Shell Car Wash Prices Last Updated 2024

Shell Car Wash Prices Last Updated 2024

Shell Car Wash Prices: Shell Car Wash is a business that provides basic to high-end car wash services. 

Apart from its car washing, the company also offers gasoline and food products for those who are on the move. The low cost and high quality of the services make it distinguish itself from the rest.

At a Glance:

  • Shell Car Wash is an Ohio-based business that has been operating since. It provides car wash services in addition to food and drinks.
  • The basic wash costs $8 for one wash and $29 for an Unlimited plan.
  • Car wash shops are open all day to provide for their patrons.
  • The combination of Krispy Krunchy Chicken and good service.

What Is Shell Car Wash?

Town and County Shell or TNC Shell is a gas station and car wash provider with its headquarters in Kettering, Ohio. also sells ready-made meals and drinks (craft beer is included) along with other travel items.  is accessible 24 hours a day and has four car wash services in all.

Shell Car Wash Prices

Shell Car Wash Prices

is known for providing affordable, yet reliable services that are reliable and affordable Shell Wash offers basic washes (rinse with dry water only) apply protectants as well as tire shine. 

Its prices start at $8 for the basic stuff up and up to $45 for the premium wash. Customers are able to add a few dollars for the use of extra services.

How Much Is A Car Wash At Shell?

The cost per car is equally spread. Non-members can get an entry-level wash for just $8. Members enjoy unlimited access to their plan starting as low as $29. Find the Shell Car Wash Price below for more details.

Shell Gas Station Car Wash Price (Single Wash)

For washes that are only one-time, Shell Car Wash offers three options. All three washes include the standard foam bath, along with dry and rinse services. 

You can have your car washed for less than $8. Add some more coins and you’ll get gold Wash ($12). What’s included in the wash package?

Single Bronze Wash ($8)

Basic, quick, and simple washing.

  • Foam Bath
  • Soft Cloth Wash
  • Rinse
  • Blow Dry

Single Silver Wash ($10)

Include a little extra protection on the exterior of your vehicle.

  • All features of Bronze Wash
  • Underbody Flush
  • Wheel Wash
  • Clear Coat Protectant

Single Gold Wash ($12)

Get your car looking more polished and stylish with Shell’s Triple foam conditioner for wax.

  • Silver Wash has all the features.
  • Total Body Protectant
  • Triple Foam Conditioner

Prices For Shell Car Wash Options (Unlimited Monthly)

This unlimited variant that comes with Shell Car Wash packages offers the same products and services as the single-wash versions. 

You don’t have to purchase vouchers or tickets online to avail your preferred wash every month. So long as you’re an unlimited service, the employees will take care of your needs for car washing. 

The monthly plan is the only one providing the exclusive (Full Service Vehicle Wash) Platinum Plan. 

At just 45 dollars, members receive the tire shine service and the other benefits Gold Wash offers. Gold Wash is available only as a monthly membership, and can’t be purchased as a single ticket.

Shell Car Wash Prices List:

The following list shows what you pay for the Shell Gas station Car wash price for single-use and unlimited packages. 

These prices are only valid for those who use the TNC Shell found at Kettering, Ohio. If you’re not located in the area, you can look up “Shell Car Wash Price Near Me” to find the nearest Shell-affiliated gas station.

Shell Car Wash Unlimited Prices 2023
Foam bath, soft cloth wash, rinse, and blow-dry$29
Bronze package + underbody flush, wheel wash, and clear coat protectant$35
Silver package + total body protectant and ripple foam conditioner$40
Gold package + tire shine$45
Shell Car Wash Prices 2023 (One-time Washes)

How Does Shell Car Wash Pricing Compare?

The costs for Shell Car Wash’s base offerings are inexpensive compared with other brands. However, Shell Car Wash’s monthly service is on the expensive cost side.

As of now, Platinum is the most expensive car wash option. Overall it is worth the price. Shell Station Car Wash prices are a good option for those who want a basic clean just.

Shell Car Wash Coupons

At the moment, Shell Car Wash offers two coupons for their gas station services. If you’d like to explore their local craft beers and wine section and wine department, you can take advantage of the discount.

Shell Car Wash Coupons

Car Wash Coupons

Get a discount of $3 on any car wash package. Only valid to Far Hills Avenue, Kettering, OH.

Shell Convenience Store Coupon

Convenience Store Coupon

If you’re looking to stock with your favorite wine, make sure to request 10% off the purchase of the case. It isn’t possible to use this coupon at other locations of Shell Car Wash other than in Far Hills. Far Hills.

Shell Car Wash Hours

Motorists can benefit from Shell Car Wash services at any time of the day. The store is open 24/7 on all working days. To schedule appointments, reach the customer service team via the request form. Make sure to include the email you use to contact them. Alternately,

you can contact them at (937) (999) 4272.

Are There Ways To Reduce Shell Car Wash Cost?

For exclusive discounts, You can join Shell’s Shell Newsletter by clicking here. You’ll be among the first customers to know when there are any special offers or promotions in your region. 

You can also redeem your Kroger points to get a special coupon discount. Be aware that coupons must be printed before use.

Final Thoughts

The price of car washing at Shell is affordable for the quality of services provided. There are no other prices as competitive as this for a single-time wash in the vicinity. 

It’s a great car wash store for those who only require a wash of their vehicles a couple of times every month. For additional premium services or unlimited wash memberships, it is possible to find other places.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How is Shell Car Wash rated?

Shell Car Wash has 2.5 stars.

What days are Shell Car Wash open?

Mon-Sun Open 24 hours

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