Foot Locker Return Policy 2024

Foot Locker Return Policy【Easy Return, Refund & Exchange】

Foot Locker Return Policy: Foot Locker has extended its return policy up to 28 calendar days following the purchase date or date of delivery. Refunds can be processed in 14 days. 


The company suggests returning items to stores directly when you’re nearing the expiration date of the window for returning items to prevent any delays in the delivery of your mail.

Foot Locker lets products be returned for a full refund if customers aren’t satisfied with the purchase. You can return a product within 28 days of purchasing it, which is a significant improvement over the prior Foot Locker policy. 


But, it would help if you met certain conditions that we’ll look into this morning.

What Is Foot Locker Return Policy 2024?

Foot Locker increased the length of its return policy to calendar days to make the return of its items simpler even with restrictions in place. The fact that they are calendar days rather than working days must be kept in mind.

The company allows returns to be made via its website or in any of its stores. You can therefore go there to pick up your item and then return it if the store you are visiting is open.


What Is Foot Locker Return Policy Online VS In-Store?

Foot Locker recommends that you return your items to the location where they were purchased. As a result, you should attempt an online return whenever you make an online purchase. It is better to return items you bought from stores to the store where you originally bought them.

However, the website mentions that you can return online purchases to a store of your choice. It does not however offer any suggestions for doing the reverse.

Can I Return An Item To Foot Locker Without A Receipt?

You cannot do a simple return on an item you don’t have an invoice for. It is possible to exchange unworn items with packaging and labeling for a different thing from the store. It is the responsibility of the store manager but it isn’t a guarantee.


Keep track of Foot Locker receipts to avoid the possibility of this happening. If you’re giving someone gifts via Foot Locker, get a ticket to swap or return the item in case they want to.

Does Foot Locker Have A 30-Day Return Policy?

When the store was shut down Foot Locker did institute a 30 days return policy allowing customers to return goods they no longer wanted within 30 days of the store opening. But, this policy has been reduced to just 28 days.

Don’t wait until thirty minutes have gone by before you attempt to return an item you don’t want at Foot Locker. The 30-day policy was in effect before the first shutdown in 2020 and has been removed from use.

What Is Foot Locker’s Policy After 45 Days?

It is impossible to return items you purchased more than 45 days ago, and the item will not be accepted in stores or the form of an online return. 

If you mail it in, you may lose the thing. Returns must be submitted by the end of 28 calendar days.

What Is Foot Locker’s Kids Return Policy?

The Foot Locker will exchange or return kids ‘ shoes within 45 days of the date of purchase or delivery. 

Send the shoes you bought for your kid back to your neighborhood Foot Locker distribution facility if you find out they don’t fit them.

It is important to note that these shoes should be brand new and in good condition, including the box with intact original labels. 

You may be charged the restocking cost if you don’t exchange the shoes with a different pair.

Foot Locker Return Policy On Open Box

It’s okay to have opened the shoes you would like to return. However, you shouldn’t wear them outdoors for any duration of time.

Your return might be denied if you’ve done more than just put the shoes on and test the fit. Foot Locker will not accept returns on items that are worn.

Returns should have every label, tag, and packaging in good condition. Make sure nothing is lost when you attempt to put on your shoes.

Foot Locker Return Policy For Online Orders

Foot Locker Return Policy For Online Orders

The items you purchase online can be exchanged within 28 days of delivery. It is essential to try your shoes on and return them as soon as they don’t fit so that you don’t lose the return timeframe.

Online purchases can also be delivered to retail stores if you’d prefer not to mail them back; however, Foot Locker generally prefers customers to return their products by using the same method they initially purchased the item. 

If the local store is more convenient, visit them and pick up your online purchase. Bring your order information with you.

Foot Locker Holiday Return Policy

Foot Locker does not offer an extended return policy during the holiday season. This means you have to be aware when buying shoes for gifts for the holidays, for instance, as the recipient might not be able to the store at the right time if they purchase the boots ahead of time.

Foot Locker has a policy that requires returns to be received within 28 days. So should you plan to purchase Christmas presents from them, don’t stop too soon; otherwise, you’ll discover that no refunds can be accepted.

If you’ve done this it’s advised that you visit a nearby store to address the situation with the manager.

Some managers might permit an exchange out of the return window if you have the receipt in hand and the package is intact.

What is the Foot Locker Exchange Policy?

Was the product different from what you anticipated it to be? Did you purchase in the incorrect amount or item? You have to present the receipt that was issued. 

The item may returned within 45 days of the purchase date. When you return an item, it must be in its original packaging with all of its tags still attached.

There are 45 calendar days after the delivery date to return the item you purchased on the Internet. After 45 days, Foot Locker will not accept the exchange or return.

Foot Locker Self-Service Return Policy

The Foot Locker return policy window offers the option of self-service returns that cater to the customers’ requirements. 

Be sure to fill in all your information in the dialogue boxes provided for a simple and compelling return.

Points To Keep In Mind While Returning/Exchanging Your Products

  1. Foot Locker follows a stringent return policy designed to satisfy its customers’ demands. Infractions to any of the conditions or not following the rules established by them could result in an annulment of the return.
  2. The returned item should be in pristine condition, unworn, and with the original tags still attached. The item must be in a new state overall. All products to be returned must have brand new hang-tags that are original and attached to the article.
  3. After 45 days have passed since the shipment date the return must processed. After the return process has been completed, you will receive a refund made in the original credit form. Returns that are not processed or obtained within 45 days after the day of shipping will not accepted. Make sure to send the product back within the allotted period if you want to return it.
  4. In exchange for items, They assume the obligation to cover shipping charges. If the exchange item isn’t in stock, the customer will issued the amount back.
  5. COD returns aren’t valid.
  6. If you want to ship overnight for exchange orders, you’ll have to assume responsibility for the total cost of shipping.

The great thing concerning Foot Locker’s Return Policy is that they promise that they will exchange the item for free if it isn’t a good fit.

Foot Locker Returns Customer Service

If you’re not sure or are unsure of how to complete an exchange or return, Don’t fret, you can contact Foot Locker customer service via contact or email. They’ll be able to answer your questions and help you complete the exchange or return.

+1-800-991-6815 or [email protected] are customer support numbers.

For International Customers Call 715-261-9708.


Company NameA purchase receipt and unused original packaging and all tags are requiredYou can only exchange or receive store credit if you don’t have a receipt shipping is non-refundable. If you cannot accept COD returns refund will issued in the original form of the payment
Return Time Limit45 Days
Receipt RequiredYes
Return LabelNo
Restocking FeeYes
Refund / ExchangeReturn or exchange at customer’s choice, but if you don’t have a receipt then the exchange is the only option.
Original Packaging RequiredYes
Probability of Success ReturnMedium
ConditionsA purchase receipt and unused original packaging and all tags are requiredYou can only exchange or receive store credit if you don’t have a receipt shipping is non-refundable. If you cannot accept COD returns refund will issued in the original form of the payment
Exceptions Gift cards


What can I do to contact Foot Locker Customer Service? 

There are three ways to get with Foot Locker customer service.


1.800.991.6815 is Customer Service. 24/7 availability.


Chat is available between 8 a.m., and 11 a.m. local time, seven days a row.


You can mail your query to the Foot Locker customer service at [email protected] seven days a week.

How long will FootLocker need to be to deliver the refund? 

Refund processing typically takes 3 to 10 business days before it appears on your bank account. You will get a confirmation email after the refund has been processed.

Do I have the option of returning worn sneakers in the store of Foot Locker? 

Yes, but just once. Shoes that are damaged are not suitable for exchange or return.

Are shoes returned to any store that has a footlocker?

Choose the item(s) you wish to return to one in our shops within 45 days from the date of shipment or the purchase

Bring your invoice for shipping in the confirmation email you received from us and bring it to the store to assist in the return or exchange process. 

We will either exchange the item or provide you with full credit towards the cost of purchase for the item.

Are Footlocker returns for free?

Your complete satisfaction is essential for Foot Locker! Within 28 days of delivery, you can return online purchases for a full refund.

Are you able to return items from sale in Foot Locker?

Choose the item(s) you’d like to return to one of our shops within 45 days of the date of delivery or the purchase

You must bring your invoice of shipping that you received in the confirmation email you received from us to the store for the return or exchange to be processed. 

We will either exchange the item or offer you full credit towards the cost of purchase for the item.

What if I want to return my online purchase to Footlocker? 

Returns for online purchases must completed within 45 days of the date of shipment to eligible for an amount of refund in the initial method of payment

Returns beyond 45 days will sent back to the sender.

How can I obtain a return label from Footlocker?

991.6815 to request the label. To expedite the return process, please call Us by calling 1.800. 991.6815 and request an expedited Return Label

The return label within the day when you order by 4 pm CST Monday-Friday.

Can I exchange my Foot Locker online order for the store UK?

Foot Locker now accepts exchanges and returns within 30 days of our store’s reopening for online and in-store products

This policy extension applies to both in-store and online purchases made following February. 1st January 2020. 

After this date online and in-store purchases can returned within 30 days of the store reopening.


The return policy for Foot Locker is quite simple. They will require return requests to be received by the 28th day of receiving the item regardless of whether it was the store purchase or delivery. 

Original undamaged packaging is required. The thing may denied if the items are damaged or their packaging is damaged.

But, there’s no warranty, so it’s recommended to stop shopping for Christmas for Foot Locker to ensure your recipients have sufficient time to return their presents after Christmas.


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