EyeBuyDirect Return Policy

EyeBuyDirect Returns Policy is a renowned retailer of eyewear and is proud of its friendly return policy for customers. 

Knowing the details of this policy enables customers to make informed choices and ensure a smooth shopping experience.

EyeBuyDirect Return Policy

What is EyeBuyDirect Return Policy?

For a simple return to your purchase, you can use the EyeBuyDirect Returns Policy provides fourteen days to return items from the day of purchase. 

In addition, EyeBuyDirect also offers customers a 365-day money-back guarantee for their products. 

You are able to return your purchase online, and it’s easy and fast. Be sure to keep the item in its original condition to have the best chance of a successful return.

EyeBuyDirect Return Policy
Return Period14 Days
Return MethodOnline
Contact Number1-855-393-2891
Official WebsiteEyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect Online Return Policy

It is a simple procedure to get your refund. It is easy to return your purchase. EyeBuyDirect Returns Policy says that if you’re not satisfied with the purchase, you may return the item in the 14-day period following making your purchase. 

They will assist you in completing your returns without concerns. Once you’re sure that you will receive your refund make sure you comply with this procedure to return your item to EyeBuyDirect.

Log in to your EyeBuyDirect account.

Go to my account

Select purchase history

Locate the order you want to return

The customer service team will call you within 24-48 hours with further detail

Pack and ship the item back

Following these steps, you are able to return your eyewear. It’s a simple procedure, and our customer service representative will assist you with information about how to wrap and ship the item.

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EyeBuyDirect Return Policy Exceptions

As EyeBuyDirect Returns Policy contains terms and conditions for returns, However, there are some exceptions. 

These exceptions are in place to prevent any violation or infringement of policy. There are times when customers can use the policies in one or another manner. 

When you are making a return, be aware of the exemptions. This will determine whether you’re eligible to claim a refund or not.

  • If your glasses are damaged because of damage due to accidental damage or unsuitable treatment, the return policy won’t be applicable to you.
  • You are not able to return EBD Credits or replacement pairs.
  • Your one-time shipping cost for replacement isn’t refundable.
  • The maximum amount you can use is the $50 EBD Credits per transaction.

These are the exceptions that you should know about. This can make the return more simple. 

If you are able to return your item, we will learn more about the EyeBuyDirect refund and replacement policy.

EyeBuyDirect Replacement Policy

A standard policy for replacement stipulates that you are able to replace the product you return with any other product. 

The only restriction is when you decide to purchase an item that is more expensive in value than the returned item, then you’ll be required to make the additional payment. 

In case the replacement product is less in value, EyeBuyDirect will provide you with the amount back.

EyeBuyDirect Replacement Policy
Replacement Period14 Days
Replacement MethodOnline

EyeBuyDirect Refund Policy

If you’re not looking to replace your item, you may ask for a refund. EyeBuyDirect Returns Policy stipulates that you get reimbursement in the same manner of payment used for the purchase. 

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After your return is accepted, the refund will be processed. EyeBuyDirect promises to complete the refund within 48 hours.

EyeBuyDirect Refund Policy
Refund Period48 Hours
Refund MethodOriginal Mode of Payment

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You should be aware that these are part of the EyeBuyDirect Returns Policy. If you’re unable to return the item within 14 days, you still be covered by the 365-day assurance. 

But you’ll lose the majority of your benefits. You won’t be in a position to return in case of any reason. 

Only in the event of a problem, it is possible to return the item. If it is, you will be able to follow the refund and replacement process exactly.

Common Queries About Returns at EyeBuyDirect

How long do I have to return my purchase?

EyeBuyDirect specifies a timeframe for returns, ensuring customers are well aware of the window available to them.

What items are eligible for return?

Certain conditions apply to the eligibility of items for return. EyeBuyDirect specifies these conditions clearly to avoid confusion.

Is there a restocking fee for returns?

Understanding the financial implications of returns is vital. EyeBuyDirect Returns Policy regarding restocking fees is explained to provide clarity.

How do I initiate a return or exchange?

EyeBuyDirect simplifies the process, providing a step-by-step guide to initiating returns or exchanges, ensuring a seamless experience.

Can I return prescription glasses?

Specific guidelines exist for returning prescription glasses, and EyeBuyDirect elaborates on these to assist customers efficiently.

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