Golden Corral Senior Discount Requirements and Details 2024

Golden Corral Senior Discount

Golden Corral Senior Discount: Golden Corral is a famous American buffet restaurant chain where customers can enjoy a lavish breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Apart from offering an extensive menu and various dishes, this family-friendly restaurant also offers special discounts to its customers.


For instance, Golden Corral offers discounts for seniors. For instance, the Golden Corral offers a senior discount of 10 percent, and it provides special discounts and offers for senior citizens on menu items.

Golden Corral Senior Discount

It is vital to remember it is important to note that Golden Corral runs a franchise model, which means that the concessions and rewards could differ from one location to the next. Therefore, you should examine the zip code to verify whether a Golden Corral discount for seniors is applicable.


About Golden Corral

Many families love coming to this place, particularly after the church. It’s an annual ritual as you meet many of your residents and the costs are incredibly affordable. It serves delicious, reasonably priced food and a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and unwind.

About Golden Corral

What is the Golden Corral senior discount?

Golden Corral senior discount is only available to seniors aged older than 55. There are a variety of Golden Corral discounts available to senior citizens. This means that you can also indulge in your favorite meals at a discounted price on Golden Corral discounts for seniors at certain times.

If you’ve reached your peak, you are now ready to live to this stage, and what’s more exciting than receiving amazing deals and daily discounts in Golden Corals? Many companies offer coupons, discounts, and promo coupons and discounts that satisfy the requirements of seniors, which can help you maximize savings.


However, one must satisfy the age requirements of seniors for access to huge discounts that can result in actual savings. Here’s a quick overview of Golden Corral’s discounted rates for seniors.

Early breakfast and dinner: This offer is offered for weekends dinner and brunch, and it is available for dinner and brunch on weekends. 

Golden Corral’s senior discount age for this promotion is 60 years old. Golden Corral senior discount days are from Monday to Saturday from 11 am until 4 pm, and an all-inclusive buffet meal is expected to cost just $7.59 with drinks included.


Birthday celebrations! You can enjoy a complimentary treat from Golden Corral on your birthday or stop by any day during your birthday. There are discount hours for the entire week. Golden Corral discount days run throughout the week, and guests can enjoy all-you-can-eat food.

Get in the Good as Gold Club: Don’t miss the possibility of being part of the Golden Club. With numerous discounts and deals waiting to be discovered and the Gold Club grants, you have access to exclusive deals. These offers aren’t only restricted to seniors; anyone can join. Details are provided in the last section of the report.

Why is the Golden Corral discount for senior citizens?

As you age, your life becomes less complicated and life more straightforward. There are many discounts offered by retailers as well as airlines and restaurants.

There is the Golden Corral discount for senior citizens is among them. Through this discount, seniors over 55 can enjoy special discounts and offers on their menus. Senior citizens are eligible for early bird discounts on brunch or dinner during the weekend (including beverages). They can enjoy 50 cents off the regular price of the menu.

Furthermore, Golden Corral offers a unique membership. Golden Corral also offers special memberships that are not only available to seniors. Golden Corral Rewards members will receive points for each purchase they make.

To redeem points, you must download access to the Golden Corral app and scan the receipt. Golden Corral Reward members get 1 point for each dollar.

A bonus offer is also available to users who install the app and join the Golden Reward membership program. The members receive 5 percent off the subsequent purchase, which is $25. This is an excellent deal for those over 18 and includes senior citizens.

In the end, to sum it up, seniors will enjoy the exclusive Golden Corral discount for seniors and discounts and also get a benefit by joining the club.

How To Get Golden Corral Senior Discount?

Now that you are aware of the numerous discounts and memberships that are offered through Golden Corral let’s elaborate on the steps required to take advantage of these discounts.

Early discount for the early bird: This discount is offered to citizens older than 60. They will receive a special buffet that costs $7.59.

This buffet includes a beverage. For this discount, you need to present evidence of the age of your child or sign up as an enrolled member of The Golden Corral Reward program, which includes all the requirements.

Steps to join the Golden Corral Reward Program

The procedure is easy to follow if you’d like to join this group.

  • You can join online by logging in to
  • When you go down, you’ll see a specific section highlighting your email address, name, city, zip code, and date of birth.
  • The birth date, as well as the name along with the email addresses sections, must be filled in as it allows the company to determine whether you qualify to receive the senior discount or not.
  • It is essential to select one specific Golden Corral restaurant, and others select your preferences, such as Senior citizens (60 or more) or families with children less than 12 years old, group dining, etc.
  • This membership is only available to individuals 18 years old or older.

Joining the Golden Corral Reward program via App

The app, developed explicitly by Golden Corral, simplifies signing up for the reward program. It offers you a bonus of $5 off your purchase of more than $25. The steps below will guide you through the procedure:

  • Visit the App Store and Google Play Store to download the Golden Corral app.
  • After you download the application and install it, you are asked to accept the terms and conditions and also select your age beyond 18 years old.
  • After you’ve agreed, you can log in using your email ID.
  • The app opens, and you can select your preferred Golden Corral location’s zip code.
  • Check the dashboard, where you will find the reward section.
  • To redeem the points, you will need to scan the QR code on your receipt or feed the bar code number, and you’ll be in a position to redeem points as well as benefit from the discount.

Does Golden Corral have AARP discount?

Golden Corral – Senior discount at participating locations. … Landry’s Seafood Discount of 10% on non-alcoholic drinks and food available to AARP members. Long John Silver’s – Discounts differ at the participating locations. McCormick & Schmick’s – 10 percent discounts on meals and drinks available to AARP members.

Other Ways to Save at Golden Corral

Below are more ways to reduce your dining bill at Golden Corral.

Good as Gold Rewards Club

Golden Corral has introduced the Good as Gold Rewards Club as part of its loyalty program. Club members enjoy exclusive benefits, such as birthday drinks, free drinks coupons, birthday offers, and more.

It stands out in comparison to other rewards programs because the Rewards Club provides a personalized experience. When you sign up, you’re offered the chance to receive unique content for seniors (60plus). By choosing this option, you’ll be notified of ongoing discounts or special offers only for seniors.

Golden Corral Rewards

Alongside other benefits of the Good as Gold Rewards Club, seniors can take advantage of Golden Corral Rewards. Another loyalty program of the restaurant chain offers redeemable points for every purchase.

Earning points for each Golden Corral purchase is an efficient way to save money on dining out. However, there’s more!

Each brand-new Golden Corral Rewards member gets $5 off for every $25 spent at the restaurant or placing an online order. This promotion is only available to guests who sign up through the app and place a purchase within 3 weeks of receiving the offer.

After registering, you’ll be able to sign in with your login credentials. Then, head towards the Earn Points section on the dashboard. After that, you can scan the QR code of your receipt using your smartphone camera or enter the bar code’s number manually.

For every dollar you spend, you’ll get 1 point. When you’ve earned 100 points, you’ll receive 10 percent off the price when you go to the restaurant.

However, if you place an order online or through your mobile app and have your rewards account signed into, you’ll receive points.

It isn’t possible to earn points when using one-time promotional cards. However, points work perfectly when you use a Gift Card to make payment.

Refer a Friend

The other way to save the price at Golden Corral is via Golden Corral’s referral scheme. It allows you to refer friends to the restaurant to eat and earn reward points.

This is how to go into the “Invite Friends section of your User Profile and share the invitation code with any potential customers. When someone registers using your invitation code, you’ll receive 20 bonus points which you can use for dining in the restaurant.

Follow Golden Corral on Social Media and Save Money

Besides websites and emails, Golden Corral announces promotions through its social media sites. For instance, the “Tag a Friend and Win X” contest is one of the most well-known.

Additionally, you might be interested in Golden Corral coupons, discounts or freebies, and other benefits. Be sure to go to their Facebook or Instagram pages before making purchases.

Gift Cards and Coupons

Golden Corral has a separate page for coupons on their website. Here you will discover their most recent printable coupons. There’s also the Gift Cards section, where you can buy gift cards for your loved ones and friends. Another way you can earn them is the option of Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is an online rewards platform from third parties that rewards its customers by awarding points known as SB. You earn points every time you purchase using Swagbucks or in various activities (polls, daily trivia, targets, etc.).

Once the points exceed a certain amount, that is certain and converted into gift cards with a purchase limit. For instance, 500 SBs is equivalent to $5 worth of gift cards.

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts

Here are a few Golden Corral competitors that offer senior discounts:

Must be an AARP member10-15% offMust be 60+
SizzlerDiscounted Menu; Varies by locationMust be 60+
CiCi’s PizzaDiscount varies by restaurantsMust be 60+
Steak ‘n Shake10% off food and beverages (non-alcoholic)Must be AARP member
Shoney’s of Knoxville10% offMust be a Golden Age Club member
Uno Pizzeria & Grill25% off on Wednesdays (at selected locations)Must be 55+


Golden Corral is a renowned American restaurant chain that provides a huge meal and an evening breakfast buffet along and breakfast. Besides serving delicious meals, Golden Corral offers amazing discounts for Golden Reward members and the elderly.

Suppose you’re older than 55 and are a senior citizen. In that case, you should take advantage of this special discount and register for Golden Corral’s rewards program to receive additional discounts on food. Extra discount for food.


Q.1 Is there a senior discount for Golden Corral?

ANS. Golden Corral indeed offers a discount for senior citizens. You can avail of an extraordinary buffet cost. Additionally, seniors can join the Golden Corral Member program and redeem points they’ve accrued while shopping in The Golden Corral.

Q.2 What is the Golden Corral senior discount age?

ANS. The minimum age for the person to be eligible for a discount for seniors to qualify for an early discount is age 60 or over to qualify for early bird discount. If not, Golden Corral offers a 10% discount for seniors over 55 years old.

Q.3 Is there a senior discount for Golden Corral franchises?

ANS. Because Golden Corral operates on the franchise model, you’ll need to verify the local-specific senior discount.

Q.4 How do I become a member of the Golden Corral Reward program?

ANS. You can log in to and enter all the details, or download the Golden Corral app from your App Store or Google Play Store.

Q.5 How do I earn points in the Golden Corral Reward Program?

ANS. The points will be added to your bank account if you purchase using this Golden Corral app. Suppose you purchase in a store and want to be able to enter the QR code to redeem points. You cannot also earn points for purchases of alcohol or food items at a discounted price.


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