Brown Bear Car Wash Prices 2023 Update

Brown Bear Car Wash Prices 2023

Brown Bear Car Wash Prices: If you are a car owner It is common fact that keeping your car well-maintained will extend its lifespan. Along with longevity washing it frequently will keep its look. Brown Bear Car Wash knows the importance of regular car washes and is one of the pioneers in this business.

At a Glance:

  • Brown Bear Car Wash is the first in offering car washing solutions to customers in the Northwestern area.
  • It provides Tunnel Car Washes, Self-Serve Car Washes, Touchless Car Washes, Hand Car Wash, and many more items starting at just $1.
  • This company is famous for its fast service as well as its easy process for transactions both offline and online.

What Is Brown Bear Car Wash?

Brown Bear Car Wash Prices

Brown Bear Car Wash is an organization based at Seattle Interbay. It was established in 1957 by Victor Odermat in 1957 and remains in operation to this day. Brown Bear was a champion for the protection of the water supply and the creatures living in them.

Brown Bear Car Wash is committed to providing the highest quality services in the northwest community. Over the past 60 years, the business has been among the top car-care services across the region. Each branch ensures that its operations do not impact the environment in a negative way.

How Does Brown Bear Car Wash Work?

In order to use the services and facilities offered by the business, the client is required to use the many services offered. You can choose to join for discounted or unlimited washes, or choose an additional flexible wash ticket. After that, you can bring your car and the staff will take charge of it.

Brown Bear Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Brown Bear Car Wash Cost?

Brown Bear Car Wash Cost

The best carwashing and environmentally-friendly services are offered at very affordable prices! Brown Bear car wash and its forty locations provide diverse packages that cater to different car washing needs. According to the service you choose it is possible to wash your car for as little as $1 or even the most thorough cleaning cost of $16.

Prices For Brown Bear Car Wash Services

Each branch offers three packages that include the Tunnel Car Wash (starts at $10) manual car wash and Self-Serve wash (starts at just $1) and a Touchless vehicle wash (starts at $6). It is possible to choose the best option for your needs and budget.

Brown Bear Tunnel Car Washes Service & Prices

Brown Bear Tunnel Car Washes Service & Prices

The Tunnel Car Wash is an automated car wash that makes use of gentle detergents for cleaning along with drying solutions. The system uses the same methods suggested by auto manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, and many more. This service is available at a price as low as $10.

  • Beary Best ($16) – Beary Best ($16) – Beary Best package is recommended for those who want a well-polished and clean car. Includes EnviroPlate, ColorShine, Chass.s Armor, Soft-Cloth Exterior Wash, Spot-Free Rinse, And Air-Dry.
  • Beary Bright ($13) – The Beary Bright package includes all of the amenities and functions offered by Beary Best but without the EnviroPlate coating.
  • Beary Clean ($10) Beary Clean is the most basic product of Brown Bear. It does not include the trademark services offered by the business.

Brown Bear Self Serve Car Washes & Prices

Self Serve Car Washes

Do you need only certain services and don’t require full packages? Do you wish to wash your car using the top Brown Bear facilities in town? The Self-Service service is the perfect choice for those who want to clean their cars.

The entire range of services, cleaning products, as well as utilities (towels glass wipes, towels, vacuums, etc.) begins at just $1. You can upgrade to additional cleaning products or only pay for the services you’ll require.

Self Serve Car Wash Options & Prices:

Do you not want to stand in queue? Grab your $1 bills and clean up yourself using Brown Bear Self Serve car washes. Self-serve options for car washes include:

  • Pre-Soak (low-pressure washing option) (starts at $1)
  • Rinse (high-pressure washing option (starts at $1)
  • Soap (warm high-pressure) (starts at $1)
  • Conditioner (triple foam) (starts at $1)
  • Brush (foaming) (starts at $1)
  • Plate (Enviro) (starts at $1)

Brown Bear Touchless Car Wash Prices

Brown Bear Touchless Car Wash Prices

Brown Bear Touchless Car Wash Brown Bear Touchless car wash is a choice that makes use of high-pressure water to eliminate dirt, dust, and mud that have baked onto the exterior. This is all without worrying about the car’s coating or the possibility of soap remnants. This is a great option for cars that can’t accommodated within the tunnel that is conveyorized. You can avail of this service at a cost of minimum of six dollars to as high as $12.

  • Beary Best ($12) Beary Best ($12) Best is the recommended choice for those who want to receive the most effective cleaning, protection as well as polishing for their vehicle. It comes with EnviroPlate ColorShine, undercarriage wash, 2-Step Pre-Soak External Water with High Pressure, Spot-free Rinse, and air-dry to complete the entire procedure.
  • Beary Bright ($9) – Beary Bright comes with the identical features and services as the bundles, with the exception of the EnviroPlate coating feature.
  • Beary Clean ($6) – For the essential elimination of dust and other particles that can  found in the vehicle, Beary Clean is affordable and can do the job.

Brown Bear Car Wash Price List For All Services:

Item: Price:

Brown Bear Car Wash Prices For All Services

Tunnel Car Wash Prices

Beary Best $16
Beary Bright $13
Beary Clean $10

Touchless Car Wash Prices

Beary Best $12
Beary Bright $9
Beary Clean $6

Self Service Car Washes

Self Service Car Wash (with towels, glass wipes, etc) Starts at $1


The table shows the price for each service provided through Brown Bear Car Wash. You are able to select the option that you prefer at any of the Brown Bear Car Wash locations across the country.

Brown Bear Car Wash Coupons & Discount/Deals

At the moment there are currently no Brown Bear Car Wash coupon coupons to  found.

There are no coupon printable available right now through Brown Bear.

Discounts and offers can  offered if you are a participant in an offer such as those offered by the Charity Car Wash Program or Car Dealership Program. You can get free services in your Brown Bear Car Wash free car wash day, which occurs each year.

Does Brown Bear Car Wash Take Cash?

All of the Brown Bear services and products are available for purchase in cash at any of the locations that operate. Cash can also accepted, however only for Tunnel Car Wash, Self Serve Car Wash (both the Coin Operated Car Wash and DIY Car Wash), and Touchless Car Wash locations only.

Brown Bear Car Wash Package Options & Prices

Are you in need of a regular car wash? Do you want to clean multiple vehicles? Brown Bear has packages that include unlimited washes, and also packages for various vehicles for business and other organizations.

Brown Bear Unlimited Car Wash Club & Prices

Brown Bear Unlimited Car Wash Club & Prices

With the purchase of a Brown Bear Car Wash Unlimited Wash Club membership you have access to your subscription at any time and anywhere you need car washing. Similar to the standard offerings the club also offers Best Clean, Bright, and Bright selection of services. You can choose the base plan for $24.99 monthly ($249.90 per year for an annual contract) or the most effective cleaning services for $44.99 ($449.90 to get an annual membership).

  • Beary Best ($449.90 annually, $44.99 monthly) Maintain your vehicle clean, protected and free of dirt and rust all year long by purchasing an year-long Beary Best subscription. It includes EnviroPlate and ColorShine. Chass.s Armor Exterior Wash with a Special Soft cloth, and Spot-free rinse with air drying.
  • Beary Bright ($349.90 each year or $34.99 per month) Beary Bright (annually $349.90, monthly $24.99) Beary Bright ensures that your vehicle is attractive to the eye thanks to its ColorShine feature as well as Chass.s Sealant Armor.
  • Beary Clean ($249.90 annually, $24.99) – Get the standard Brown Bear car wash cleaning throughout the year with the annual Beary Clean offers.

Brown Bear Charity/Fundraiser Car Wash Program & Prices

Are you a charitable group that would like to raise money? Call the nearest Brown Bear Charity Car Wash today to take advantage of the Brown Bear charity program. It is possible to purchase Brown Bear Tunnel Car Wash tickets for a cost of $1.50 and then sell them at an increase. Tickets are recommended to sold between $10 and $12.

Brown Bear Car Dealership Program & Prices

If you’re a dealer owner you are eligible to take advantage of Brown Bear’s Car Dealership program. With this program, dealers can recommend your customers to them using cars washes tickets. The tickets are offered at a discounted price to dealers in order to add value to their offerings.

Brown Bear Fleet Wash Program & Cost

Do you need to wash multiple vehicles every month? This program for fleet washing is best one for your company or company. The cost for each wash is paid at the beginning of each month, making it simpler for you to keep track of all your costs.

Brown Bear Car Wash Price List For All Package Options

There’s the perfect Brown Bear Car Wash package to meet your requirements. Here are the cost for each package.

Item: Price:

Brown Bear Car Wash Prices For Package Options

Unlimited Wash Clubs

Unlimited Wash Clubs Starts At $24.99
* Unlimited Tunnel Car Wash services with EnriPlate, ColorShine, and Chass.s Armor *

Charity Car Wash

Charity Car Wash Starts At $1.50
* Raise fund for your charity with discounted car wash tickets *

Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships Call the nearest branch or CS (206.789.3700) for pricing
* Focus on your dealership, add value to your services with discounted tickets *

Fleet Wash Program

Fleet Wash Program Call the nearest branch or CS (206.789.3700) for pricing
* Get your vehicles clean and shiny with the Fleet Wash program *

What Is Brown Bear Car Wash Free Car Wash Day?

To express their appreciation to their loyal customers for their continuous assistance for more than 60 years Brown Bear Car Wash offers gratuitous services for the duration of a day. It happens every August and is known as”the” Annual Customer Appreciation Day. The day is chosen all cars washed in Tunner Car Wash locations are open from 8 am to 8 PM.

Order Online: Brown Bear Car Wash Memberships, Tickets, Paw Packs, And Gift Cards Prices

Alongsi their usual programs and products, Brown Bear offers more flexible products. You can choose between the convenience of savings or convenience or wish to give someone with a car wash, they have an ideal product for you.

Product Type And Prices:

For annual subscriptions and memberships Brown Bear Car Wash gift card, the paw packs to toys such as stuff toys, there’s a wide range of products to suit your requirements.

  • Beary CLEAN Annual Wash Club Membership All the advantages included in this Beary Clean package available year-round for $249.90.
  • Beary BRIGHT Yearly Wash Club Membership The Beary BRIGHT Annual Wash Club Membership Beary Bright offers services over 12 months at $349.90.
  • Beary’s BEST Yearly Wash Club Membership – Receive your Brown Bear full-service car wash experience all year long for $449.90.
  • Wash Green(r) Pet PackThe pack comprises three Beary Clean tickets and a Beary Best ticket for $39.05.
  • 50/50 Paw PackGet 3 clean and 3 TOP tickets for just $63.58.
  • “Best Paws” Beary Make use of these 5 best car wash coupons at Brown Bear Car Wash tunnel locations for $68.12.
  • Beary Clean Single ticket If you’re on an economic situation you can purchase one CLEAN vehicle wash at $9.08.
  • Beary’s Single Best Ticket – One complete BEST ticket costs $14.53 and can  used anytime.
  • The Bear Freshener 3-packKeep your car fresh and clean with this 3-pack Bear Freshener at just $0.99.
  • Beary Clean Ticket Book – The Beary Clean ticket book is suitable for 10 washes. ($81.74)
  • Beary Best Book of Tickets – Get 10 of the best car wash tickets at $130.79 that you can utilize at any time.
  • Antenna Ball The antenna ball is the pencil topper that you aren’t sure you need! Purchase it for just $0.99.
  • Stuffed Brown Bear Mini Purchase the soft and soft 6-” high Brown Bear mini for only $7.99.
  • Bottle of BubblesYou could as  a good idea to purchase this item to help you traverse the chaos, for only $1.99.

Prices List For Brown Bear Car Wash Club Membership, Paw Pack, Ticket & Gift Cards

This is a summary of pricing and costs for other Brown Bear products.

Item: Price:

Brown Bear Car Wash Prices For Club Membership

Beary CLEAN Annual Wash Club Membership $249.90
Beary BRIGHT Annual Wash Club Membership $349.90
Beary BEST Annual Wash Club Membership $449.90
Wash Green® Paw Pack $39.02
50/50 Paw Pack $63.58
Beary Best Paw Pack $68.12
Beary Clean Single Ticket $9.08
Beary Best Single Ticket $14.53
Bear Freshener 3-pack $0.99
Beary Clean Ticket Book $81.74
Beary Best Ticket Book $130.79
Antenna Ball $0.99
Stuffed Brown Bear Mini $7.99
Bottle of Bubbles $1.99

Brown Bear Car Wash Near Me, Hours, Locations & Contact Info

Brown Bear Car Wash has more than 40 locations. Find and contact the closest Brown bear Car Wash to make use of their facilities and services.

  • For further questions, please send an email to 3977 Leary Way NW, or Seattle WA 98107-5041.
  • For any general inquiries for general inquiries, please call 206.789.3700.
  • You can contact us for any questions regarding the unlimited wash club via 206.774.3737.
  • For questions about the charity program call 206.774.3742.
  • Find out more about the dealership program for cars by dialing 206.774.3740.

The numbers are accessible from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 PM. This corresponds to when the Brown Bear Car Wash hours of operation.

Here you can find the opening hours as well as the contact details for Brown Bear Car Wash near your home.

Brown Bear Car Wash Hours & Location




Auburn WA 8 AM – 7 PM 253.939.2640
Aurora 8 AM – 7 PM +1 206-542-6008
Ballard 8 AM – 7 PM 206.784.3030
Bellevue WA 8 AM – 7 PM 425.643.6437
Burien 8 AM – 7 PM +1 206-878-8611
Des Moines WA 8 AM – 7 PM +1 206-878-8611
Everett WA 8 AM – 7 PM 425.252.8400
Factoria 8 AM – 7 PM +1 425-644-7600
Federal Way WA 8 AM – 7 PM 253.838.9990
Issaquah 8 AM – 7 PM 425.557.0418
Kent WA 8 AM – 7 PM 253.852.7434
Kirkland 8 AM – 7 PM 206.297.5456
Lake City 8 AM – 7 PM +1 206-364-0336
Lakewood WA 8 AM – 7 PM 253.584.0583
Lynnwood 8 AM – 7 PM 425.787.3045
Poulsbo 8 AM – 7 PM 360.394.2030
Puyallup WA 8 AM – 7 PM 253.770.4989
Redmond WA 8 AM – 7 PM 425.885.9494
Renton WA 8 AM – 7 PM 425.917.0264
Seattle WA 8 AM – 4 PM 206.789.3700
Shoreline 8 AM – 7 PM 206.542.6008
Spokane 8 AM – 7 PM 206.297.5440
Tacoma 8 AM – 7 PM 253.564.0778

Brown Bear Car Wash Reviews

What is it that makes Brown Bear Car wash an established provider of car wash services is the speed of its service and amenities. Long lines can  easy to get rid of during warm days. Scheduling an appointment is straightforward and the staff is accommodating. In touchless car wash or self-service high-end equipment is simple to use and efficient in its work.


Is brown bear bad for your car?

Brown Bear does not hurt the car I drive. I tried the “touchless” last week up the north side of Kirkland which was the biggest difficult issue was which among their countless possibilities to pick. The reason why the touchless is best for me is because of the ski box that doesn’t go across Brown Bear, or the Pink Elephant

How do I cancel my Brown Bear Car Wash?

The cancellation of your membership is simple. You may cancel or modify your membership at any time by completing the form available online at or by calling 206.774. 3737 between 8am-4pm Monday-Friday . Renewal reminders are sent out every period (i.e. every month) when an email address with a valid address is supplied.

How does Brown Bear unlimited car wash work?

Brown Bear Car Wash protects the environment by taking heavy chemicals, petroleum products, and soap sprayed off vehicles before releasing the waste in the system to allow for further treatment. This year, we’ll spend money to safely eliminate over 500 tonnes of harmful “sludge”–almost five ounces per car that is washed.

How much does a car wash cost to buy?

A typical facility with just one Automatic In Bay Car Wash and 3 Self-Service bays could cost around the $700,000 figure for construction and approximately $400,000-$450,000 for equipment.

How much does brown bear cost?

Prices List For Brown Bear Car Wash Club Membership, Paw Pack, Ticket & Gift Cards
Item: Price:

Brown Bear Car Wash Prices For Club Membership

Beary CLEAN Annual Wash Club Membership $249.90
Beary BRIGHT Annual Wash Club Membership $349.90
Beary BEST Annual Wash Club Membership $449.90

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