Car Spa With Prices List 2024

Car Spa Prices (2024 Update)

Car Spa With Prices: Car Spa is a car care provider with branches throughout Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia. It features several automatic auto wash facilities, cloth car washing facilities, and amenities for customers (like free WiFi and coffee.) The company is located in Dallas and has operations in 16 locations.


A Quick Overview:

  • The company offers exterior cleaning and detailing, as well as full-service cleaning, lube service, and many more.
  • Unlimited car washes are available as a single wash priced from $19.99.
  • The operating hours are 8 am to 7 PM from Monday through the weekend.
Car Spa With Prices

Introduction of Car Spa

One of the more outstanding car wash services in Texas and the surrounding states is The Car Spa Car Wash.


The company was started in 1999 and now has 16 sites throughout Florida Georgia Texas & Virginia.

Over more than 20 years of operation, the business provides full-service car detailing, wash and lube oil change, and other convenient services like gasoline stations and stores. These services are available seven all week long between 8 am and 7 pm.

Car Spa Prices

car spa prices

The cost of Car Spa car wash services can vary from branch to branch. As an example, for instance, the cost of services offered at the Virginia Beach VA Beach location tends to be more expensive. Different services like State Emission Inspection and Lube modification are not offered elsewhere.


How Much Does a Car Spa Cost

For only exterior washing, You can anticipate the least expensive bill for Bronze Exterior priced at $7. The package includes pre-soak spray foam cleaning, the soft tunnel made of cloth, the basic rinse, as well as an in-tunnel wheel cleaner with this bundle. 

Platinum Plus Exterior is the most expensive package at $18 and includes additional premium options like carnauba wax, surface protector, and polish.

Full-service car wash packages vary between $19.99 and $31.99. The Silver full-service wash comes with everything you need from the bronze Exterior and includes the interior vacuum, a complete wash of the dash, and other components of the interior, along an air freshener.


Car Spa Prices List

It is possible to check out all packages and their costs in the table below. Prices may vary based depending on where you are located or if there is a sale taking place.

Car Spa Exterior Packages Prices
Bronze Exterior$7
Gold Exterior$10
Platinum Exterior$14
Platinum Plus Exterior$18
Car Spa Full-Service Packages Prices
Silver Full Service$19.99
Gold Full Service$22.99
Platinum Full Service$26.99
Platinum Plus Full Service$31.99
Car Spa Unlimited Exterior Packages Prices
Bronze Unlimited Exterior$19.99
Platinum Plus Unlimited Exterior$32.99
Gold Unlimited Full Service$42.99
Platinum Plus Unlimited Full Service$59.99
Car Spa Detail Prices
Express Detail (any of the following: Polish, Carpet Deep Cleanse, Seat Treatment, or Interior Super Clean)$49.99
Meguiars Synthetic Sealant$69.99
Shine & Protect$85.99
Blackfire Synthetic Sealant$104.99
Total Spa Wheel$139.99
Spa Extra Plus$159.99
Total Spa Blackfire$179.99
Car Spa Other Detail Prices
Spa Carnauba Wax$5.00
Wheel Polish$20.00
Seat Treatment$10.00
Interior Conditioning$10.00
Mats Shampooed (2 or 4 sheets)$5 or $7
Exterior Wipe & Shine$5 
Exterior Wash
Platinum Plus Exterior
Spa Carnauba Wax, Forms a protective barrier and leaves a durable shine and lasting protection.$17.00
Platinum Exterior
Complete Surface Protectant$13.00
Gold Exterior
Triple Coat Foam Wax, Tire Shine, Underbody Rinse with Rust Inhibitor, Foam Polish Wax, Clear Coat Wax$9.00
Bronze Exterior
Pre-soak Penetrating Spray, Spa Foam Cleaner, Soft Cloth Tunnel Wash, Spot Free Rinse, In Tunnel Wheel Cleaner, High Velocity Drying System$6.00
Full Service Wash
Platinum Plus Full Services
Spa Carnauba Wax & Forms a protective barrier and leaves a durable Shine and lasting protection.$28.99
Platinum Full Service
Complete Surface Protectant (Full)$24.99
Gold Full Service
Triple Coat Foam Wax, Tire Shin, Underbody Rinse with Rust Inhibitor, Foam Polish Wax, Clear Coat Wax$19.99
Silver Full Service
Spa Soft Cloth Tunnel Wash, Spot Free Rinse, Interior Vacuum, Windows Cleaned, Dash and Console Dusted, Door Jambs Wiped, Ashtrays Emptied, In Tunnel Wheel Cleaner, Foam Polish Wax, Clear Coat Wax, Tire Shine, Air Freshener$16.99
Detail Services
Express Polish
Precision Applied High Quality Polish that is hand buffed for superior shine and protection$44.99
Express Carpet Deep Cleanse
Shampoo carpets and mats.$44.99
Express Seat Treatment
Shampoo cloth seats or clean and condition leather/vinyl seats.$44.99
Express Interior Super Clean
Blow out all vents and crevices with compressed air and clean and condition the dash, console, and door panels.$44.99
Any 2 for$69.99
Any 3 for$89.99
All 4 for only$109.99
A La Carte
Spa Carnauba Wax
Carnauba Wax uniquely applied in-tunnel. Creates a strong protective barrier on your vehicles surface. Wax adheres to paint leaving a durable shine and lasting protection.$5.00
Rain X Complete Surface Protectant
Carnauba Wax uniquely applied in-tunnel. Creates a strong protective barrier on your vehicle surface. Wax adheres to paint leaving a durable shine and lasting protection.$5.00
Repels water protects all surfaces, bonds & cures on vehicle surface, and levels minor surface irregularities.
Interior Leather / Vinyl Conditioning$9.00
Mats Shampooed
2 for$3.00
4 for$5.00
Tire Shine
Tire Shine$3.00
Headlight Restoration
Brightens and protects dull, yellowed headlights to look like new.$49.99
Wheel Polish
Clean and restore your rims to look like new ones. Removes brake dust, oxidation, rust, and corrosion. Finished with a protective coating.$20.00
Clay Buffing
Clean and restore your rims to look like new ones. Removes brake dust, oxidation, rust and corrosion. Finished with a protective coating.$50.00
Repels water, protects all surfaces, bonds & cures on vehicle surface, and levels minor surface irregularities.
Removes light to moderate swirls, oxidation & paint defects. Light surface scratches can be removed. Restores a “new paint” shine. (Per Hour)$50.00
Lube Services
Spa Supreme$24.99
Spa Supreme & Engine Clean$44.99
Radiator Protection$72.99
Spa Performance$79.99
Transmission Protection$109.99
High Mileage$47.99
Synthetic Blend$49.99
Synthetic Chevron$59.99
Synthetic Mobile 1$72.99
Additional Services Offered
AC Check$9.99
AC Refresh Service$39.99
Belt Replacement (Starting Price)$59.99
Oil System Cleaner$10.99
Fuel System Cleaner$10.99
Transmission Service$79.99
Cooling System$59.99
Fuel Injection Service$59.99
Internal Engine Flush$49.99
State Inspection
Emissions Inspection
Free Wash with all Emissions Inspections$25.00

Every car care center comes with a convenience store, fast Lube service, car detailing, a gentle cloth car wash, and a fuel station.

Gas stations sell Chevron, Conoco, and ExxonMobil. The total service stations come with Wi-Fi to improve the experience of those who visit.

Additional services include the exterior of your car, as well as state inspections and emissions. Car Spa entered the industry with a focus on providing excellent customer service.

Their stores and services are placed on main routes & highways to provide fast and reliable service.

For more details about Car Spa prices, please visit their official website.

About Car Spa

Car Spa was established in 1998. It is a chain that includes supercenters for car care in Texas, Florida, and California.

Car Spa supercenters can be found in high-traffic areas like significant roads and highways. The shops are designed to provide maximum customer convenience, comfort, and satisfaction.

This includes modern equipment and effective cleaning treatments.

Each Car Spa supercenter offers various services such as full-service car washing, emissions inspections, soft cloth car washes, lube, and headlight restoration.

The categories for these services are Silver Gold Platinum & Bronze. For example, Bronze Full Wash includes tunnel washing, in-tunnel cleaner, spot-free rinse, and an interior vacuum.

Car Spa has its rewards program, with members able to take advantage of the Splash Back Rewards card. One promotion is “buy 10, Get 1 Free”, where a member who has ten full-service washes can receive a Gold full-service shampoo.

Below are the most recent Car Spa prices.

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Does the car Spa have WIFI? 

Car Spa’s full-service wash services will leave your car sparkling. While we care for your vehicle, you can enjoy our lobby or make use of our Wi-Fi for free.

What is the meaning of car spa?

Noun [C noun [ C (also carwash)” waS/’ka” us. “ka:r” is a company that charges to get someone to wash your vehicle or employ the car wash equipment.

Who is the owner of Car Spa?

Lynette Zunker – Owner – Car SPA Inc | LinkedIn.

How much is Express Polish at Car Spa?

Express Polish Express Polish $44.99Precision Applying High-Quality Polish which is hand-buffed to give it a superior shine and protect

How much does a Car Spa cost?

  • Platinum Plus Exterior – $17.00
  • Platinum Exterior – $13.00
  • Gold Exterior – $9.00
  • Bronze Exterior – $6.00

How much is High-Speed Buffing at Car Spa?

High Speed Buffing $50.00 $ 50.00 Removes minor medium to heavy swirls and oxidation and paint imperfections. Light surface scratches can be eliminated. Gives the appearance of a “new painting” shine. (Per Hour)

How Much is Express Seat Treatment at Car Spa?

Express Seat Treatment Express Seat Treatment $44.99Shampoo seat covers or well-maintained and in suitable condition vinyl or leather seats.

How much does Silver Full Service cost at Car Spa?

Silver Full Service Silver Full Service $16.99Spa Soft Cloth Tunnel Wash, Spot-Free Rinse Interior Vacuum, Window Cleaned Dash and Console dusted, Door Jambs Wiped, Ashtrays empty, In Tunnel Wheel Cleaner, Foam Polish Wax Clear Coat Wax, Tire Shine and Air Freshener.


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