Autobell Car Wash Prices List 2023 Update

Autobell Car Wash Prices List 2023

Autobell Car Wash Prices List: Cleaning your car correctly can bring numerous advantages. Alongside a better appearance and the appearance of your paint, washing your vehicle will keep the vital parts safe from accumulating dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Autobell recognizes this, and that’s why they’ve been offering high-quality car washes since 1969.

Autobell Car Wash

At a Glance:

  • Autobell is a car wash service located in North Carolina that offers interior and exterior car wash services for motorists all over the United States. Autobell also offers auto-service car washes and the ability to wash cars using a touchless system.
  • At the moment, Autobell has unlimited business accounts that start at $19.99 per month for a complete exterior unlimited plan and a minimum of $100 for an account for business. You can also avail of Autobell coupons and an Autobell Gift Card to make your account more flexible.
  • Customer service and employees are noted for their friendliness. It’s easy to arrange an auto wash, and they are outfitted with the latest technology for their services.

What Is Autobell Car Wash?

Autobell Car Wash a major US vehicle wash. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina; Autobell has more than 80 branches across the country. 

Autobell is five years old. 1969 the company was started in 1969 by Charles Howard and is still in the hands of his family.

Autobell Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Autobell Car Wash Cost?

How Much Does Autobell Car Wash Cost?

One of the cheapest auto washing services, Autobell still operates with the highest standards in its mind. The company offers both exterior and interior cleaning services. You can also choose the additional services they provide, like rainproofing, tire gloss, and an underbody wash.

Prices for All Autobell Services

The price is a significant factor when deciding which car wash service is most appropriate for your needs. Check out the costs as well as the benefits available below.

Interior & Exterior Cleaning Washes Services & Prices

These services are perfect for those who want the best car wash experience for exterior and interior cleaning.

  • Full-Service Clean includes exterior cleaning as well as robotic wheel cleaning. I vacuumed seats and carpets, cleaning the door panel, dash, and console. The package consists of window cleaning in the interior, along with hand drying. ($17.99)
  • Full-Service Wash (15-passenger vans and bigger) – All the features are offered on regular Full-Service Wash but for larger vehicles. ($21.99)
  • Superwash Get regular Full-Service Wash, but with added sealing and polish ($21.99)
  • Double Polyprocess Double Polyprocess – Receive all the Super Wash package features with an underbody wash, Double Polyprocess, second protection, and glossing agent. ($23.99)
  • Super Polyprocess The best that comes with Super Wash with the inclusion of double poly processing, auto gloss tire gloss, and scent ($26.99)

Exterior Only Cleaning Washes & Prices

What happens if you wish to clean the outside of your vehicle? Autobell provides exterior-only services to those who are on the move.

  • Ride-thru Exterior – Quick touch-up using exterior washing and also robotic wheel cleaning. It also offers a “drive-through car wash” service and a “do it yourself car wash.” ($6)
  • Super Exterior Cleaner – Clean and protect with additional polish, sealer, and robotic wheel cleaning, along with hand drying ($14.99)
  • Exterior Special Get the top protection and coating with features such as Double Polyprocess, the gloss of tires, an underbody wash, and all the features of the Super Exterior Wash. ($19.99)
  • Super Ride-Thru Super Ride-Thru – This is a redesigned version of the Ride-thru program. The new features include the application of sealer and polish and underbody wash, as well as Double Polyprocess, and AUTOGLASS ($10)
  • Exterior wash includes essential services such as exterior cleaning and robotic wheel cleaning to provide an affordable and quick cleansing experience ($9.99)

Extra Services: Premium Mat Cleaning Services & Prices

Do you want something more to complement your sparkling car? Autobell provides a wide range of features that will provide the protection you need and add shine to your car. These are some of Autobell’s additional features that will make your vehicle more attractive to the eye.

  • High-end Mat Cleaner Clean your mats made of vinyl or rubber beginning at just $3.
  • The Underbody Cleaner stops dust from building up in your vehicle’s interior, beginning at just $3.
  • Tire gloss Autobell provides hand-applied tire gloss services starting at $4.75.
  • The fragrance of Your Choice You can give your car’s interior a little appreciation by adding your scent of choice for $2.50. The perfume is sprayed under the seats in front.
  • Rain repellent Protect your vehicle against acidic rain with Autobell’s rain repellent. It’s applied by the company’s experienced employees, starting at just $6.
  • Armour All This product guarantees that your car is secure while providing an appealing look for $7.50.

Autobell Car Wash Price List For All Services

Autobell ensures that the customer pays only for services that they require.Save time and money by adding or removing services.Find out Autobell costs and bundles by using this table. 



Autobell Car Wash Prices For All Services

Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Full-Service Car Wash $19.99
Full-Service Car Wash (15-passenger vans and larger) $21.99
Super Wash $24.99
Double Polyprocess℠ $23.99
Super Polyprocess℠ $29.99
Manager’s Special with Rain Repellent $29.99
Manager’s Special with Armor All® $29.99

Exterior Only Cleaning

Ride-Thru Exterior $7
Super Ride-Thru $10
Exterior Wash $9.99
Super Exterior Wash $14.99
Exterior Special $19.99

Extra Services

Premium Mat Cleaning (Front) $5
Premium Mat Cleaning (Front and Rear) $7
Premium Mat Cleaning (Cargo Mat) $3
Underbody Wash $3
Tire Gloss $4.75
Fragrance $2.5
Polish & Sealer $7
Rain Repellent (Front) $6
Rain Repellent (Front and Rear) $9
Rain Repellent (Front, Rear & Sides) $12.45
Armour All® Exterior $7.5
Armour All® Interior $10
Armour All® Complete $14.75

Autobell Car Wash Package Options & Prices

The services offered by the company are provided through packages with the prices mentioned above. If, however, you’re a frequent user of services, you should get the unlimited plan of Autobell.

Autobell Car Wash Unlimited Plan Members & Prices

Autobell Car Wash Unlimited Plan Members & Prices

Unlimited Plans are designed for non-business customers who need a clean and clean car all the time. You can save money by signing up for unlimited washes if you require a frequent car wash.
Note that Unlimited plans are only available only for one vehicle. You can choose an unlimited plan for $12. $19.99, $31.99, and $69.99. Find the most affordable unlimited plan for you in the table below.

Ride-thru Unlimited Plan & Price

The option of a ride-thru is included in other services that are part of the Exterior Unlimited Plan. It contains automated wheel cleaning, in which you do not have to get out of your vehicle for an auto wash.
The service offers automated car wash services; however, manual car washing is also an option. This package costs the price of $12 per month.

Exterior Unlimited Plan & Price

The Exterior Unlimited Plan offers ride-through cleaning and additional services, a hand dry wash, and automatic payment after two visits.This plan automatically renews each month unless you decide not to. $19.99 buys this plan.

Full-Service Unlimited Plan & Price

The full-service unlimited plan comes with all of the features from the Exterior unlimited plan, however, with various additional features. Window cleaning in the interior, as well as the doors and consoles, are also cleaned.
You can also get your seats and carpets cleaned for your convenience.It costs $31. 99 per month.

Super Unlimited Plan & Price

The plan comes with all the advantages of the exterior full-service and unlimited plans. It also comes with double poly processes, AUTOGLASS tire gloss, and the scent of your choice for $69.99 per month.

Autobell Business Accounts Price

What happens if you own an organization that relies on two vehicles? A $20 cost for a car wash could be costly if you have more than ten vehicles that need to get cleaned.
Autobell’s business Account is the most affordable and speedier alternative to have your car looking clean and appealing.
All plans start at just $100 per month and can be utilized through credit applications.

Option 1: Great Savings with Bulk Wash Options

The bulk Wash option offers wash tickets you can utilize at any time. It is the preferred choice for many vehicles requiring washing regularly or on a case-by-case basis.

Option #2: Customization

This option is designed for owners who would like to choose their options and properly track the products and services that will be utilized. Owners who are authorized are billed once per month.

Autobell Car Wash Price List For Unlimited Plan & Business Accounts

The business and unlimited accounts come with strengths and drawbacks. Both versions are paid for with one monthly cost. However, the business plan account lets you wash multiple vehicles.



Autobell Car Wash Prices For All Plans Per Month

Unlimited Plans

Ride-thru Unlimited Plan $12
Exterior Unlimited Plan $19.99
Full-Service Unlimited Plan $35.99
Super Unlimited Plan $77.99

Business Accounts

Exterior Unlimited Plan $100
Full-Service Unlimited Plan $100
Super Unlimited Plan $100

Order Online: Buy Autobell Car Wash Gift Cards Certificates and Passes

Buy Autobell Car Wash Gift Cards Certificates and Passes

There are other options for convenience by purchasing digital items and passes. They are available in the store, available for use without membership.

Product Type and Prices:

  • E-Gift Card, It can be used to purchase any service provided that the price of the gift card can pay for it. Any balance that is not used will roll over to your next purchase. ($25)
  • Super Polyprocess Wash eTicket This ticket is valid for one year and has no expiration date. And comes with all the features and services you have come to love with Super Polyprocess. ($29.99)
  • Card for Gifts Send your loved ones an Autobell Car Wash gift card ranging from $10-$100 with cards that can be used in any Autobell branch.
  • Autobell Annual Pass This pass will allow you to enjoy car washes without worrying about the cost for one entire year (for just one car). ($395)
  • Autobell SuperCard is The same as an annual subscription. However, you can get unlimited access to deluxe Super Polyprocess for a year instead of merely basic car washing. ($855)
  • Three full-service wash tickets Three car washes you can use at any time. ($50)
  • Fifty full-service wash tickets and 50 washes that are non-expiring and include an all-service vehicle washing. ($788)
  • Fifty exterior wash tickets Tickets include 50 external services, including exterior cleaning, robotic wheel cleaning, and hand drying. ($470)

Here are the costs for the additional products offered by Autobell. You can pick the annual pass as well as the monthly pass for ease of use. Give someone an eGift card when you believe they require Autobell’s services. Autobell.



Autobell Car Wash Prices For Gift Cards & Passes Per Month

eGift Card $25
Super Polyprocess Wash eTicket $29.99
Gift Cards Starting at $10
Autobell Annual Pass $395
Autobell SuperCard $855
3 Full-Service Wash Tickets $50
50 Full-Service Wash Tickets $788
50 Exterior Wash Tickets $470

Autobell Car Wash Coupons

Autobell Car Wash Coupons

There aren’t any Autobell Coupons available currently. There is, however, an e-offer that customers can take advantage of to earn discounted prices. If you join Autobell’s newsletter, you can save $3 the next time you wash your car (not applicable to exterior wash at the Ride-Thru).

Autobell Car Wash Near Me, Hours, Locations & Contact: Find Your Carwash

Autobell Car Wash Near Me, Hours, Locations & Contact: Find Your Carwash

Find the top car washes in an Autobell local location close to your site. Find a branch on this website or check out the table below to find the hours of operation, phone numbers, and services available in specific components. You can also search on Google by entering “Autobell Near Me.”

Autobell Car Wash Hours & Location

Locations: Hours: Phone:
Asheville (Merrimon Ave) 7:30 am — 6 pm 828-253-9274
Branch Blvd (Western) 7 am — 7 pm 757-483-9420
Burlington NC (Church St) 7:30 am — 6 pm 336-229-6892
Charlotte NC (Hankins) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-599-5438
Chesapeake (Battlefield Blvd) 7:30 am — 6 pm 757-436-9491
Chesapeake VA (Pavilion) 7 am — 7 pm 757-645-9608
Concord Mills (Pit Stop) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-979-0355
Concord NC (Church St) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-795-9274
Denver NC (7565 HWY 73) 7 am — 7 pm 704-820-0941
Durham 7:30 am — 6 pm 919-544-3235
Gastonia (New Hope) 7 am — 7 pm 704-866-9556
Greensboro (W Gate City Blvd) 7 am — 7 pm 336-299-3377
Knightdale (Autumn View) 7:30 am — 6 pm 919-217-1767
Mooresville (W Plaza) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-662-0260
Newport News (Warwick Blvd)) 7:30 am — 6 pm 757-594-9508
Raleigh (Garner) 7 am — 7 pm 919-773-0810
Shelby NC (Dekalb St) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-481-0818
Wilson NC (Forest Hills) 7:30 am — 6 pm 252-237-6977

Autobell customer service number is 1-800-582-8096. You can also mail your inquiry to 1521 E. 3rd Street, Charlotte, NC 28204. You may also go to any Autobell location and receive assistance from the staff.

Autobell Car Wash Reviews

Autobell Car Wash is known for its outstanding service on vehicles and trucks. It offers various services and products that can meet the requirements of different kinds of customers.
The customers of Yelp can enjoy a wonderful experience. You can make convenient appointments, making it the ideal car wash choice. The staff is known to be friendly and accommodating.
In terms of working with Autobell, the majority of employees would recommend using Autobell. Employees can have a day off when required.
Tips are excellent, and the management is very hospitable and very friendly. If you’re seeking your first job, you’ll get a wonderful experience at Autobell.

Final Thoughts

Autobell recognizes that offering choices to its employees and customers benefits the company. It is highly recommended for its employment and services.
In comparison to rivals, the number of locations is restricted. There are other car wash options if there’s no Autobell near you.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How much does Autobell car wash cost?

Ride-Thru Exterior Wash – $5.00
Exterior Wash – $7.99
Super Exterior Wash – $9.99
Exterior Special – $17.99

How much is tire gloss at Autobell car wash?

Tire Gloss – $4.75

Do you tip at autobell?

Are tips required? We offer a fantastic clean-up by the team without giving any information.If you want to reward an employee with a premium cash debit or credit cards can be used at the counter to purchase an incentive coupon.

Are car washes bad for your car?

Are automatic car washes secure for my car?The primary goal of having your vehicle professionally cleaned is to eliminate debris dirt & other pollutants that could harm it. If left untreated, the contaminants could cause corrosion to your metal (rust) and cause damage to the paint.

Who owns autobell carwash?

Chuck Howard

Charlotte, N.C.: Chuck Howard, the Autobell Car Wash CEO who helped his father, Autobell Founder Charlie Howard, to establish and expand the company that is the fourth-largest carwash business across the U.S., was named an iconic figure within the Charlotte region by The Mecklenburg Times newspaper, according to an announcement.

What is double Polyprocess?

Double Polyprocess(sm) for a dramatic clear. AUTOGLASS(sm) is specially designed to give an enduring shine. Tire Gloss. A fragrance of your preference. Rain Repellent

What scents does autobell have?

Pine-Colada and Cherry are the scents they prefer If the job is good, they give $2 at the person who was drying the job. There aren’t many people who know more than a car wash in order to get the job done on their vehicles.

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