Royal Car Wash Prices Last Updated 2024

What Is Royal Car Wash?

Royal Car Wash Prices: Royal Car Wash is an automatic car wash facility located in Rochester, New York that provides a unique method of cleaning automobiles using the latest technology.


When you stop by The Royal Car Wash, you’ll come upon a large building that is where the magic takes place. With this touchless car wash service, car owners don’t be required to leave their vehicles and wait until their car is clean.

All they have to do is to sit in the comfort of their vehicles and then drive through a tunnel that is packed with water splashes and soap.


Cars will gather and wait for their turns before they are able to use the advanced washing machine. Royal Car Wash is a drive-through car wash that’s contactless.

Royal Car Wash makes car washing easier than competing services. You’ll accomplish the job faster and stay seated.

Royal Car Wash Prices


Who Owns Royal Car Wash?

Royal Car Wash is owned by Daniele Family Companies who also is the owner of the well-known Mario’s Homemade Pasta Kitchen and Whole Foods brands. Anthony Daniele, the president of Daniele Family Companies led the car wash’s opening at the beginning of 2019, which has resulted in new jobs for the locals.

There are more than 7 Royal Car Wash locations the first was established back in the year 2011 in Pittsford.

Royal Car Wash Hours:

Royal Car Wash regularly open at 7:00 am & closes at 9: 00 p m on weekdays & Saturdays are open from 8: 00 am 9:00 p m. On Sundays, it’s open between 8:00 am and 7 at night.


On holidays the schedule is slightly different runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. However all of the branches are closed on Christmas Day Thanksgiving Day.

Royal Car Wash Hours may also change based on the weather conditions. If the temperature drops below 10 degrees, the locations will cease operations.

At a Glance:

  • In Royal Car Wash, everything is swift, efficient, and simple. There is no need to do anything. just go in to wait until you’re ready.
  • You can pick the deal you’d like from the various Royal Car Wash Prices. All you have to do is buy the gift card, and you’ll be in good shape. There are five different wash cards that come with three service levels.
  • Royal Car Wash is open 7:00 & 9:00 Monday Sunday.

Royal Car Wash Prices

Royal Car Wash Prices

There are a variety of Royal Car Wash services, however, the price starting for an individual Express Wash is around $9.99.

Royal Car Wash prices are split into two classes that can be paid either annually or monthly, with each rank offering different kinds of services for their customers.

Royal Car Wash Pay Monthly:

  • Express Wash is the most basic version consisting of spot-free, soft-cloth washing and thermal drying. It is available and costs $19.99 each month.
  • Royal Wash can be a different option is available for $23.99 each month. It comprises soft-cloth wash spot-free rinse, spot-free thermal dry and undercarriage flush brake dust remover, and triple foam.
  • Royal Wash Plus is also known as the Best Value includes the basics of services, plus an additional gloss for your body to simonize tire shine and vision clear water repellent for your windshield that is available at $15.99 per month.
  • Royal Hot Wax includes all available services. It’s a complete package available at $21.99 each month.

Pay Annually (With 1 Month Free):

  • Express Wash is the most basic version consisting of gentle-cloth washing and spotless thermal drying. This service is available for $219.89 annually.
  • Royal Wash is another service you can get at $263.89 annually. It comprises soft-cloth wash spot-free rinse, spot-free thermal dry and undercarriage flush brake dust remover, and triple foam.
  • Royal Wash Plus also known as the Best Value includes the standard services and an additional gloss for your body to simonize tire shine and vision clear water repellent on your windshield that you can purchase at $276.89 annually.
  • Royal Hot Wax includes all offered services. It’s a total package you can get at $369.89 each year.

Royal Car Wash Prices List

Unlimited Car Washes

 Single Wash Price

Pay Monthly Price

 Pay Annually Price

Express Wash 




Royal Wash




Royal Wash Plus




Royal Hot Wax




Price Compared to Other Car Wash Brands

When compared to other brands of car wash such as Hoffman Car Wash and Zips Car Wash which offer only Unlimited services for three months. Royal Car Wash has the option of a year-long unlimited service. 
You have the option of paying each month or every year. If you decide to pay annually you will receive one month of no-cost vehicle wash.

Are There Ways to Reduce Cost?

If you travel with your vehicle often and use the car wash service more often and regularly, a monthly car wash membership is worth the investment and can dramatically lower the cost.

Royal Car Wash Promo Code / Coupons / Gift Cards

On their official website, you may look for and use their coupon codes, promo codes & gift boxes. Once your joined their club you can take advantage of a variety of savings by searching for & using these offers there.

  • Express Wash – using Royal Car Wash gift cards You can use this Express Wash for $24.95 now which was $50.00 prior.
  • Royal Wash – using Royal Car Wash gift cards You can get this Royal Wash for $49.95 now it was $65.00 before.
  • Royal Wash Plus With Royal Car Wash gift cards The Royal Wash Plus is for $59.95 as of today. It was $80.00 prior to.
  • Royal Hot Wax with Royal Car Wash gift cards You can purchase the Royal Hot Wax for $87.95 today, which was $110.00 prior to that.

Final Thoughts

Royal Car Wash offers a speedy, efficient, and easy transaction for each customer. You can be sure that you’re getting top-quality service that doesn’t require much effort and time due to their use of Spotless Technology and Premium Solutions.

They employ top-of-the-line cleaning equipment to give you the most pleasant experience possible in cleaning your vehicle. In addition, their spotless technology is computer-controlled and developed to ensure that your car won’t be damaged.


How much does a car wash cost?

The basic car washes that are mobile may range from $20 to $50. Exterior Wash will only cost you between $20 and $30. Interior and Exterior (vacuum and wiping down) will cost you anywhere from $30-$40. A complete car wash including the tires and rims of the trunk typically costs $40.

Does washing your automobile at home or a car wash cost less money?

Home washing is less costly than a car wash. It’s free however, the initial purchase of the equipment, however, requires more time and work. The process of washing your car at home is all you need to do. It takes time, perseverance physical endurance, and a few tools. However, a professional car washing costs only a couple of dollars

Is a car wash membership worth it?

Unlimited car washes plans will definitely be worth the money if you’re the kind of vehicle that makes use of a car wash more often than twice or once a month. Unlimited car wash plans can be extremely beneficial if you prefer the convenience of a tunnel wash in particular when you’re driving an un-luxury automobile.

How often should you wash your car?

every two weeks
How Often Do You Need To Wash Your Car? As a guideline, it’s essential to clean your vehicle at least once every twice a week. People who are obsessed will wash it once a week, at times more often. In addition, dirt that is irregular like road salt or bug guts must be addressed immediately to avoid paint or metal damage.

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