Bought From My Target Baby Registry?

To ensure you are up with those gratitude lists, provides a registry gift tracker to track who bought gifts from your wish list.

It is possible to use this helpful gift tracker tool at when you visit the registration page after signing into your online account.

After you’ve selected the baby registry, click the gift tracker icon that will open an inventory of the gifts that you have purchased, as well as the price purchase price, name of the buyer, and the date of purchase.

In addition, Target also offers a helpful feature to mark “Thank You” You sent’ on every item, along with the option of a checkbox to mark it off each time you visit and keep the list of the people you’ve already wished for for for to thank.

The items on your baby registry will show up on the Gift Tracker after the item is shipped. Unfortunately, the group gifts aren’t yet available within the gift tracking system.

How Long Does a Target Baby Registry Last?

You are able to review and manage your registration for up to 548 weeks (18 months) after the date for the baby registry.

Gift-givers may continue to look for the registry of your baby for up to one year following the date of the event.

How Long Do I Have to Return Items From Target Baby Registry?

You’ve got until one year from the date of the event to send the unopened and new items on the baby’s registry to Target with the return barcode on the registry’s home page or your Registry App.

How Do I Return Items From My Target Baby Registry?

To return any items purchased through the Target Baby Registry on Sign in to your account online Target account and go to the baby registry.

On the left side of the registry’s homepage, there will be a possibility, to begin with, a return. Choose the store you prefer to return to, select the item you’d like to return, and create a return barcode.

To return items on your baby registry with Target Registry App, you must use the options available in the app to select “Make a Return” to receive your barcode to return items.

Bring a valid photo ID from the government at the time you visit the shop to make your return, as it will be used to verify your identity.

The barcode that you use to return your baby registry can only be used at the store you choose for the date it was created on. Refunds on Target Baby Registry items are issued to you in the form of a Target Gift Card.

What Do I Put On My Target Baby Registry?

If you’re stuck as a parent, Target has several checklists for parents who aren’t sure the items to include on their baby’s registry.

The welcome kit for free that Target offers Target has been designed to provide parents with a guideline of what brands and products to choose for their children.

The most common items on Target baby registry items include diapers, wipes baby bathtubs, car seat bottles, cribs as well as baby bouncers.

Target baby registry FAQs

1. What is the best place to do a baby registry?

Q. To find the Baby Registry:

  1. Visit Baby Registry Search.
  2. Input the name of the registered owner or city or state within the Find a Baby Registry search box.
  3. You can also choose which month or year falls on the approximate birth date.
  4. Choose Search.
  5. Choose the name of the registry owner.

2. Where is the baby registry on Target app?

Q.Target App

Launch the app and choose from the Discover option or Bullseye tab. Choose the category you want to shop in. Go to Registry. Choose Search for an existing registry.

3. What items should I put on my baby registry?

Q. What should I register for Baby?

  1. Infant car seat.
  2. Baby carrier or stroller.
  3. Layette (aka set of baby clothes)
  4. Crib Mattress, crib, mattress cover as well as crib bedding.
  5. Baby monitor.
  6. Bottles, breast pumps in case you are breastfeeding, formula if the formula is not.
  7. Burp cloths and bibs.
  8. Diapers for newborns, disposable or cloth and wipes.

4. How do I add items to my Target baby registry?

Q. Once you’ve made your registry, you are able to add items to or in the store through Guest Services.

Do I need to register items?

  1. Log in to Your Target account.
  2. Go to the Registry page and choose your registration.
  3. Choose Add Items from the upper navigation menu to begin creating your registry.


5. How do you get free baby stuff from Target?

Q. Welcome kit for free ($150plus value)

After you have created your baby registry and signed up for a baby registry, you’ll receive an invitation kit for free with the best things for both you and your baby.


Target’s baby registry allows new parents to make an essential wish list of things for their infant which can be bought by relatives and friends. The registry also comes with a free welcome kit, including coupons,

samples as well as other items to help parents begin with their registry and gain an idea of what they’d like to include in their registry. Parents have one year to exchange or return the products if they’re new and unopened.


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