Wordle Archive: How To Play Previous Old Wordles

Wordle Archive: Here’s How to Play the Games You Missed

Wordle Archive: Fans of Wordle, rejoice! You can now access older Wordle puzzles online. This is how you may hone your word-guessing abilities and perfect them in preparation for the future daily puzzles in the original Wordle game, which adheres to a rigorous one-puzzle-per-day format.


Wordle Archive

How to Play Previous Days Old Wordle Games via Archive?

  • UPDATE: Due to a Request by New York Times, this Wordle Archive site has been taken down. And this Archive by Devangthakkar.com also had to bite the dust.
  • But, here’s a Wordle Time Machine where you need to pick a date to play the Wordle puzzle for that day.

In addition To this, there Is another way to play previous Wordles, however It requires you to adjust your device’s date and time:

  • Change the Time and Date of your PC to play Older Puzzles on the Official Wordle website.

Windows PC

  • On your Windows PC, head to Settings (search “Settings” on the Start Menu).
  • Click on Time & Language.
  • Turn off the option to Set Time Automatically and Set Time Zone Automatically.
  • Click on the Change button under ‘Set the Date and Time Manually.’
  • Switch the Date and Time as you wish and click on the Change button.
  • Then open up your browser and head to the official Wordle website.
  • Based on the date you have set, you can play the Wordle puzzle for that day.


  • Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences.
  • Click on Date & Time.
  • Now, click the lock to make changes.
  • Enter your admin password and click on Unlock.
  • Untick the “Set date and time automatically” option and manually set a date and time.
  • Click on Save and open the browser. Head to the official Wordle Website and complete the puzzle.


  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Go to System > Date & Time.
  • You can also search for “Date” or “Time” in the search bar within Settings.
  • Toggle off the option to Set Time Automatically and Set Time Zone Automatically.
  • Manually select the date and time and then open the browser to play Wordle.


  • Go to Settings > General and select Date & Time.
  • Toggle off the option to Set Automatically and enter the date and time you wish to use.
  • Next, load up the browser, visit the website, and play.

This method of accessing the archive is constrained and inconvenient. Due to Chrome’s “Your Clock is Behind” notice, you might not be able to play much older puzzles, and you will need to continually updating the dates for each puzzle.

Can You Play Past Wordles?

Wordle has A stringent one-puzzle-per-day rule And Is now owned by The New York Times (after going for a sum “in the low seven figures”).

Josh Wardle, the game’s inventor, explained in An interview with the BBC That this was done on purpose to prevent people from putting too much time into it.


There are ways to get earlier Wordle puzzles even though The Times still follows That rule.

This is how to go about it.

How to Access the Wordle Archive

The Wordle Archive Is simple to get to. Simply visit The Wordle Archive website And conduct a search for The puzzle you wish to view.


You can conduct A keyword search using whatever criteria you like, including date and word length. You can view The solution After you’ve located The puzzle and contrast It with your own hunch.

The Unofficial Wordle Archive by Taq Karim

Through Taq Karim’s unauthorized Wordle Archive, you can even access earlier Wordle games.

Players can access every puzzle in the Wordle database from the game’s launch at the website, which he dubs the Wordle time machine.

To participate in the game on Karim’s webpage:

  1. Go to the Wordle Time Machine.
  2. Pick a date in the “Time Machine” section from the pop-up window.
  3. Click Go! Or press Enter on your keyboard.

From a computer or A mobile device, you can view Taq Karim’s website. You can find Karim’s blog post on his Wordle Archive here if you want to learn how he achieved it.

It’s important to note that this is not the first Wordle Archive That has allowed Wordle aficionados to access older Wordle puzzles.

According to an older post on his website, Devang Thakkar, a doctorate candidate in computational biology and bioinformatics at Duke University, started A Wordle Archive earlier this year but took it down three months later at the New York Times’ request.

After the Times filed A similar request, another archive run by Metzger Media was also shut down.

Because the Gray Lady paid fairly and squarely to acquire the game, the Times may require Karim to do the same thing, And he’s unfortunate to not have much of an option but to comply.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a simple word game that you can play every day on a grid. By entering five-letter terms as guesses, you attempt to determine the concealed five-letter word for that day.

The tiles of particular letters may light up yellow or green with each guess you make, letting you know whether any of the letters you’ve used are included in the answer word:

Green: If a letter is green, it signifies that word’s solution uses that letter in the same location.
The letter is indicated by the color yellow when it appears in the solution word but in a different location.

Grey: If a letter is gray, it signifies it doesn’t appear in the answer word.

By using this data, you can gradually learn more about the letters that make up the solution word, hopefully equipping you with the knowledge you need to accurately guess it. You get a total of six guesses; if you can’t figure out the answer by your sixth, you lose that day’s Wordle.

How Can the Wordle Archive Help You Improve Your Wordle Game?

The Wordle Archive can enhance your Wordle experience in A number of ways. Here Are a few illustrations:

It can be used to verify your assumptions: You can compare your guess to the answer in the Wordle Archive if you’re unsure whether it’s accurate. You can correct any errors you may have made And enhance your guessing technique by doing this.

It can be used to find patterns in words and letter usage by browsing through the Wordle Archive of earlier problems. This can aid in enhancing your word-guessing tactics And raising the likelihood that you will correctly guess the answer.

You can use it to test yourself: The Wordle Archive allows you to access past puzzles if you’ve completed all the current Wordle puzzles and want to give yourself a challenge. These puzzles could be more challenging, but when you do figure them out, they might Also be more satisfying.


Anyone who enjoys using Wordle will find the Wordle Archive to be an invaluable resource. The Wordle Archive can help you advance your game whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro.

Whether you’re a novice or A seasoned pro, the Wordle Archive can help you strengthen your guessing method and raise the likelihood that you’ll choose the correct word.

You can verify your assumptions, research patterns, And test yourself with earlier puzzles by viewing the archive. The best aspect is that using it is totally free.

When utilizing the Wordle Archive, keep in mind that you should utilize it to enhance your performance, not to cheat. While It may be tempting to look up every puzzle’s answer, doing so will ultimately slow down your progress. Instead, validate your assumptions using the archive as a reference and learn from your errors.

In conclusion, anyone who enjoys using Wordle will find the Wordle Archive to be a useful tool. The collection offers riddles for everyone, whether you want to challenge yourself or merely try to get better At The game.

Why not give it a shot And see if it can help you get better At guessing? Cheers, Wordling!


Q.1 How do I retrieve old Wordles?

ANS. By selecting the right-hand tab, you can access your saved games. For forward and backward time travel in saved games, use the left and right arrows.

Q.2 What happened to Wordle Unlimited?

ANS. With a $30 yearly subscription, it offered customers The ability To play an infinite number of five-, six-, And seven-letter words.

Apple announced That It had taken Wordle, The app, And other imitations of the game, out of the App Store. When and how many apps were removed Are unknown.

Q.3 Does Wordle reuse words?

ANS. Does Wordle use previously used words again? No. The words Are chosen At random, without repetition, from A list of roughly 1200 frequent terms. The guidelines Are not very clear.

Q.4 Are all Wordle puzzles in the Wordle Archive?

ANS. Yes, every Wordle puzzle ever made is available in the Wordle Archive. You can be confident that you are accessing the most recent database because it is regularly updated.

Q.5 Can I download the Wordle Archive?

ANS. The Wordle Archive cannot be downloaded, sorry. However, you can get to it whenever you want online.


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