Cobblestone Car Wash Prices 2023

Cobblestone Car Wash Prices: Cobblestone Auto Spa is an Arizona-based company for car washing that offers full-service car wash auto detailing, auto detailing preventive maintenance and oil changes, and a fleet program.

They avail unlimited retail car washes or fleet-wide programs according to your requirements.

Express/Automatic car wash is less than $9. the most comprehensive program is offered for $49.

Customers appreciate the convenience of having both services of changing the oil and washing their car service.

If you’re a vehicle owner located in Arizona The Cobblestone Car Wash / Auto Spa is worth looking into. With various options of prices and services available to choose from, you’ll able to find the most efficient wash on your budget.

Introduction of Cobblestone Car Wash

Cobblestone Car wash is a dedicated car wash that provides low-cost service within Arizona since 1997. Its primary offerings include auto-detailing car wash, car wash, maintenance, and oil change services. They also provide an option for fleets of automobile owners or companies who own several vehicles.

The costs for Cobblestone Car Wash are very affordable and are based on the kind of service you want. The hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 midnight, Cobblestone Car Wash uses top-quality products available on the marketplace to keep your car looking at its best.

Cobblestone Auto Spa and market is managed by Michael Cahill. Cobblestone car wash is operating across Arizona and Colorado and provides customers with outstanding service and unparalleled quality of services and products.

The Cobblestone Car Wash includes a comprehensive service for your car. The Basic Service includes vacuum cleaning of your car’s interior. The dashboard will  cleaned, the windows cleaned and you’ll also receive the most thorough, soft-cloth car wash. The car wash can also provide additional services such as advanced cleaning that are available. If you are in a hurry or need to rush, it is possible to use the Express Exterior Car wash can help because it’s a quick and affordable method to make your vehicle look new again.

The car wash programs offered at Cobblestone provide substantial savings. Customers can take a relaxing break during the day while the experts at Cobblestone take care of the job.

In addition, they offer preventative maintenance services for your vehicle that is warrant-approved and suggested by the manufacturers of vehicles. The operating hours of Cobblestone Car Wash may differ in accordance with the day of the week. On weekends, they’re open between 6:30 am and 6 pm. On working days, they’re available from 7 AM to 6 after 6 pm. You’ll  able to choose when to stop by the car wash to avail the best services.

Cobblestone Car Wash Prices

Cobblestone Car Wash Prices

Prices for Cobblestone car wash services are determined by the place of service. Colorado locations offer only wash services for exteriors that are express and do not offer the complete package. The prices listed in this post are calculated upon Arizona locations. For more information on Colorado costs, look up the information about locations in this article.

How Much Is A Car Wash At Cobblestone?

Every Cobblestone Auto Spa car washes are priced between $19 and $39 for one wash. The retail washes are available as an unlimited subscription. But, customers are able to access the basic package with the single-wash option. Unlimited plans start at just $35 per month for one of the Supreme plans.

Prices for Cobblestone Car Wash Options

The car washes are accessible for different costs and come with various options and features. Here are the details of what you get when purchasing or signing up for a car wash program.

Basic Wash ($19 unli Basic Wash ($19, nli):

This program is designed for those who want to have an affordable and quick hand-wash of their vehicle.

Interior Vacuum

Soft Cloth Wash

Hand Towel Dry

Dust Dash & Console

Clean Windows

Supreme Wash ($24, unli: $35):

Basic With a touch of tires and external cleaning.

Basic Wash

Air Freshener

Tire Dressing

Wheel Cleaner

Clear Coat Protectant

Works Wash ($29 Unli $39)

Everything you require to make your vehicle appear professional and neat.

Supreme Wash

Surface & Glass

Triple Foam Conditioner

Ultimate Wash ($34 Unli $44)

You can get this if would like to include wax protection.

Works Wash

Protective Wax (30 days)

Double Foam Bath

Platinum Wash ($39, unli: $49)

The most effective car wash and the most expensive product offered by Cobblestone Auto Spa.

Ultimate Wash

Dynamic Clean

Ceramic Glaze

Diamond Bright

Cobblestone Car Wash Prices List:

We’ve compiled the latest prices of car washes offered by Cobblestone Auto Spa. Look through the list to determine to see if a particular wash falls in your price range.

Full-Service Car Wash


Price: (One Wash)

Price: (Unlimited)

















Express Car Wash (Arizona)


Price: (One Wash)

Price: (Unlimited)




Polish & Shine



Carnauba Wax







Express Car Wash (Colorado)


Price: (One Wash)

Price: (Unlimited)




Polish & Shine



Carnauba Wax






Pricing Compare to Other Hand Car Wash Brands

The basic one-wash service at Cobblestone is priced at the same price as Shell Car Wash, Brown Bear Car Wash, and Tommy’s Express Carwash. Other competitors, like the Autobell Car Wash or Delta Sonic Car Wash, are twice as expensive. For the most affordable month-long plan Cobblestone costs more. It is important to  aware of the fact that Cobblestone’s unlimited plans begin with Supreme wash and are not the basic plan.

Prices for Cobblestone are competitive in the car wash business. In some instances, they can  very high or low according to the car wash you’re comparison-shopping with. For instance, Mister Car Wash costs $32 for a platinum full service and $39 for the express detail last touch service. Thus, the type of service determines the price of each car wash. Compare the costs with other brands in the table below.

Cobblestone’s Car Wash Prices vs. Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Prices: One Wash (Basic)

Price: (Cheapest Monthly Plan)

Cobblestone Auto Spa



Shell Car Wash



Autobell Car Wash


$18 (Exterior only)

Mister Car Wash



Brown Bear Car Wash



Delta Sonic Car Wash



Tommy’s Express Car Wash



Are There Ways To Reduce Cost?

At the time of writing the most effective way to save money on car washes at Cobblestone is to join Cobblestone’s Rewards Club. For each wash you purchase, you’ll receive points equivalent to the price that you can use to purchase other services. The points can used for free auto detailing, car washes, and oil change services.

There is also an offer to sign up for 150 points from the club worth enough points to get an express wash or drive-through car wash. Additionally on your birthday the full service car wash is free for you. Simply complete the application below if you want to join the organization.

See the reward points and equivalent to services below.

Cobblestone Rewards Club & Points

Real Cobblestone Car Wash Reviews From Customers

Customers are pleased with the rates provided at the car wash and say it is a great value. They manage their car wash carefully, leaving the vehicle spotless. Their employees are welcoming and their work hours are flexible.

But, Cobblestone Car Wash has received a number of negative online reviews from clients. Some have complained that the company has no accountability since they are slow in responding to customer complaints. Some say it is because the wash has problems regarding their membership and they are unable to cancel their membership.

Cobblestone Car Wash Coupons

At the time of writing, Cobblestone Car Wash offers five coupons to wash your car oil change, car wash, and detailing. Visit the website for more information about their promotions available.
(Coupons are only available to Arizona branch only.)

$5 discount Platinum Car Wash – only applicable only for once-off washes.

Full-Service Free Cas Wash If you take advantage of the full-service oil change.

$2 off All-Service Car Wash Valid for ultimate, works, or supreme plan.

Complete Detail for $219 A significant savings when compared with separate purchases of the exterior and interior detailing.

Get 10% off on RVs, Boats, and other boats This includes exterior wax as well as interior details.

How to Cancel Cobblestone Car Wash Membership?

After paying for the first month in full and within five days of the renewal date it is advised to cancel your subscription. Visit the website link & enter your details to cancel your membership. You can contact the membership cancellation line at (602) 788-9274 for a quicker process.

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Final Thoughts

The dedicated car wash Cobblestone Car Wash can thoroughly clean your vehicle at a fair fee. Their services are of the highest caliber and are time efficient. Cobblestone Car Wash offers amazing discounts at their locations as well as some online coupons that might help you save money. Make an appointment by looking up the Cobblestone Car Wash locations closest to you.

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