Mobile Car Wash Prices List ❤️️ 2024

How much does a mobile car wash Price & cost?

Mobile Car Wash Prices: You can’t get your car to the wash? Maybe you’re not able to or do not have the moment or the circumstances to prevent you from taking a drive. 


If this is the case, just be aware that if it is impossible to access your car washes, let them be there for you. This is the reason car wash mobile services can come in.

The next issue is what the cost is and if it’s worth the cost and what is the current cost of mobile car wash services?


Prices for mobile car washes depend on a variety of aspects like the method of cleaning employed, the quality of equipment and cleansers, as well as professional charges.

Mobile car washes are a relatively new option for auto detailing companies and are beneficial to their customers. It’s a great option to keep your car sparkling and fresh and still remain at home and secure. It also extends the life of their services.

In this brief guide, you will be taught:

  • The cost of the mobile car wash service
  • The cost of different services.
  • What additional features can you expect?
  • What should you look for in the mobile car wash
  • How can you cut costs?
  • How long will the service provided? take?
  • If the enterprise is profitable

Mobile Car Wash Prices 2024

Mobile Car Wash Prices

The price of the mobile car wash service is one of the most crucial factors that automobile owners need to be aware of. The price will vary depending on a number of criteria
including the cleaning technique to used the quality of the cleaning tools & equipment as well as the professional fees among others.

Be aware that mobile cleaning may be either a value-added or expensive service. This is why some auto detailers are charged a higher price.


What Is the Average Cost of a Mobile Car Wash?

What Is the Average Cost of a Mobile Car Wash?

Expect to pay anything from $100 to $200 in average, for the full-service mobile car washes. The service includes wax inside vacuuming, premium wash, and various other cleaning jobs. But if you’re seeking a basic wash, you can expect to pay between $20 to $60, on average.

Mobile Car Wash Price Range

A basic custom wash can cost you anything between $30-and $50. However, if you’d like to include steam cleaning for your engine and added on, expect to spend anywhere from $275 to $300.

If the staff at an auto detailing shop have completed professional and highly specialized instruction, then the home service may be more expensive. Be aware that the cost will differ based on the region you’re located in the United States.

Residents of the West Coast are often charged higher prices for mobile car washes. Auto detailers in the West Coast region can cost 30 to 40% more. 

If you are located on the East Coast you may be paid lesser for the exact service. People who reside in the Midwest are usually between, and not paying more, but paying slightly higher prices.

Your vehicles cost may vary depending on the sort of car you drive. The most economical vehicles are often cars. You should anticipate higher costs if you choose to purchase a minivan, SUV, or other large vehicle at home.

Mobile Car Wash Prices in Los Angeles: Hidden Fees

When considering the cost of a vehicle wash, we usually look only at the cost. But there’s more you’re sacrificing to wash your car at that particular location. Also, it would be best if you considered the journey.

It will consume gas. Additionally, you’ll experience (just little) just a little wear and wear and tear on your car. In addition, it will require some time. It’s a long process.

Los Angeles has heavy traffic day and night. This means you’ll need to alter your schedule or even take time off from other activities you enjoy (friends or family members) to wash your car in.

Saturdays may have long lines. If you visit early your may have to change your schedule or get less sleep.

Mobile Car Wash Prices List

We’ve produced a price list from US auto detailing companies to give your an idea of the cost.

It’s crucial to note that your city or states service fee may vary dependent on the criteria we listed.

Mobile Car Wash Prices List 2024



Custom Hand Wash

$26 to $50

Deluxe Wash and Wax

$100 to $125

Express Wax


$55 to $70

Interior Restoration

$120 to $145

Deluxe Wash

$40 to $60

Exterior Restoration

$200 to $275

Mini Detail

$35 to $40

Deluxe Full Detail

$250 to $300


Polymer Wax

$110 to $150

Full Detail

$200 to $240

Base Interior Wash and Vacuum

$35 to $50

Engine Cleaning

$30 to $50

Complete Detailing Job

$275 to $325


Acid Rain Removal

$140 to $175

Be aware that a customized hand wash is an essential service. A luxurious wash with wax is more expensive because it provides a thorough cleaning and exterior waxing. 

A premium wax is a wash that is custom with additional services, such as wheel dressing, tire cleaning internal vacuuming and surface spot elimination Dash wipe down, and more. 

Add-On Prices

Add-ons can make more expensive mobile car wash services. It is important to note that these are added services in addition to the standard wash for your car. 

For example, a premium wash can cost approximately $50, if you depending on the number.

In the end, you may pay an additional $50 to wax. Vacuuming or interior restoration could cost you an additional $20 over the price that the cleaning. An entire exterior restoration could include degreasing, tire dress, clay bar, and mirror cleaning as well as others. This can range between $100 and $150.

As said, the price depends on the vehicle’s kind and size. Home car washes cost $26–$50. The basic wash for an SUV, van, or truck costs $150–$175. Price may rise 30%.

If you’re searching for full service, this means you’re seeking complete detail. This includes the following services: Mobile car wash:

  • Removal of spots on the surface
  • Mirrors and front end debugging
  • Hand wash
  • The entire vehicle is covered in the clay bar
  • Polish and polish the rims and grease them.
  • High-speed buffing
  • Dressing of all plastic components
  • Dressing tires
  • Vacuum with a specific design
  • Window cleaning both inside and outside
  • Cleansing, shampooing, and steaming of upholstery 
  • Shampoo extraction of dirt and dirt from mats and carpets
  • Control of the Dash, Steering Wheel console, and door panels
  • Clean and condition of the entire leathers in the interior

The cost of all these extra services could cost you anything between $200 and $375 on average.

What to Look for in a Mobile Car Wash Service?

Before hiring someone to do this job, you should know what to look for since your paying a premium fee. Watch out for:

  1. Service quality

Always inquire about what’s included in a package of services. Find out if you’re getting $300 worth of services.

  1. Cleaning Methods

Find out if they’ll employ some specific type of equipment to complete the task. What kind of detail will they provide.

  1. Training

Certain professionals are more skilled than others because they have been through specialized training. It is also important to inquire about their experience with their cleaning staff.

  1. Convenience

Have you sat for several days before they will visit to clean your vehicle? The premium services will also ensure you can receive your service on next day.

How to Save on Mobile Car Wash Services?

You can save money on mobile car washing services by making some cost comparisons before. Some auto detailers might be able to provide the same services for less.

Another option to save money is to only purchase the services you require. If you only require an essential wash, then go to the basic wash. Find out if they offer any offers. Some auto detailing companies provide discounts if you have more than one vehicle washed and cleaned at the same time.

Trust Only the Experts

If you look at the prices of mobile car wash costs it is clear that it is an excellent service. That’s why you should only use experts who are certified. It may cost under $30, however, it could cost you 10 times more according to certain aspects.

Contact us today to get a no-cost quote if you’re thinking of having this service. Let professionals handle it for you so that you will receive the top mobile car wash available in the business.


How much should a mobile detailer charge?

Answer: Basic car detailing includes washing, waxing interior polishing, vacuuming windows trimming, and mirror cleaning, as well as tire shining. Depending on the service and add-ons it is possible to cost anywhere between $35-$100 for a typical vehicle.

Is a mobile car wash business profitable?

Answer: Each year, full full-time owners could earn up to $75,000 in profit. Part-time owners can earn up to $50,000. The average order from MobileWash is approximately $70 and approximately 75% of the money is paid to the detailer.

How much should I pay someone to wash my car?

The typical cost of a basic car wash is around $10. Add on optional services like an undercarriage wash or clear coat for wheels, wheel cleaning and wax (at an average of $2-5 per add-on) It’s reasonable to estimate that you’ll spend between $20-$25 for a wash.

How much should a full detail cost?

A basic car detailing service will include a wash wax and interior vacuuming, as well as polishing of the interior, window washing trimming and mirror cleaning as well as tire cleaning. It is possible to expect to spend between $50 and $125 for a standard-sized car and between $75 and $150 for a van or SUV. An upgraded package generally will have more care for the details.

How much does it cost to detail a small car?

Car Detailing Costs 
If you drive a standard sized car and choose the most basic auto detailing service you’ll pay $150–125. SUV & vans cost $75–150.


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