Lost Ark It’s Okay. Miss Fairy (Magick Melody Quest) 2024

It’s Okay Miss Fairy Lost Ark Perform Magick Melody

Lost Ark It’s Okay. Miss Fairy: In this guide, we’ll explain The Lullaby Island Magick Melody quest that many players can’t complete. Quest names are: It’s okay. Miss Fairy, The Forest Where Fairies Sing, and Magick Melody.


In this Lost Ark Its Okay Miss Fairy guide, we’ll cover how to complete the Lullaby Island Magick Melody task, which many players are having difficulties getting through. 

This is Okay is the title of the quest. Magick Melody, Miss Fairy, and The Forest Where Fairies Sing


Your job is to find hidden fairies after completing the first challenge from Traveler Eclipse close to the island’s entry point. 

Lost Ark It’s Okay. Miss Fairy (Magick Melody Quest)

You can track where they appear with the music that the fairies sing, precisely as the quest title suggests. If you approach them, you will see a window that reads “La La, La La, la, la …” This is the fairy world if you don’t want to take on the issue.

If that wasn’t enough of a hassle, You also had to select your options for dialogue as you meet each fairy, or else you’ll need to restart the conversation from scratch. 


It shouldn’t be challenging to understand each dialogue line and then make appropriate choices; however, If you’re not willing to be bothered, the right solutions are provided below.

Lullaby Island It’s Okay. Miss Fairy (Magick Melody Quest)

After completing the first quest at the island’s entrance of Traveler Eclipse, you’re tasked to search for the fairies hidden in the Forest. 

Similar to the quest’s name, it is possible to track the place they appear through the song the fairies sing. 


When you approach them, they pop up a window over the invisibility fairy and the dialogue window “La La, La,” la,” …”. If you don’t want to be bothered, you can find the fairy’s locations.

If that weren’t enough of a hassle when meeting each fairy, you have to select the appropriate dialogue option, or else you’ll have to start the conversation at the beginning. 

It’s not difficult to comprehend the dialogue and make the right choice; however, If you’re not willing to be bothered with the details, check out the suitable alternatives below.

Lullaby Island It's Okay. Miss Fairy

If you think that’s not enough when you meet each fairy, you have to select the dialog options, or you’ll have to start the conversation at the beginning. 

It’s easy to comprehend the dialogue and make the right choice; however, should you not want to take the time with the details, check out the suitable alternatives below.

To complete the third challenge in the chain, you must have three voices of the Forest. One drop is required for each Chest of Sleeping Song, which means you must complete the cooperative quest on the island three times—following that, you’ll receive the Forest’s Minuet.

The Forest Where Fairies Sing Dialogue Choices

Once they have completed the requirements, Lost Ark players should take a trip towards Lullaby Island, located southeast of Tortoyk and southwest of Anikka. 

The players should talk to Traveler Eclipse upon arrival on the island to start “The Forest Where Fairies Sing,” the first quest mission that will eventually grant an opportunity to obtain the Forest’s Minuet.

The Forest Where Fairies Sing Dialogue Choices

The Forest Where Fairies Sing

  • Choice 1: Whistle
  • Choice 1: Wait
  • Choice 2: Whistle Again

I Can Hear You

  • Choice 2: Put Down the Shiny Pebble
  • Choice 2: Ask if the fairy remembers your face
  • Choice 1: Say it’s a gift
  • Choice 1: Wait patiently

It’s Okay, Miss Fairy

  • Choice 1: Watch silently
  • Choice 1: Turn around and listen
  • Choice 2: I’ll listen
  • Choice 2: I’ll look for it
  • Choice 1: Yes, really
  • Choice 1: It’s ok, I’m an adventurer

Lost Ark The Forest Where Fairies Sing Video Guide

Lost Ark How to Get Song of Resonance

Songs are among the ways to explore those areas. Characters can learn many songs using sheet music throughout their journey, and performing them will unlock new areas, remove obstacles, and much more.

The Song of Resonance is one of the most essential unlocks that allow exploration. This unlock is described as opening “hidden spaces,” and certain collectibles aren’t possible without the ability to sing. It’s also utilized to aid in NPC Rapports and quests.

  • Here’s how to get access to Song of Resonance.

How to Find Song of Resonance

It is believed that the Song of Resonance can only be purchased from a particular NPC name Treasure Hunter Iran. 

The NPC is located on the ship’s deck on Pleccia Island, located in the Sea of Gienah. It’s situated on the west coast of Anikka.

How to Find Song of Resonance

When you’re there, go to the southeast to The Deck Ship and talk to the Treasure Hunter Iran. The Treasure Hunter Iran will offer you items in exchange for Pirate coins, like The Song of Resonance.

It will cost you around 16,500 Pirate coins, meaning you’ll likely need to do some farming before obtaining it. If you do not have enough, check your Coin Chest inventory. 

The opening of these allows you to earn several types of Coins, which can be exchanged into Pirate Coins. 

Talk to the Traveling Merchants that are scattered throughout ports. If not, you can utilize the standard methods to earn more, including quests and daily shipments.

Deliver the news to the Fairy

After collecting the 3 Voices of the Forest, return to the invisible Fairy by the map. Engage with the Fairy to obtain Forest’s minute Song.

Co-Op Magick Melody Event

After locating The Hiding Fairy for the 3rd time, the players will be instructed to play the co-op Magick Melody and collect Voices of the Forest from the Secret Area in Lost Ark. 

Then, things become difficult since players must participate in the Magick Melody event thrice. It’s on a timer of two hours, and an orange dot identifies the place of the event on the map above. Fans can track the timer using the game’s Alarms tab. 

Co-Op Magick Melody Event

How do you obtain Magik melodies from Lost Ark?

Within a few minutes after the timer is at Zero, Lost Ark characters in the area will be given a Secret Entrance quest. 

They must all participate in the Song of Resonance to reveal the secret pathway. There’s a chest at the end of the path, and players should stay close to it until they get an answer to the Magick Melody quest.

How do you finish it’s okay, Miss Fairy?

To complete it, okay, Miss Fairy, you must have 3 Voices of the Forest. Because each Chest of Sleeping Songs has only one Song, you’ll need to finish the co-op quest Magick Melody two more times.

How do you find the Song from the Minute Lost Ark?

To download The Forest’s Minuet sheet music from Lost Ark, you must finish your “The Forest Where Fairies Sing” questline on Lullaby Island

When you’ve found her different locations and answered her queries, you can begin with the mission “It’s Okay, Miss Fairy.”

Where can you find hearts, Melody Lost Ark?

“Heart’s Melody” is the reward of playing “Time for Treatment,” which begins with a straightforward mission to find healing herbs. 

After the quest, however, players look at the mysterious tablets and then mysteriously learn Heart’s Melody.

Where is the hiding fairy Lost Ark?

Lullaby Island

Forest Where Fairies Sing Quest Guide in Lost Ark. The quest begins at Lullaby Island after you have spoken with Traveler Eclipse, and she will inform you that there could be a fairy hiding in the sands of Lullaby Island. 

Before you start searching for the fairy, be sure to purchase the sheet music for Song of Resonance from Peyto.

What is the location of The Lost Ark belong to?

The Where it Belongs task Is one of Una’s tasks. Click the adventure tab in the lower right corner to begin.
On the tab for daily, it will appear as a task.

Are the songs in the album account-wide Lost Ark?

4 Sheet Music, Cards, And Emotes 

But, all of them are universally available, and you should remember to add your preferred cards when creating your character.

What is Song of Starlight Do Lost Ark?

What the Song is used for is used to aid in quests and build relations with NPCs. An NPC named Beatrice in Trixion will see her Rapport enhance if you play the Song to her. 

For quests, in Quest Amateur Witchcraft, you’ll need to play the Song to the NPC to finish the quest.

What should I do to respond to the voice from the woods within Lost Ark?

The game Lost Ark, Forest’s Minuet, or Voices of the Forest is an original song that will assist you in discovering new paths within your game

To unlock Forest’s Minuet song, you’ll have to complete a time-limited quest.

Who is Giardia Lost Ark?

Giardia (Vern) Giardia (Vern) is A supposed good guy serving Queen Azena. Still, he murders many of his kin as he believes that the Queen and her mage entourage aren’t doing the right thing, and, in the end, no one is hurt as he works for the Queen as if nothing ever happened.


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