Cookie Run Kingdom Codes 2023- Working CRK Redeem Codes!

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes 2023 Wiki | NEW CRK Codes 2023

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes: A variety of lovely characters in the gacha action RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom make you want to eat them up.


In order to win in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), you’ll need to gather the tasty cookie heroes, give them upgrades, and extinguish the evil that has overtaken the realm.

Enhance your experience by using different CRK codes that get you access to exclusive benefits and objects that are not otherwise available.


CRK Codes

To help you with your quest, you’ll receive numerous goodies including Crystals, Sugar Gnomes, Rainbow Cubes, and other freebies.

You can get some of these goods for free by using the Cookie Run Kingdom discount codes on the list below.


New Cookie Run Kingdom Codes to Redeem (April 2023)

Here are the new CRK Redeem Codes:

  • CHERRYSPRINGGIFT – Redeem this code for 20x Time Jumpers
  • BRAVESPRINGGIFT – Redeem this code for 300x Rainbow Cubes
  • HERBSPRINGGIFT – Redeem this code for 100x EXP Star Jellies (Level 5) / 100x Stamina Jellies
  • BLOSSOMINGGIFT – Redeem this code for 1,000x Crystals

CRK Expired Codes

Here are all the invalid Cookie Run Kingdom codes.

  • CRKALWAYSLOVEYOU – Get free x30 Time Jumpers, x3000 Crystals, x1000 Radiant Shard, x1500 Rainbow Cubes, x100 EXP Star Jelly, x25000 Coins, x10 Magic Cookie Cutter, x100 Topping Pieces, & x8 Aurora Brick/Compass/Pillar
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD6 – Get free x10 Treasure Tickets (Expires on February 15th, 2023)
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD5 – Get free x30 Time Jumpers (Expires on February 16th, 2023)
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD4 – Get free x500 Rainbow Cubes (Expires on February 17th, 2023)
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD3 – Get free x100 Topping Pieces (Expires on February 18th, 2023)
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD2 – Get free x3 Aurora Compass (Expires on February 19th, 2023)
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD1 – Get free x100 EXP Star Jelly (Expires on February 20th, 2023)
  • 2NDBIRTHDAYPARTY – Get free x3000 Crystals (Expires on February 21st, 2023)
  • MAYYOUBEALITTLEHAPPIERINOURKINGDOMTOGETHER – Redeem this code for the Riddle password
  • CRKWELCOMEDISNEY – Redeem Code for x3,000 Crystals & more rewards
  • 0728CKCOOKIELIVE – Redeem Code for x5,000 Crystals & more rewards
  • FOLLOWUSINEUROPE– Redeem Code for Rewards
  • CRKBEHINDNFUTURE– Redeem Code for Rewards
  • TIKTOK1MFOLLOWER– Redeem Code for Rewards
  • 2022PPLSCHOICETY – Redeem this code to get lots of Crystals & Rainbow Cubes
  • DEVNOW40MKINGDOM – Redeem Code for Rewards
  • 2022PPLSCHOICETY – Redeem code for x3000 Crystals, & x1000 Rainbow Cubes
  • 0224CRKDARKCACAO – Redeem code for free Crystals
  • COOKIELIVECOUPON – Redeem code for free Crystals
  • GOMAGICOVENEVENT – Redeem code for 500 free Crystals
  • WEMADECKTOGETHER – Redeem code for 3000 free Crystals
  • CK1STANNIVERSARY – Redeem code for 5000 Crystals & 3000 Rainbow Cubes
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD1 – Redeem code for 1000 free Crystals
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD2 – Redeem code for 3 Special Cookie Cutters
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD3 – Redeem code for 100 Level 6 Star Jellies
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD4 – Redeem code for Time Jumpers
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD5 – Redeem code for Aurora items
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD6 – Redeem code for Magic Cookie Cutters
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD7 – Redeem code for 500 Rainbow Cubes

CRK Expired Codes

  • 30millionkingdom
  • 12THBRAVEDAY0612
  • 50CAFEREWARD1000

How to Redeem Codes in Cookie Run Kingdom?

These are the simple steps to redeem Cookie Run Kingdom codes.


1. Visit the Cookie Run Kingdom coupon code redemption page site.

How to Redeem Codes in Cookie Run Kingdom

2. Enter your details, such as your display account name.

3. Type in a working coupon code.

4. Click on Claim Reward.

5. Then head to your game and check your mailbox in it.

I am unsure of your account name. It’s simple To find! By hitting The menu button (three horizontal lines), selecting Settings, And selecting The Info tab, you can locate The name of your Account. Your account name can found In The User Info section.

In the mobile role-playing game Cookie Run: Kingdom, you construct And protect your city. You play As Cookies, as you could Have guessed.

In order To become The ultimate Cookie, find materials to improve your skills And construct your kingdom!

What is Cookie Run Kingdom

If you require additional assistance, we Have some excellent CRK instructions, like The Best Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings build and Best Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings.

Light of Resolution farming techniques How to defeat 14-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom As well as how To defeat 11-27. Browse Pro Game Guides At your convenience for further useful guides for various games.

How can I get more codes for Cookie Run Kingdom?

It’s always worthwhile to join the game’s Twitter account and Discord server. There, you can quickly learn about new CRK codes, get regular game updates, and perhaps even meet some new CRK pals!

If you want everything in one location, save this page and come back often. We will provide you with all current CRK codes.

Why aren’t my CRK Codes working?

Most CRK codes quickly expire. Therefore, you ought To make The rewards claim As soon As you can. Please let us know if you discover Any expired codes so we can remove Them.

Grammar errors can also prevent your codes from working. Copy And paste the codes from the working codes area above into The redeem text box To prevent That from happening.

Tips for Using Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Here Are some ideas To keep in mind If you want to get The most out of your Cookie Run Kingdom Codes:

  • As soon as you can, redeem codes – Cookie Run Kingdom Codes have a time limit, so They might run out At Any moment. To guarantee that you don’t forfeit any incentives, careful To redeem them As soon as you come across them.
  • The greatest places to find fresh codes are on the official Cookie Run Kingdom social media channels, so make sure to follow them. To remain up to speed with The most recent codes, make sure To follow them on Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram.
  • Examine gaming forums And websites: A number of gaming forums And websites frequently post brand-new Cookie Run Kingdom Codes. careful to often check them for fresh codes.
  • Friends can share codes at Cookie Run Kingdom. Only one code can used per account, however, you can exchange codes with others to advance their gaming.


Q.1 Where do I find Cookie Run Kingdom codes?

ANS. Select The icon with Three horizontal lines In The upper-right corner of The screen. Select ‘Settings’ next.

Now, click ‘Info’ And locate ‘Player ID’ under ‘User Info’. Go To The Cookie Run: Kingdom code redemption website.

Q.2 What is the cookie run 2nd-anniversary code?

ANS. Devsisters made The Decision To excite players by giving them A code That Is worth a total of 3000 Crystals In honor of the game’s second birthday.

The redemption period for The given code, 2NDBIRTHDAYPARTY, is from now until February 21, 2023, 23:59 (KST).

Q.3 Is Milky Way cookie good?

ANS. Milky Way has the potential To a fantastic tank, but she is unlikely to produce big DMG statistics.

Milky Way is a great investment if players are willing to have her at the Front, pushing the enemy back, healing, and offering crucial debuffs.

Q.4 What is the CRK riddle code?

ANS. MAYYOUBEALITTLEHAPPIERINOURKINGDOMTOGETHER is the solution to the Cookie Run Kingdom puzzle.

When broken up, the lengthy line says, “May you  a little happier in our kingdom together.” Consider it a letter from the BTS boys.

Q.5 How do you get lucky Cookie Run?

ANS. In This event, you earn Lucky Tickets by exchanging 3 Package Points, which Are earned by purchasing items from The Package Shop. You Also earn A free Lucky Ticket every 4 days. Lucky Tickets can scratched for rewards.


Use Cookie Run Kingdom Codes To improve your gameplay And open amazing rewards. You can level up your cookies and advance through the game more quickly Than ever before by applying our advice And the codes mentioned above.

To guarantee that you don’t miss out on any incentives, keep an eye out for fresh codes and redeem them As soon As you can.

You can defeat Licorice and triumph As the greatest cookie hero with The aid of Cookie Run Kingdom Codes!


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