Zips Car Wash Prices 2024 Update

Zips Car Wash Prices 2024 Update

Zips Car Wash Prices: Zips Car Wash is a car wash service provider that is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality polish and cleaning work. 

It offers four plans called Protect It The Protect It, Wax It Shines It as well as Clean It. It also offers Unlimited plans that will keep your vehicle shining and clean. 

Learn more information about the services provided through Zips Express Car Wash.

Zips Car Wash Prices

What Is Zips Car Wash?

Zips Car Wash was founded in 2004 and has been operating for over 10 years. 

It is currently operating in states such as Arkansas, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Florida. 

It is the Zips CarWash company is an automobile wash company located in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

The company offers a range of services in different bundles or as a membership.

Customers are able to walk in or make an appointment to have their vehicles cleaned. Services are typically offered as card-based memberships or could be purchased at retail costs.

The 10 services are available in four bundles: Clean It, Shine It It, Apply a Wax It, and Protect It. 

The four packages all come with self-serve vacuums, wheel cleaners spot-free rins, and the ability to air dry.

Zips Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Zips Car Wash Cost?

How Much Does Zips Car Wash Cost

The products and services provided through Zips Car Wash are offered at retail prices for a one-time cleaning. But, depending on your membership you may be able to enjoy discounted prices per cleaning and/or per month.

How Much Is A Car Wash At Zips Car Wash?

If you opt for the Unlimited Clean It package, the cost begins at $14.95. For a one-time-only wash, the basic Clean It package costs $7.

How Much Does Zips Car Wash Membership Cost?

The cost of membership varies based on the features you wish to take advantage of. If you’re looking for complete cleaning and protection then the best choice would be the unlimited Protect It membership for $34.95. The cheapest option cleaning option is the standard and Cleaning It at $14.95.

Prices For All Zips Car Wash Customer Services:

With Zips Car Wash, you can decide if you want regular cleans or once-a-year car washes. You can also purchase an access card that offers discounted prices which you can use in order to contribute to the community or save money.

Zips Car Wash Customer Services

Exclusive Access (EA) Cards Prices

Exclusive access cards grant you discounts on washes that have limited-time support. The purchase can be made through their official site or offline at each of the Zips Car Wash branches. It is available on any vehicle you own.

  • Scarlet Card The Scarlet Card is HTML0. This Card offers you discounts on car washes starting at 39 dollars.
  • Pink Card The Pink Card allows you to use a full-service auto wash for just $3 after you have paid the annual cost of $59.99. 25% of this money will be donated directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  • Teal card – This teal “Tiffany” card is another special card membership that gives discounts on car washes at the participating branches.

Fleet Accounts Prices

Customers who require multiple washes for two vehicles or more can take advantage of the fleet account program. To set up an appointment please make contact with our Zips Car Wash customer service or fill out the Contact Form that is on the following webpage.

Zips Car Wash Price List For All Services:

Interested in getting your car cleaned? These are the services provided by Zips Car Wash. You will find a variety of packages that will meet your budget and cleaning requirements.

Zips Car Wash Prices For All Services
Zips Car Wash Membership
Zips Retail Prices
Protect It Wash$20
Wax It Wash$16
Shine It Wash$12
Clean It Wash$7
Exclusive Access (EA) Cards
Scarlet / Teal Card
Any Participating Stores$39.95
Pink Card
Any Participating Stores$59.99
Gift Card
Express Zips Car Wash $25$25
Express Zips Car Wash $50$50
Express Zips Car Wash $100$100
Fleet Accounts
Fleet AccountsCall For Pricing
Free Vacuums With Wash (Per One)
Basic Exterior Wash$6
Basic Plus Cleaners & Conditioners$8
Advanced Shine, Seal & Protect$10
Zip’s Complete Car Care Program$14
Discount And Gift Cards
Six Washes for the Price of Five
Basic Exterior Wash$30
Basic Plus Cleaners & Conditioners$40
Advanced Shine, Seal & Protect$50
Zip’s Complete Car Care Program$70

Zips Car Wash Coupon Code

Unfortunately, there’s no sales offer currently offered through Zips Car Wash at the time of writing. But, you can still benefit from perks and give back to the community through certain programs offered by the company such as Zippy rewards.

Zippy Rewards

It is an application that allows you to earn rewards for purchases using your Zips App. You can also earn additional reward points when you refer yourself to your friend. Download the app now & get a complimentary wash at the time of your birthday.

Zips Car Wash Membership & Prices

Membership isn’t required to avail of the top services provided by Zips. However, signing up for one of the special access memberships can aid in saving money over the long term. Apart from savings, you also experience more ease in making use of their services.

Zips Unlimited Car Wash Club & Prices

Zips Unlimited Car Wash Club & Prices

Participating in the Unlimited Wash Club is recommended for those who frequent customers but do not meet the requirements for exclusive access and retail. 

Unlimited car washes per month for just $14.95 per month. If you are eligible for Employer Special Price, the price on the unlimited package may be reduced by up to 34%.

To find out whether the program is offered in your region. visit this page. You can type in your ZIP code to locate the nearest area to your location.

The Zips Unlimited Car Wash club on a different vehicle is permitted, as there is only one car registered at any one time. 

If you want to transfer your membership to another vehicle or to cancel the membership altogether Contact your local Zips Car Wash store or complete your request form below.

Zips Car Wash Price List For Unlimited Car Wash Club

Here are the latest prices of this particular Zips Unlimited Car Wash Club. Prices and availability could differ in each location.

Zips Unlimited Car Wash Club
Per Month
Protect It Club$34.95
Wax It Club$29.95
Shine It Club$23.95
Clean It Club$14.95

Shop Zips Car Wash Membership Online

The process of paying for memberships and gift cards is easier than ever before. Zips currently offers payments via the Internet for club memberships and other products.

The gift cards are available in denominations of $50 $25, and $100. The gift certificates can be used to buy more Zips car washing supplies. Additionally based on the goods sold at the online store it is possible to buy exclusive cards.

Price List For Zips Car Wash Club Memberships

Your desired level of cleaning and detail will determine the price. The least expensive choice is Clean It Club which costs $14.95 a month while Protect It Club is the most cost effective at $34.95 per month.

Zips Car Wash Near Me, Hours, Locations & Contact Info

For a look-up of the current locations, type in your zip code on this page. You can also look through the following table to learn about how to find the Zips Car Wash Hours and Zips Car Wash Locations near your home.

Zips Car Wash Hours & Location
Amarillo8:00 am-7:00 pm806-293-7474
Anderson SC8:00 am-8:00 pm864-772-8000
Asheville NC8:00 am-8:00 pm828-575-2520
Boynton Beach8:00 am-8:00 pm561-742-7069
Greenville SC8:00 am-8:00 pm864-241-3033
Knoxville, TN8:00 am-8:00 pm865-851-7042
Little Rock8:00 am-8:00 pm501-223-8558
Memphis TN8:00 am-7:00 pm901-684-0269
Pensacola8:00 am-8:00 pm850-361-1156
Rogers AR8:00 am-8:00 pm479-636-3136
San Antonio8:00 am-8:00 pm210-733-0233
Tulsa8:00 am-8:00 pm918-622-7771
Weaverville8:00 am-8:00 pm828-484-9645
Wichita KS8:00 am-8:00 pm316-425-0350
Services: Zips Unlimited Car Wash, Exclusive Access Cards, Fleet Accounts

Zips Car Wash Corporate Office:

For assistance with contacting the Zips Car Wash office, you can contact them at their customer service line at 855-947-727. 

You can also visit their office in Little Rock, Arkansas if you need more information about their services or current membership. Lastly, you can contact their official social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter or email [email protected].

Common Cares:

Here are a few most frequently inquired-for concerns for Zips Car Wash services. If you have additional concerns, sending a detailed message to their contact details and social media pages is the preferred method.

How Do I Cancel My Zips Car Wash Membership?

Members with unlimited car washes are able to renew or cancel their Zips car wash memberships at any of the Zips locations across the country. You can schedule appointments for a time slot or walk to any branch to remove your membership.

How To Apply For A Job From Zips Car Wash?

How To Apply For A Job From Zips Car Wash

Zips Car Wash is always seeking for experienced and pleasant individuals to join our team. Complete the form below to begin your online application.

What Is The Zips Car Wash Fundraiser?

The Zips Car Wash fundraisers are various types of programs designed to provide a helping hand to people in the local community. The programs that are currently offered include Zips Cares, Drive Clean, Susan G. Komen Pink Card, and Grace For Vets.

Zips Car Wash Reviews

Customers appreciate that each location is equipped with facilities that are simple to enter and out of. 

The cost is right and offers excellent value. Clean and fresh washing is provided, and the protection feature is right on. The staff is very friendly and customer service is fantastic for both online and offline contact.

In terms of the work setting, Zips Car Wash offers flexible hours and accepts students from high school. 

They also provide training for employees and ensure that the work environment is as relaxing as possible. It’s a fantastic job for people who appreciate a sense of balance.


How much is car wash at Zips?

Zips Car Wash Prices

Basic Exterior Wash (Per One)$6.004.0
Basic Plus Cleaners & Conditioners (Per One)$8.00
Advanced Shine, Seal & Protect (Per One)$10.00
Zip’s Complete Car Care Program (Per One)$14.004.0
How much does a car wash cost?

The average cost to get your car cleaned in an auto wash in a bay is $6.34, which produces an average of $4.35 for every wash. 

The average cost of a car that is washed at the tunnel or conveyor vehicle wash costs $15 for each car which equates to an annual average income stream of $686,250 for this kind of facility.

Are automatic car washes bad for your car?

Automatic car washes, however, although they’re useful, are abrading your paintwork due to the brushes that are employed aren’t maintained properly and cleaned,’ Damon says. 

They’re basically the act of rubbing your car with an unclean mop, which causes thousands of micro-scratches known as swirl marks

Does Zips car wash clean the undercarriage?

Spot Free Rinse. Clear Coat Sealer & Protector. High-Pressure Undercarriage Wash.

How often should I wash my car?

every two weeks

As a guideline, it’s important to clean your vehicle at least once every twice weeks. People who are obsessed will wash it once a week, occasionally more often. 

In addition, dirt that is irregular like road salt and bug guts needs immediate attention to avoid metal or paint damage.

How many Zips Car Wash locations are there?

Zips Car Wash maintains 154 sites across 15 states including Arkansas Oklahoma Kansas Missouri Illinois Texas Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina Georgia Mississippi Louisiana, Virginia, and Tennessee. The company is based in Little Rock Arkansas & has 154 facilities there.

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