Is Fortnite Shutting Down In 2023 Or 2024? (Answered)

Is Fortnite Shutting Down in 2023? [Fake News or Real?]

Is Fortnite Shutting Down In 2023 Or 2024? : With over 350 million registered players, Fortnite Is one of The most-played video games worldwide.


Since Its initial release in 2017, The game has become A worldwide craze. The social aspects, distinctive gameplay, And vivid aesthetics of Fortnite have won over players of all ages.

Is Fortnite Shutting Down In 2023 Or 2024


However, there have been rumors concerning Fortnite’s possible closure in recent years. Fans Are uncertain about The future of their cherished game There have been rumors That it may end around 2023 or 2024. We’ll examine these rumors In more detail in this piece to see if there’s any truth To them.

Is Fortnite Shutting Down In 2023 Or 2024

There Is zero chance That Fortnite will close In 2023 or 2024. Many people Are searching for the “Fortnite shutting down the tweet,” in which it is claimed That The official Twitter account said that Fortnite would shut down on a specific date.

This tweet Is A scam, so take note. Don’t believe anything unless you can verify it on The @FortniteGame Twitter account because It can be easily edited.


Is Fortnite Shutting Down

When is Fortnite Ending?

Fortnite made $5.1 billion In Sales In 2020, according To player and revenue statistics. In The same year, There were 80.4 million active players each month.

Since then, As they continue to beat their own past records, their popularity has only increased. It’s highly unlikely that the game is even close to dying given how many YouTubers And Twitch streamers play it And The fact That it’s free to play.


Fortnite has tweeted That They would be shutting down because of The “big demand That They can’t keep up with,” according to the tweet screenshot that has been circulating.

Epic Games’ video game Fortnite had A net worth of $4.5 billion in July 2018. By the end of 2018, $8.5 billion was projected To be reached. Because of this, Epic’s ability to manage such A large number of gamers won’t present any problems.

Fortnite won’t be gone in 2023 or 2024, Then. If it did, it would undoubtedly have A profound impact on the gaming industry, and you would learn about it from both official sources And the media.

Now That is out of The way, don’t forget to check out our Fortnite instructions, which will give you some pointers on where to go And other helpful information.

Why Are People Saying That Fortnite Is Shutting Down?

When Apple And Google pulled The game from their app stores in 2020, the speculations that Fortnite might shut down started.

The action was taken In response to Epic Games, the Fortnite maker, introducing A new payment mechanism That let users avoid app store payment systems and buy in-game stuff straight from Epic. The game was taken down from app stores As a result of this action violating their terms of service.

Fortnite’s withdrawal from app stores raised concerns about the game’s health. Some individuals thought that the removal was evidence That Epic Games was having financial difficulties and that the game could soon be discontinued.

This rumor, however, was mostly untrue because Epic Games Is A very successful business with a net worth of over $17 billion.

Is There Any Evidence That Fortnite Is Shutting Down?

Contrary to speculations, There Is no proof that Fortnite would cease operations in 2023 or 2024. In truth, Epic Games has said They don’t have any immediate plans to end the game.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, stated that “Fortnite is going to be around for a long time” in An interview with We always consider creative approaches to make the game exciting for our gamers.

Additionally, there are a number of signs That Fortnite is still active. For instance:

  • New seasons and events are regularly added to the game along with frequent updates And new material.
  • The esports community for the game is flourishing, with top players And teams winning millions of dollars In prizes.
  • The popularity of Fortnite products, including apparel, toys, and accessories, shows that the game’s fan base is still substantial.

What Could Cause Fortnite To Shut Down?

There Isn’t Any indication that Fortnite will end In 2023 or 2024, but there Are certain things that might make it happen. These consist of:

  • Competition from other games: There are a number of other games that provide comparable gameplay experiences to Fortnite, which is not the only battle royale game available. Players may stop playing Fortnite if a new game emerges with greater popularity or better features.
  • Adapting player interests: Gaming fads and player tastes are subject to rapid change. Fortnite’s popularity could fall if players lose interest in it, making it less feasible for Epic Games to continue funding it.
  • Technical issues: Fortnite is susceptible to technical problems including server outages, bugs, And hacking, just like any other online game. If these problems get out of hand, The number of players could drop And The game might become unplayable.


The claims That Fortnite will close in 2023 or 2024 Are mostly untrue. There isn’t any conclusive evidence That The game is having issues, And Epic Games has said that they don’t have Any immediate plans to shut It down.

Some variables, including competition from other games or shifting player interests, could theoretically cause the game to fail, but these Are concerns that apply to all online games in general And Are not exclusive to Fortnite.

You don’t need to be concerned about Fortnite closing down Any time soon If you’re a fan. You can keep playing The game, take part In competitions And events, And support it by purchasing products And expressing your passion for it on social media.

Millions of players all over the world have fallen in love with Fortnite, which Is A cultural phenomenon That Is expected to keep motivating And amusing people for years to come.


Q.1 Why is Fortnite down in 2023?

ANS. On March 21, 2023, The Fortnite servers will be offline to make room for The Fortnite v24. 01 patch update. Matchmaking will be disabled At this period.

Q.2 Is Fortnite still fun in 2023?

ANS. Six years have passed since Fortnite’s debut, yet Its popularity among gamers shows no signs of waning.

From The game’s unexpected rise In popularity In 2017 To Its now-iconic stature In popular culture In 2023, Fortnite’s legacy Has been nothing short of A rollercoaster.

Q.3 Is there any official announcement about Fortnite shutting down?

ANS. No, There hasn’t been any formal confirmation That Fortnite would end In 2023 or 2024. The creator of Fortnite, Epic Games, has said That There Are no immediate plans To end The game.

Q.4 Why did Apple and Google remove Fortnite from their app stores?

ANS. Following The introduction of A new payment method by Epic Games that broke the terms of service of The app shop, Apple And Google pulled Fortnite from their respective app stores.

Players could buy In-game goods directly from Epic Games instead of using The app store’s payment methods. The game was taken down from The app stores As a result of This action.

Q.5 What can I do to support Fortnite?

ANS. There Are various things you can do If you love Fortnite And want To support the game. You may keep playing the game, take part In activities And competitions, and purchase Fortnite items.

Additionally, you may encourage your friends To play The game by posting about how much you enjoy It on social media.


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