Blue Wave Car Wash Prices 2024

blue wave car wash price

Blue Wave Car Wash Prices: The costs for blue car wash services offered by Blue Wave Car Wash can differ based on the particular location as well as the type of service you select.


They might offer a range of car wash packages including exterior washing and interior cleaning and tire shine, among others. Certain locations might also provide additional services like car detailing and oil changes.

It’s best to go to their website or phone the particular Blue Wave Car Wash location you’re planning to visit for rates, packages, and services.


Also, it is important to know that certain Blue Wave Car Wash locations might offer discounts, promotions or coupons, so make certain to look for them prior to making a purchase.

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Blue Wave Car Wash Prices


Blue Wave Wash Prices


  • Full Service Package.
  • ​Blue Wave $42.00.
  • ​Lava Shield $36.00.
  • Ultimate Carwash $30.00.
  • The Works $26.00.
  • Basic Carwash $18.00.
  • Exterior only Carwash $11.00.

Introduction to Blue Wave Car Wash

Blue Wave’s unique monthly services let customers clean their vehicles for an unlimited amount of times at a cost of just a monthly fee. Use your credit card and fill out the Blue Wave program form to get these great incentives.

Cancel your membership anytime. Their infinite benefits don’t require a contract.


Blue Wave Car Wash Prices

What Is Blue Wave Car Wash?

Blue Wave provides a car washing service that is automated that’s equipped with conveyors and detailing services that are available in different sites. Through these services, cars are cleaned, repaired and restored back to their original condition.

How Do You Use Blue Wave Car Wash?

Select the service that meets your needs & pay with cash credit card gift card debit card or credit card.

Who Owns Blue Wave Car Wash?

Daniel Family Companies, the same company that owns Mario’s Homemade Pasta Kitchen on Empire Boulevard, also owns the Blue Wave car wash business.

Blue Wave Car Wash Hours

Monday–Sunday 7 am–8 pm.

At a Glance:

  • Blue Wave car wash services offer four different packages, with each having a different cost. Blue Wave is a company that operates mostly within California, Elk Grove CA, and Texas. The pricing structure is the cheapest in Texas and the most expensive in California.
  • The four Blue Wave Car Wash packages are referred to as Wax & Seal and tires are Shine, Polish, and Basic. In Texas, the price of these packages is $16 for $12, $9, and $6, respectively.
  • Customers/car owners may take advantage of Blue Wave’s monthly packages which allow them to dramatically lower the cost of car washes.
  • Blue Wave also offers bonus cards. Customers who purchase these bonus cards will save 20 percent when they bundle with future wash.

How Much Does Blue Wave Cost?

It is contingent on the place of residence and the kind of service that you will receive from them. In California for example you pay $10 for Basic Wash. However, if you are getting the same services in Texas it costs only $6.

The firm also offers package deals that include unlimited car washing services for discounted monthly prices. For example, the $6 one-time Basic Wash service is available for $14.95 for a month. However, the one-time visit Wax & Seal package priced at $16 is priced at $29.95.

 Blue Wave Car Wash Detail for Prices 

The following provides the summary of the price per area:


  • Basic wash includes “spot-free rinse”, “power air dry” and “free vacuum” for $6.
  • Polish Cleanse includes all the essential services, as well as Clear Paint Protect at $9.
  • Polishing of Tires All Polish services and tire Clean as well as Shine, only $12.
  • Wax & Seal Wash – Includes all Tire Shine services plus Carnauba Wax Sealant for $16.

These are the lowest single-visit cost of these four-tier services that are offered from Blue Wave. The special monthly charges for Texas include basic ($14.95); Polish ($19.95); Tire Shine ($24.95); Wax & Seal ($29.95).


  • Basic wash includes “spot-free rinse”, “power air dry” and “free vacuum” for $10.
  • Polish Cleanse It includes all of the basic services and Clear Coat Protect at just $13.
  • The Tire Shine Wash All Polish services and Tire Clean and Shine for just $16.
  • Wax & Seal Wash – Includes all Tire Shine services plus Carnauba Wax Sealant for $20.

They are the most expensive one-time visit cost. Special monthly packages for California include prices: Basic ($24.95); Polish ($29.95); Tire Shine ($34.95); Wax & Seal ($39.95). Each package is roughly 10 dollars more expensive than Texas costs.

Elk Grove, CA:

  • Basic wash “spot-free rinse”, “power air dry” and “free vacuum” for $8.
  • Polish Cleanse includes all the basics services, plus Clear Protection for Coats at $11.
  • The Tire Shine Wash includes all Polish services, plus Tire Clean and Shine for $14.
  • Wax & Seal Wash – Includes all Tire Shine services plus Carnauba Wax Sealant for $18.

Monthly fees for Elk Grove Prices include: The basic ($19.95); Polish ($24.95); Tire Shine ($29.95); Wax & Seal ($34.95). The prices are different by $5 in comparison to the prices of California or Texas.

Are There Ways to Reduce Cost?

Yes, you can lower the cost. Blue Wave offers pre-loaded bonus cards. This card lets you save 20% on your load it up.

Blue Wave Car Wash Coupons

Blue Wave coupons and codes are readily available. Take up to 10% off every visit.

bluewave car wash

Blue Wave Car Wash is a company that provides car washing and detailing services. They may offer a variety of car washing packages such as exterior wash, interior cleaning, tire shine and more. Some locations may also offer additional services such as oil changes and car detailing. If they have many US sites, check the website of the one you plan to visit for services, hours & cost.

blue wave car wash hours

The operating hours for Blue Wave Car Wash can differ based on the specific location. It is best to visit their website or phone the particular Blue Wave Car Wash location you are planning for a visit in order to determine timings of operation. Certain locations may offer extended hours during holidays and weekends, while some might be closed.

Tuesday – Saturday. 8 AM – 6 PM Sunday. 8 AM – 5 PM

blue wave car wash cancel membership

To end your membership to Blue Wave Car Wash, you’ll need to reach the customer service department. If they provide a contact form you can do this via phone, email or online.

They’ll likely need details such as your account number as well as the reason you want to cancel. Certain companies might need a signed cancellation letter or an official signature on an cancellation form. Contact the company for cancellation policies.

blue wave car wash coupons

Blue Wave Car Wash may offer discounts or coupons as part of a promotion. These promotions can change and fluctuate with the course of time. It is best to look up the Blue Wave website or the social media pages for the particular Blue Wave Car Wash location you are planning to visit, or subscribe to their email newsletter to get news on any current offers or specials.

blue wave car wash customer service

Blue Wave Car Wash customer service is available via different methods of communication. This could include:

  • Phone: Many companies offer the number for customer service on their website or in their printed material.
  • Email: Many businesses offer an email address to customers so that they can submit questions or complaints.
  • Contact Forms: A few firms have contact forms on their site where clients can send their inquiries.
  • Social Media: Certain companies also offer customer support via their social media profiles.

It is recommended to visit on the Blue Wave Car Wash website or any other materials you may have from them for contact information.

blue wave car wash locations

Blue Wave Car Wash is a car wash company having facilities in the United States, but I am unable to provide location-specific details. For more information visit their website or call.

blue wave car wash near me



How much should a car wash cost?

Does the Cost Differ based on Location?

State/Territory Average Reported Cost
New South Wales $150 – $250
Queensland $150 – $320
South Australia $250 – $270
Victoria $150 – $380

Does Blue Wave accept cash?

Do I have the option of paying cash? Absolutely! We accept cash as well as any major credit card.

Are car wash plans worth it?

Unlimited car washing plans are definitely worthwhile if you’re in the category of car use that requires the services of a car washed more frequently than every two or three times per month. Unlimited car wash plans can be extremely beneficial if you prefer the ease of a tunnel wash especially when you’re driving an un-luxury vehicle.

Is it cheaper to wash your own car?

Cleaning your vehicle on your own is quite affordable. It is necessary to purchase the necessary equipment including sponges, soap as well as a microfiber fabric. The cost of water may rise a little bit, based on the amount of water you are using to wash your vehicle. In the longer term, self car washes are still less expensive than commercial car washes.

Final Thoughts

Blue Wave provides top-notch car washing services for a reasonable price. Blue Wave also provides discount coupons and monthly special services at an affordable cost.

Note the various rates of services offered through Blue Wave in different locations. If you’re getting the services of Blue Wave in California The prices are highest in California, while they offer the lowest rates of their service centers which are located in Texas.

You can drastically cut down on the cost of washing your car through Blue Wave Special offerings. You can get their bonus card and you can save up to 20 percent off your next washes.

They also offer special monthly deals that allow unlimited washes. Through these offers, customers only pay once per month.


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