Waterway Car Wash Prices List 2024

Waterway Car Wash Prices: Waterway Car Wash is a car care provider that offers all-inclusive wash services, which include the option of only detailing for exteriors and further choices.


Clients can take advantage of the wide range of costs to meet their vehicle wash requirements and budgets; between $8 and $85.

Its Waterway Car Wash Hours is between Monday and Sunday from 7 am until 8 PM.


Waterway Car Wash is one of the most prominent car care companies across St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City. It provides a wide range of services and products to customers. If you’re interested infrequent and free washes you may want to look into the Coupon Book options.

Introduction of Waterway Car Wash

Introduction of Waterway Car Wash

Waterway Car Wash is a St. Louis-based company that was founded in the year 1970 with the help of Henry Dubinsky and his friends. It provides a range of auto detailing and car wash services, including snacks to go along with gasoline and food services. In the present Waterway, Gas & Wash has a total of 20 locations. Waterway Gas & Wash company is growing rapidly with 20 additional locations spread across five cities.


Waterway Car Wash Prices

Waterway Car Wash Prices

The company that provides car washes provides a variety of detailing services, including full service and only exterior washes.

If you’re looking for regular cleaning and regular cleaning, it is possible to choose the Unlimited Car Wash option would be a good option.


It comes with four payment levels that are available monthly or annually.

How Much Does a Car Wash Cost at Waterway?

People who would prefer a full-service car wash that is the most cost-effective alternative might want to consider the $22 deal. It comes with the cleaning of the dashboard and an inside vacuum and additional coverage of cargo areas. If you don’t have the time or the budget to invest in an entire service wash, a better option is the price of $8 for the Express Clean package.

Waterway Car Wash Prices List

Here’s the complete listing of Waterway’s price for car washes as well as their packages of services. You can pay as little as $8 or as expensive as $65 for a wash.

Waterway Full Service (Inside & Out) Price List


Package Offerings


Wash & Vac

Exterior Wash, Interior Vacuum, Hand Dry


Full Service

Exterior Wash, Interior Vacuum, Interior Windows,
Dashboard And Console Wipe-Down, Hand Dry


Wheel Deal

Exterior Wash, Body Shield, Lava Foam Bath, Wheel Brite
Tire Shine, Interior Vacuum, Interior Windows, Dashboard And Console Wipedown, Hand Dry


Protection Package

Exterior Wash, Triple Bond, Teflon®, Lava Foam Bath,
Bottom Blaster With Undercoat, Interior Vacuum, Interior Windows, Dashboard And Console Wipedown, Hand Dry


The Whole Thing

Full-Service Wash, Carnauba Hot Wax, Triple Bond,
Lava Foam Bath, Teflon, Bottom Blaster With Undercoat, Tire Shine, Wheel Brite, Fresh Scent, Door-Steering-Wheel-Mat-Seat Wipedown


Hand Wax Package (Detail)

The Whole Thing, Hand Wax



Waterway Exterior Service Price List


Package Offerings


Express Clean

Exterior Wash and Hand Dry


Express Shine

Exterior Wash, Body Shield, Lava Foam Bath, and Hand Dry


Hot Wax Express

Exterior Wash, Carnauba Hot Wax, Triple Bond, Teflon®, Lava Foam Bath, Bottom Blaster With Undercoat, Hand Dry


Hot Wax Express, Plus Wheels & Tires

Exterior Wash, Carnauba Hot Wax, Triple Bond, Teflon, Lava Foam Bath, Bottom Blaster With Undercoat, Wheel Brite, Tire Shine, Thorough Hand Dry



Waterway Unlimited Car Wash Price List


Price per month

Price per year

Express Clean



Express Shine



Blue Package



Circle Package



Compare Waterway Car Wash Features & Prices Side-by-Side

Waterway Gas and Wash offers diverse services, however, only a few packages provide the majority of these services. The Basic Full-Service wash can be thought of as the package that offers the highest value. However, the offerings are not as well-tested it is “The Whole Thing” package. Wax Express and Express Clean are the second most popular options in the listing.

How do you compare Waterway Car Wash Prices with Other brands?

The graph below illustrates the way in which Waterway’s basic retail and monthly wash plans stack up in comparison to other auto wash services. It’s within the same cost in the same price range as Zips Car Wash for its basic services. Many providers like Car Spa, Delta Sonic Car Wash, Price’s Corner Car Wash, Splash Car Wash along The Wash Tub have a slightly higher price for their services.

For the monthly wash plans, Waterway has the cheapest choice among the brands listed below. The unlimited Express Clean, the exterior-only option, is priced at $9 per month. For a full-service month-long plan, it’s in the price range of rivals’ rates at $39 per month.

Waterway Car Wash Price Compared to Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Prices: (One Wash)

Price: (Monthly)

Waterway Car Wash



Car Spa (Full Service)



Splash Car Wash






The Wash Tub


$18 (Exterior only)

Brown Bear Car Wash



Delta Sonic Car Wash



Zips Car Wash



Are There Ways to Reduce Cost?

There are various ways to get cheaper washes at Waterway Car wash,

There are a variety of methods to save money on washes from Waterway Car wash, and one of the options is to use a discount Card. It’s a rewards program that gives you 3 cents on every gallon of gas you purchase at the location. From the moment you sign up, you’ll be given a Waterway Express free Exterior coupon for a car wash.

Another option to save money is an alternative to the Perk Card, which is only available for students or educators. If you have this type of card you’ll get 10% off per gallon for filling up your gas tank as well as a discount of $2 off each full-price car wash. At present, the offer is not available. Waterway Car Wash Coupons, however, you can find the latest promotions in their newsletter or social me dia websites.

How Much Do You Tip at Waterway?

The amount of tipping for car wash services can differ in accordance with the services provided by the client. According to the gentleman’s guideline is to give an average of $2 to $5 to the car wash worker. If you’ve taken advantage of a car detailing service you could pay between 10% and 20 percent of the total price.

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Final Thoughts

Similar to other car wash services, Waterway Car Wash offers various packages. If you require a particular product, you may have to select a specific package. Unfortunately, they do not offer the services of an ala carte basis, making the decision to wash more adaptable.

If you’re a client who only needs a quick car wash and expects to receive standard service at typical costs, Waterway is a good alternative for those who live near St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, or Kansan City.


Here are the most frequently asked questions that are asked by Waterway Car Wash.

What Days Are Waterway Carwash Open?

Waterway Car Wash hours prices are available all day long other than during non-working hours and holidays.

 How Much Do You Tip At Waterway?

The norm for tipping is $2-$5 for car washes and 10 percent to 20% for details.

 How Much Does Waterway Car Wash Cost?

You should expect to pay a minimum of $16 on the full-service package. You can also expect to pay 8 dollars for an exterior cleaning service.

 How Much Does Wash & Vac Cost At Waterway Car Wash?

The Wash & Vac package, which includes Exterior Wash and hand dry and interior vacuum are $16 for each wash.

How Much Does Full Service Cost At Waterway Car Wash?

Washing with full-service at Waterway costs $22. It’s basically a Wash and Vac package that includes Interior Windows and Dash cleaning.

 How Much Does Wheel Deal Cost At Waterway Car Wash?

Wheel Deal is $28 and includes an added body shield and complete service package that includes the lava tub, foam, wheel bite as well as tire polish.

 How Much Is Wash Package At Waterway Car Wash?

It’s all about what type of services and additional features you are seeking. Customers who want a basic exterior wash that includes vacuums opt for the price of $16 for the Wash and Vac package.

 How Much Does Exterior Cost At Waterway Car Wash?

Depending on additional services such as an exterior Wash could cost as little as $8 or as high as $22.

How Much Does Express Wash Cost At Waterway Car Wash?

The first of their Automatic Car Wash offerings is Express Clean, with only the exterior wash and hand drying priced at $8.


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