Crew Car wash Prices Updated ❤️️ 2024

Crew Car Wash Prices Updated 2024

Crew Car wash Prices: If you’re in Indiana and are looking to wash your vehicle, Crew Carwash is one of the best alternatives. 
It was originally an element of Mike’s Carwash, Crew has been separated from its parent company in order to have more centralized operations. Find out more about the inexpensive offerings from the list below.

At a Glance:


Crew Carwash is a carwash company that is based in Indiana. It is the parent company of the carwash chain in Ohio, Mike’s Carwash.

  • Your car will look new for as little as $10 for a wash. The company also provides unlimited plans, an automatic auto wash, and self-service services.
  • Crew Carwash usually starts at 7 AM and is closed by 9 pm. Sometimes, massive savings on carwashes are offered to customers who have been loyal by way of promotions.
  • In general, customers love the exceptional customer service, as well as the good selection of wash options that are affordable the company provides.

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What Is Crew Carwash?

Crew Carwash was originally started by Joe Dahm in 1948, calling it “Mike’s Minit Man”. 

The company has been successful for more than seven decades, the business remains run by the same family today, but they are branching out to Ohio in addition to Indiana. 

At the moment, Bill Dahm is the present Chief Executive Officer for Crew Carwash, while Mike Dahm is the chief executive officer for Mike’s Carwash.


Does Crew Carwash Have Free Vacuums?

The carwash is equipped with vacuum islands available as an auto wash that is self-service.

Apart from vacuums, these self-service facilities include glass cleaners, microfibers as well as other items for car maintenance. The facilities are offered for a small cost.

Does Crew Carwash Have Air?

With 16 air dryers that are hot, You can be sure that there won’t be any spots in your vehicle.


Is Crew Carwash The Same As Mike’s Car Wash?

Crew Carwash and Mike’s Car Wash is part of members of the same family. Both car washes operate at different locations. The two locations, Crew as well as Mike’s are merely reorganizations of one parent company.

Crew Carwash Prices: How Much Does Crew Carwash Cost?

Crew Car wash Prices

Clean and affordable: that is what Crew Carwash has been known since it was revamped in 2014. With various product lines, it is possible to find your car washed that fits your budget.

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost At Crew Carwash?

A basic car wash is available for just $10. The Ultimate plan, which includes Crew’s full-service car wash is priced at $20. Unlimited plans are suggested for those who would like to wash their vehicle frequently.

Crew Carwash Unlimited Washes Prices

Crew Car wash Unlimited Washes Prices 2021

If you are looking for Crew Carwash unlimited plans, the base plan begins at $29.99 per month. The highest-end package costs $54.99 per month. There is no commitment to purchase you are able to cancel the unlimited plan at any time you’d like.

Prices For All Crew Carwash Services:

Prices For All Crew Carwash Services

Apart from car washes, the company also offers other products and services, such as gift cards and wash books. Also, there is an option to wash your fleet for customers who own several vehicles. 

Contact customer support for your customized pricing. Here’s a list of services with fixed rates for customers who have a single-vehicle.

  • Basis Carwash Crew Carwash’s lowest-priced option for only $10.
  • Choose Two Carwashes – pick from Crew’s exclusive services (Clear Paint, Wheel Bright, Tire Shine, and Underbody) for just $15.
  • Ultimate Carwash Ultimate Carwash – All special services all for $20.
  • Auto Service Option Make use of your Wash Bays to obtain the cash you need.
  • Xpress Interior Clean Do you need a quick cleaning for your interior? Simply add $20 to the cost of your wash and you’ll have Xpress Interior Clean.
  • Wash Books Wash Books tickets that have no expiration date. You can get six washes (4 paid two free) for just $40.
  • E-Washes – Pay with the wash you want to use without cash when you use E-washes. Prices start at $10.
  • Club Gift Cards: Gift cards may be utilized to pay for any washing product provided that you have the money to cover the expense.

Prices List For All Crew Carwash Services

2021 In 2021, we have listed all the products and services offered by Crew Carwash. The availability of the services is dependent upon the area of operation. Be aware that some areas have self-service only.

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Item: Price:

Crew Carwash Prices For All Services 2024

Crew Carwash Single Washes Prices 2024

Basic Car Wash $10
Choose Two Car Wash $15
Ultimate Car Wash $20

Crew Carwash Unlimited Washes Prices 2024

Basic Car Wash $29.99
Choose Two Car Wash $39.99
Ultimate Car Wash $54.99

Crew Carwash E-Washes Prices 2024

Basic E-Wash $10
Choose 2 E-Wash $15
Works E-Wash $17
Ultimate E-Wash $20

Crew Carwash Wash Books Prices 2024

Basic Wash Books $40 (6 Washes) – $312 (52 Washes)
Choose 2 Wash Books $60 (6 Washes) – $499 (52 Washes)
Works Wash Books $68 (6 Washes) – $575 (52 Washes)
Ultimate Wash Books $80 (6 Washes) – $675 (52 Washes)

 Gift Cards Prices 2024

Crew Carwash 10 Gift Card $10
Crew Carwash 25 Gift Card $25
Crew Carwash 50 Gift Card $50
Crew Carwash 100 Gift Card $100

Crew Carwash Early Bird Prices

Unfortunately, Crew Carwash doesn’t have an “Early Bird” offerings like Mike’s Carwash currently. We’ll update the details once it becomes available. Early Bird pricing becomes available.

Does Crew Carwash Take Credit Cards?

The company accepts credit cards for purchases under an unlimited plan that is automatically charged every month. You can modify your credit card details on this page. If you are washing your car included in unlimited plans, lower bills are usually preferred.

Crew Carwash Coupons & Promotion Code

There isn’t a coupon or promo code currently provided by the company. But, you can subscribe to the newsletter to receive special deals when plans are on sale. Other options, like wash books and e-washes, are also available in discounted versions if you wish to save more money on washing.

Crew Carwash Hours of Operation Near Me Locations & Corporate Office

All of Crew Carwash’s locations can be found in Indiana. Looking in the search bar for “Crew Carwash near me” will provide you with the following link which lists all locations available in Indiana. Use the below table to make an easy phone call to any of the branches in your area.

What Time Does Crew Carwash Open?

Crew Carwash is open from 7 am to 9 pm. The DIY car wash services are available at all hours of the day. Some locations may not be operating in the near future due to the health crisis currently in.

Crew Carwash Hours of Operation & Prices List Near Me Locations

Locations: Hours: Prices Basic (Per Month) Phone:
Anderson, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (765) 622-5339
Avon, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (317) 204-0208
Bloomington, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (812) 558-7204
Carmel, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (317) 571-1929
Columbus, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (812) 418-8791
Greenwood, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (317) 881-6299
Headquarters 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (844) 403-2739
Indianapolis, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (866) 632-5627
Kokomo, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (765) 459-9254
Lafayette, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (765) 446-2622
Noblesville 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (317) 776-9331
Plainfield, IN 7 am to 9 pm Starts at $29.99 (317) 839-0220

How Do I Cancel My Crew Carwash Unlimited?

Contact for Crew Carwash customer support to begin the process. The customer support representative will help you through the process until the entire process is completed. 

Make sure to note that your subscription will remain active until the following billing cycle. This means you will be able to continue to wash your car at any of the Crew Carwash sites even after making the decision to cancel. 

If you are buying a new car there is no need to cancel to present your pass number at each of the Crew Carwash locations for transferring the membership to the new vehicle.

At present, there is no way to initiate the Crew Carwash unlimited plan cancellation request on the internet. 

It is possible to call the billings and customer support at 866-632-5627. Before you call, be sure that you’ve got the unlimited number that is displayed on the car’s windshield and placed on the vehicle at registration.

Crew Carwash Reviews: Is Crew Carwash Worth It?

The firm is known for its constant excellent service. One review reveals how the staff is always happy and willing to go extra-ordinary to clean the cars of customers. 

Service is always top-quality (if not even better) regardless of how long since the last time you utilized their services. 

Staff members are also grateful for the compensation and benefits they receive since their efforts are acknowledged through an incentive plan.

Reviews have shown how much customers appreciate reviews of the Crew Carwash Customer Service. The staff is friendly and goes the extra mile to ensure the highest quality services are provided. 

Contact Crew’s customer support representatives by complete the application or by calling 1-866-632-5627.

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FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How much does a car wash cost?

A basic car wash on mobile will cost you between $20-$50. Exterior Wash costs between $20 and $30. Interior and exterior (vacuum as well as wipedown) can cost between $30-$40. A complete car wash including tires and rims for the trunk typically costs $40.

Is Crew car wash bad for your car?

It’s possible, unfortunately. Even when hand washing, your applying harsh and abrasive chemicals to the paint surface which can cause scratches & swirls.

How much do you tip for a $25 car wash?

At a typical assembly-line vehicle wash, tip the manager $2–$5. Tip 10–20% of the auto cleaning expense.

Does crew carwash do interior?

The brand new Xpress Interior Clean service is designed to meet the demands of your hectic schedule by cleaning the interior of your car in 10-15 minutes. Although it’s not a detailing process Our team of experts will wash the inside of your car with the ease speed and high quality that you’d been used to from Crew.

How do I cancel my crew carwash subscription?

Unlimited Club membership is an automatic recharge programme that will continue until you cancel by calling 1-866-632-5627. Requests for cancellation must be made by phone at least 24 hours before your monthly billing date.

Final Thoughts

Crew Carwash is definitely a place to visit in case you’re planning on taking an afternoon break and get your car washed. The consistent results and low rates make people return. 

But, as the company operates only in Indiana You may need to search for alternative brands if you’re not resident in the state of Indiana.


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