Gamestop Return Policy 2023

Gamestop Return Policy 2023 / Updated Details

Gamestop Return Policy: GameStop offers a variety of return policies available for electronic items. Refunds must be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase, and a confirmation of purchase or order number has to be provided for the refund to be considered.


There is also a variety of exceptions, including the ones listed below.

  • Items not defective must be returned in sealed packaging, or no refund will be issued.
  • The defective item may be returned unopened and inspected. However, GameStop reserves the right to make the final decision in determining the quality of an object.
  • Return of used items is required within seven days after the date of purchase.
  • GameStop has the final say to either accept or deny any returnable item.

GameStop’s return policy can be somewhat complex. However, we’re here to assist! We’ve got the complete information about what’s acceptable for refunds on GameStop by 2022. Let’s talk about the details!


Gamestop Return Policy 2022


GameStop is among the largest retailers of video games and is truly a gamer’s paradise.

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To improve your gaming experience and avoid misuse, the company has set out the terms and conditions of its service, including return periods and procedures.


Comparatively to other retailers, GameStop’s returns policy is rigorous. Learn more about how to be a buyer to ensure that returns are smooth.


What is GameStop Return Policy?

GameStop’s return policy revolves around its 30-day returns guarantee policy, which allows customers to return items. So long as you have an order confirmation or receipt, return it within 30 days of purchase.

Be aware that GameStop does not generally accept returns that have been used or opened. If you’ve utilized the item or opened it for the first time, GameStop will not usually reimburse you for the item.

If you wish to return a pre-owned item and you want to return it, you’ll need to return it within seven days. The 30-day period for returns does not apply as it is a used item.

It is possible to return items online or in person, depending on how you purchased the product. Online orders can be produced in-store, but not purchases made on the internet.

It is also impossible to return an online purchase in-store when it’s over $500, and it will have to be refunded online.

What is GameStop Return Policy

How to Return at Gamestop?

Now, we will focus on the things we should know to return our products to Gamestop. You can return your product to Gamestop in 2 ways. Online and in-store.

In-store Return

As simple as this sounds. Take your item to your nearby GameStop store. Remember to bring all the accessories that came with the product. 

Even if you bought the product online, you can return it at any GameStop store by presenting the original packing list.

How Long Do I Have to Return My Item?

GameStop will grant refunds for up to 30 days after purchasing eligible items. According to the GameStop website, all electronic items must be returned in 30 days from the date of an in-store purchase and for online purchases within 30 days after receipt of the shipment. The time frame for returning used items is seven days to replace them.

It’s crucial to understand that online orders must be returned within 30 days of the shipment’s delivery but not within 30 days after the delivery.

Gamestop returns policy on open box

Only defective products are eligible for refunds when they have been opened. If you’re trying to return an item for any reason other than the fault, such as changing your mind or purchasing the wrong product, the item cannot be opened. GameStop retains discretion regarding defects.

What is a Defective Product?

A product with a defect is malfunctioning, broken or hasn’t performed according to the standard expected. describes three main types of flaws in products. 

A deficiency in design can cause failures or imperfections in the product that result in the form of the item.

For example, a watch that is unreasonably small in wristband size that fails to fit on the average wrist is not designed correctly.

Another reason is that a flaw during manufacturing is different to every product. It is when a procedure used to make the product is defective, resulting in a unique spot. 

This is the most frequent problem because imperfections in production are not uncommon when it comes to mass-produced items.

For instance, a smartphone’s camera that isn’t working the first time of use is a flaw in the production process.

In the end, a problem in durability can occur if an item fails to function after a brief period.

There are different expectations regarding the use of products, and this defect is one of the more discretionary, and GameStop is the sole authority in setting the term for usage.

For instance, a console’s fan ceasing to work after an hour of usage is a sign of a problem with durability.

There’s a myriad of flaws. Therefore it’s recommended to contact GameStop since they’re the sole authority to determine whether the product you purchased is defective and if you are eligible for a refund.

How do I Return an Item I Bought Online?

GameStop accepts returns on online purchases. However, the merchandise must be sent within 30 days of the initial shipping date, and GameStop simplifies the process by providing an online portal. 

In addition, you’ll be required to mail everything returned to the location where the package came from.

  1. Pack all the items you would like to return in a new package or in the same one the items were shipped in. Also, include the receipt or invoice included within the initial box.
  2. Send the package to the address indicated on the label for return shipping, typically located in the outer part of the box. It should be delivered to the GameStop store where the product was shipped from.
  3. You can receive a refund online, or if you request it, you can receive a cheque in person within 14 days.

Can I return an item to Gamestop without a receipt?

GameStop cannot issue refunds if you don’t provide an invoice, and you’d need to give a purchase number if you purchased the item online. 

In certain instances, GameStop may allow refunds using an alternative document of purchase, for example, an invoice from a bank.

GameStop cannot legally obligate to offer refunds if no physical receipt is given. Therefore, keeping your ticket in the store for 30 days is recommended.

How is the Refund Paid?

You can choose what you will receive to pay back your purchase. The refund is often credited directly into the bank account used to purchase the original item. 

But, you may select another bank account, receive the refund by cash, buy credit or trade in the product for a brand new one.

If the items you purchased are classified as suitable for a refund, the total amount of the purchase, in addition to tax and other charges and surcharges, will be returned to you. 

You can trade it for new GameStop products, store credit for later use or receive the money returned to your account.

How Many Return Days Does Gamestop Allow?

The Gamestop return policy is an exact return period that is thirty days that begin from the date of the purchase. 

Receipts are required for return orders made online or in stores. The merchandise must be returned in original/sellable condition.

What If My Refund Is Not Accepted?

GameStop is authorized by law to deny refunds; however, it is subject to legal challenges. 

If you believe that your refund should have been approved but was not, you have a legal claim to contest their decision.

However, this is a hazardous process since legal fees can quickly pile up. Every state has its laws on refunds, and it’s recommended to study the laws of your condition and consult with a lawyer before making any decision.

Gamestop Return & Exchange Policy

Return Period 30 Days
Return Method 1. In-store
2. By Mail
Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method 1. In-store
2. By Mail
Refund Period Within 7 Business Days
Refund Method Original payment method
Holiday Policy Only offer exchange and not refund

 GameStop Return Policy on Used Games

If you purchased a second-hand game and wish to send it back to GameStop, it will be subject to the return policies for used items, which means that you need to return any pre-owned items within seven days to receive full reimbursement.

Can I Return New Games to GameStop?

Returning new games is possible to GameStop, provided you return the game within 30 days of the date you made the purchase. 

You should also have the receipt; the game should not be opened. If you’ve done all these requirements, you should not have an issue returning the game.

Can I Return New Games to GameStop

For businesses, GameStop is a very relax company with excellent return policies. It goes the extra mile to ensure that its customers are satisfi and offers refunds without hassle.

If you’ve got an invoice and return it within thirty days of purchase, there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s also crucial not to play it before sending it back.

Although you might like to try it initially, you can’t return a game that’s been play. GameStop does not offer refunds for these because it is against copyright laws applicable to games.

Gamestop Exchange Policy

This exchange policy at GameStop is in conjunction with GameStop’s returns policy. The conditions and exclusions we have discuss are also applicable for exchanging your product through GameStop. 

After GameStop has accept and validate your return, you may opt to exchange the item or claim an entire refund. 

If you want to purchase an identical item at GameStop, trading it will be the best option.

Exchange Period 30 Days
Exchange Method 1. In-store
2. By Mail

Gamestop Refund Policy

The Gamestop return policy says that for returns on games, there will be no refund given base on the condition of the game. 

You may receive a partial refund subject to how good the item is; therefore, we recommend that you take your time when purchasing. 

Gamestop Refund Policy

It is also suggest to return your item within the shortest time possible in the event of an item that is damag or defective. If the return is accept, the return will be process in 7 working days of the original payment method.

Refund Period With 4-7 Business Days
Refund Method Original Mode of Payment


What is the Gamestop Return Policy?

Please return your items to receive a refund or exchange when the product can be produce in 30 calendar days from when you purchase it.

What is the return policy of Gamestop on Controllers?

It takes 30 days to return or exchange your controllers once you have made an in-store purchase or after receiving a package.

Does Gamestop offer a 30-day return policy?

Yes, Gamestop has a 30-day return policy, and you must return the product after 30 days from purchase to get a credit.

Do I have to return an item from GameStop without a receipt?

In no way will Gamestop accept returns without a receipt.


Refunds are only grant for items return within the 30 days after purchase (7 days for pre-own items) with receipts, and a order number should be provide. 

Bad things can be open; however, items return for any other reason are not eligible for refunds.

GameStop has the sole discretion to refuse refunds, regardless of whether it was return with receipt and after 30 days.

We hope you’ve figure out what products can be refund at GameStop in 2023 and how to claim them.


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