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Saints Row 2: If you are looking for vehicles or weapons and many other things, this is the complete list of Saints Row 2 cheats you might require Saints Row 2 PS4 and XBOX 360 cheats all are available.

The wildness never ceases. In Stilwater, however, by using Saints Row 2 cheats, you could make it even more insane. A variety of vehicles and rides with full ammo caches are open to you. 

However, using the correct Saints Row 2 cheat codes, you can also transform into a gigantic or little person and run forever or become invincible. 

You can also cause a riot in which all NPC pedestrians are fighting with each other. This Saints Row series has always attempted to create the tone for comedy, unlike the grittier Grand Theft Auto games. 

Combining the different Saints Row 2 cheats listed below will create hilarious scenarios. If you want to start, get your smartphone in-game, and let’s begin.

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Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 Cheats

There is never a dull moment In Stilwater, but by using Saints Row 2 cheat codes, you could make it even wilder. 

There are a variety of rides as well as weapons with ammo caches that are full of ammunition available. 

Still, with the most effective Saints Row 2 cheat codes, you can also transform into a vast or midget, run for hours, become invincible, or begin a riot in which all NPC pedestrians are fighting against each other. It’s a fun game to play. 

Saints Row 2 Cheats

Saints Row series has consistently tried to establish the tone for a humorous experience as opposed to the grittier Grand Theft Auto games by combining the many games with the numerous Aints Row 2 PS4 cheat codes that are listed here could create some hilariously absurd scenarios. 

If you’re keen to get started now, grab your game’s phone and let’s begin.

How to Use Cheats in Saints Row 2

There are two ways to utilize Saints Row 2 cheats– making them available and activating the cheat codes. 

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To enter the Saints Row 2 cheat code, you must pull out your cell phone and dial one of the numbers below with the # symbol. 

This will then add the appropriate option to the cheats menu on your phone, under the general heading.

How to Use Cheats in Saints Row 2

To trigger Saints Row 2 cheats, visit the cheats menu on your mobile and select the fraud (s) you wish to use in your game. 

Remember that activating cheats can turn off autosave and block the possibility of earning Achievements and Trophies and the possibility of freezing your statistics. 

Manual saves that you create by using cheats are identified as an orange star which allows you to distinguish them from your regular progress. 

However, you must always ensure that you have at least one “clean save file that you can return to when you want to switch back to standard methods.

How to Activate Cheat Mode in Saints Row 2

How to Activate Cheat Mode in Saints Row 2

Stop the game, and then connect to the phone. Choose “Dial”, then enter one of the numbers below that include”#”, then select “Call”. 

If you’ve entered the correct code, it will display a message. After that, click “Cheats” and choose the option that is now unlocked.

Result Phone number
Saints Row 2 Player Ability Cheats
Full Health #1
Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions) #2
Milk Bones (increased melee attack damage) #3
Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter) #4
Player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall) #5
Infinite Sprint #6
Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs) #9
Infinite Ammo #11
Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward) #12
Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level) #35
Never Die #36
No Cop Notoriety #50
No Gang Notoriety #51
I Am Giant (become very tall) #200
Itty Bitty (become very short) #201
Give Cash (gain $1,000) #2274666399

Cheat Mode in Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 Vehicles Cheat Codes
Repair Car (fixes car, boat, and helicopter damage) #1056
Ambulance #1040
Anchor #1041
Atlasbreaker #1042
Attrazione #1043
Backdraft #1044
Backhoe #1045
Bag Boy #1046
Baron #1047
Bear #1048
Bootlegger #1049
Bulldog #1050
Bulldozer #1051
Compton #1052
Eiswolf #1053
FBI #1054
Five0 #1055
Hollywood #1057
Justice #1058
Kent #1059
Mag #1060
Mixmaster #1061
Mongoose #1062
Oring #1063
Phoenix #1064
Quasar #1065
Quota #1066
Rampage #1067
Raycaster #1068
Reaper #1069
Septic Avenger #1070
Shaft #1071
Stilwater Municipal #1072
Superiore #1073
Taxi #1074
The Job #1075
Titan #1076
Toad #1077
Varsity #1078
Venom Classic #1079
Vortex #1080
Zenith #1081
Horizon (commerical helicopter) #711
Snipes57 (executive private jet) #712
Tornado (police helicopter with minigun and anti-tank missiles; can lock onto other vehicles or be manually aimed) #713
Wolverine (P-51 Mustang-style airplane with machine gun) #714
Kaneda (custom street racing motorcycle) #801
Kenshin (street racing motorcycle) #802
Melbourne (Harley-style motorcycle) #803
Sabretooth (custom Harley-style motorcycle) #804
Sandstorm (dirtbike) #805
Widowmaker (moped) #806
Hurricane (speedboat) #825
Miami #826
Python #827
Shark (personal watercraft) #828
Skipper (yacht) #829

Cheat Mode in Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 Retailer Promotion Vehicles
Gyro Daddy helicopter (two person mini-helicopter) #4976
D-Stroy UFO (two person flying saucer) #728237
Peewee mini-bike (very small mini-bike) #7266837

Cheat Mode in Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 Weapon Cheats
12 Gauge #920
44 Shepherd #921
AR200 (SAW-type machine gun) #922
AR50 (X8-type assault rifle) #923
AR50 Launcher (X8-type assualt rifle with grenade launcher) #924
AS14 (fully automatic shotgun) #925
Baseball Bat #926
Chainsaw #927
Fire Extinguisher #928
Flamethrower #929
Flashbang #930
GAL43 (Uzi-like sub-machine gun) #931
GDHC #932
Grenade #933
Holt 55 (fully automatic pistol) #934
K6 Krukov #935
Knife #936
Machete #937
McManus2010 #938
Minigun #939
Molotov #940
Nightstick #941
NR4 #942
Pepper Spray #943
Pimp Cane (shotgun) #944
Pipe Bomb #945
RPG #946
RPG Annihilator (manual or lock-on guided RPG) #947
Samurai Sword #948
Satchel #949
Shock Paddles (bring dead people back to life) #950
SKR-9 #951
Sledgehammer #952
Stungun (semi-automatic Taser-style weapon; can kill if used repeatedly) #953
T3K Urban #954
Tire Iron #955
Tombstone #956
Vice 9 #957
XS-2 (fully automatic shotgun) #958
Pimp Slap (big foam middle finger) #969

Cheat Mode in Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 Weather Cheat Codes
Wrath of God (thunderstorm with random lightning strikes) #666
Overcast #78665
Heavy Rain #78666
Light Rain #78668
Clear Skies #78669
Normal Weather #78670

Cheat Mode in Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 World Cheats
Super Explosions #7
Super Saints (almost invincibile Homies and Saints with better weapons) #8
Drunk Pedestrians #15
Evil Cars (drivers try to run you down) #16
Low Gravity (cannot  used with helicopters; use in Insurance Fraud mode to glide) #18
Pedestrian War (pedestrians and drivers fight each other) #19
Raining Pedestrians (people spawn and fall from sky but die on the ground) #20
Everybody Must Get Shrunk (everyone is very short) #202
Time Set Noon (hour set to 12 p.m. with minutes unchanged) #1200
Time Set Midnight (hour set to 12 a.m. with minutes unchanged) #2400

Saints Row 2 Service Phone Numbers

Pause the game, then access the cell phone. Select “Dial”, then enter one of the following numbers, and choose “Call” to call the corresponding service:

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Service Phone number
Airport 5553597
Big Willy’s Cab 8198415
Bling Bling 5554233
Brown Baggers 5553765
Cocks 5552626
Company of Gyros 5554976
Cycles 5552453
EagleLine Yellow 0180174
Emergency 911
Eye for an Eye (Zombie Carlos) 5555966
Foreign Power 5552046
Forgive and Forget 5554448
Freckle Bitch’s 5556328
Friendly Fire 5554867
Fire Department 5553473
Giftshop 5557577
HazMat 5556677
Image as Designed 5558459
Impression 5553248
Leather and Lace 5552662
Legal Lee’s 5559467
On The Rag 5555926
On Thin Ice 5552564
Police 5557973
Pimps ‘R Us 5557467
Rim Jobs 5553493
Rusty’s Needle 5558287
Ship It 5557447
Spelunkers 5552283
Suicide Hotline 4876837
Tee’N’Ay 5559866
TNA Taxis 4558008
Ultor Security 411

Saints Row 2 Cheat Codes Guide


Saints Row 2 Wacky Islands

In the direction of the jail, go toward the northwest or west until you reach an unknown island. Follow the arrow across the island till you get to the fourth island. 

When you arrive on the island, it will disappear, and you will see a giant Easter Bunny emerge from the water.

Follow the same procedure as above, but once you reach the first island, turn around and head south. 

There’s a second secret island. Ascend the rock that has an opening in front of the island. Take a look to the west of the water. You’ll  able to see an infant Loch Ness Monster for a brief moment.

Further south, there is another island that has dinosaur bones.

Further to the south, there is Shipwreck Cove Island.

Saints Row 2 Cheats FAQS

Are there any cheats to respect to cheat in Saints Row 2?

There is no way to earn respect for Saints Row or Saints Row 2. Except for beginning missions, there is no way to decrease the level of care. 

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Respect is earned for killing gang members who are friendly or getting smoked or busted.

Which is the fastest vehicle on Saints Row 2?

The Attrazione

Overview. Attrazione Attrazione can seat two people and is equipped with quick speeds, sharp handling, and scissor doorways. 

Attrazione is the most powerful car in the world; however other vehicles can achieve the same rates with the Nitrous boost.

How do you make an erupting storm on Saints Row 2?

The Cheat for this car located in Saints Row 2 is #713. The Cheat for this car is found in Saints Row: The Third is “give tornado.” There isn’t any Cheat for this car within Saints Row IV.

How do you unlock unlimited SMG ammunition within Saints Row 2?

To unlock the endless ammunition cheats below, meet the prerequisites listed below.

  1. Infinite Pistol Ammo – Complete Fuzz, Mission 6 (Projects)
  2. Infinite Rifle Ammo – Complete Hitman Lists for all lists.
  3. Unlimited SMG Ammo – Complete Snatch, Level 6 (Downtown)              

Will Saints Row 2 be remastered?

What’s the sniper rifle that you can find in Saints Row 2?

Overview. It is the Sniper Rifle is a powerful long-range rifle that is specifically designed to destroy long-distance targets. 

This Sniper Rifle is extremely accurate and has the capability of shooting across multiple targets giving the weapon the power of hitting more than one target if two NPCs are located close to each other.

Do you have a tank in Saints Row 2?

Bear in Saints Row 2, the Bear shares its siren with Peacekeeper along with the FBI and the FBI, while in Saints Row: 

In the Third and Saints Row IV, the Bear shares its siren with the Lockdown. The Bear is not affected by flat tires. This FUZZ refers to the Bear being a tank even though it’s not an APC.

Where is the UFO in Saints Row 2?

How do you make it possible to land a helicopter within Saints Row 2 PC?

Press SPACE BAR until you are safely on the ground. Yes, I know the bug, and it was a source of anger for me; however, I could complete the task in a way. 

Also, if you decide to leap out, make sure not to let the helicopter crash over you. I’ve had that happen to me before.

What are the steps to unlock your homies within Saints Row 2?

The ability is released at first after finishing”Canonized” or the Mission “Canonized,” and a second time after claiming 25 50 per cent, and 25 per cent in Stilwater’s neighbourhoods. 

There are three kinds of Homies: Mission, Special Unlockable, and “wannabes” (generic gang members); however, they behave the same.

Do cheating glitches affect achievements on Saints Row 2?

In Saints Row 2, cheats are activated using the in-game Cellphone. When fraud is activated, it disables Autosave and the ability to gain Achievements. 

Save files that have cheats activated are highlighted by the orange stars. The three promo codes for vehicles do not stop Achievements or label your save file as cheating.

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