REI Return Policy, Exchange & Refund Guide 2024

REI Return Policy Made Simple [Tips and Tricks]

REI Return Policy: In the US, one of the most well-known producers of outdoor and camping equipment is REI. Their lenient return policy is one factor.


You have a year to return any item you purchase from REI for a full refund, with certain exclusions.

For customers to have a hassle-free purchasing experience, REI offers a lenient return policy. For various products, REI has several return strategies. It’s well-organized, and you can return it to REI to get a refund or exchange.


It will become clear how simple it is to exchange or return items to REI and how to lower the expense of your unpleasant shopping experience.

REI Return Policy, Exchange & Refund Guide


Managers at REI have tested their items in extreme environments. You have up to a year from the date of purchase to apply for a refund or exchange under REI’s return policy if you decide one of their products isn’t what you were hoping for.

Unlike at REI stores, your return window is only 30 days. You have a full year, or 365 days, from the date of purchase at REI to return any item.


If you want to return an item you bought from REI to another store, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to do so.


What is REI’s return policy?

REI takes pride in a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


This means that for the vast majority of items in REI’s REI line, you are given an entire year to exchange the item. You’ll be eligible for a total return or exchange if you return them.

There is only a three-month time frame to return any electronic device that is used outdoors (e.g., GPS systems)

If you bought used equipment from REI and have purchased the equipment, you’ll have only 30 days from the date you purchased the item to return it for a complete exchange or refund.

What is REI's return policy
Return Period1 year
Return MethodOnline or in-store
Exchange Period1 year
Exchange MethodOnline or in-store
Refund Period365 for most items60 days for outdoor electronics30 days for used equipment.
Refund MethodOriginal Method of Payment

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

Online purchases can be returned directly to any REI store. But, you’ll need to present the proof of the purchase. 

If you didn’t keep the receipt you received with the REI purchase, you’d be able to print the ticket on their website. It is all you need to do is sign into your account.

How strict is the REI return policy?

REI is one of the most significant return guidelines within the US. They’ll rarely deny an exchange or refund if you return within the return period and you have met their many restrictions.

But they have stringent guidelines regarding when items are eligible to return, i.e., what you bought them for. If, for instance, you purchased second-hand items, the thing won’t accept returns after the 30-day return timeframe. They wouldn’t get the return if you bought the item at the REI auction.

REI Exchange Policy

The policy on exchange at REI is similar to REI’s refund policies. You can generally return items for a whole year and return them to REI for exchange.

If you’ve bought outdoor electronic devices, you can only return them for replacement within 60 days. If you purchased second-hand equipment, then the time limit is 30 days.

REI Exchange Policy
Exchange PeriodWithin 365 Days
Exchange Method1. In-store
2. By Mail

REI Refund Policy

REI will offer refunds on any returns that meet their criteria. In other words, if your item is not an item for refunds that are restricted it would be:

  • For most items, 365 is the best time to buy
  • 60 days for outdoor electronics
  • Thirty days to return used equipment.
Refund PeriodWith 10 Business Days
Refund MethodOriginal Mode of Payment

REI Outlet Return Policy

If you purchased it from REI, it is one year (1 calendar year) in which to cancel it. Whether you bought it on the internet or in REI’s store doesn’t matter. REI store. 

Bring the item to any REI Customer Service desk at any location with the original tag and packaging (if there are tags available) and evidence of purchase for an immediate and free exchange or return.

If you bought the REI product from another retailer, you would return it within 30 days of the time you purchased it for you to exchange it.

REI Return Online

You can return your items quickly by sending them back. It is stated in the REI return policy that customers can send the item to REI to return. Therefore, follow these steps, and you’ll be eligible for an entire refund.

  1. Log in at
  2. The product must be packaged in the original packaging.
  3. Send your proof of purchase and receipt of purchase together with the package.
  4. Label the return shipment on the invoice, along with your name and address.
  5. You’ll need to cover the cost of your return label.
  6. Lastly, deliver this package directly to the business via courier or shipping company.

It is important to note that the REI Shipping address can be found here.


1700 45TH ST E

SUMNER, WA 98352

Returning this way costs extra since you are required to pay for shipping. If the return is accepted, you’ll also be reimbursed for the shipping costs.

REI Refund Policy without a receipt

You must always present an invoice if you wish to return or exchange the product you bought from REI, and this is because of their generous policy on returns.

They must be aware that you purchased their product. Also, they need to know that the product is covered by its 100% Satisfaction guarantee policy.

Can I return my REI products after 30 days?

Yes. If the item isn’t utilized equipment or restricted items, you can return the item within 30 days. In most cases, you can wait up to one year to claim an exchange on the item.

Are there return exceptions?

There are very few reasons to return products to REI, and this is because their guarantee of 100% satisfaction is extensive. However, the policy could not be implemented without certain restrictions.

We’ve already spoken to you about the return times for the kind of product you are buying. However, there are other aspects you’ll have to be aware of.

   Final sale items    

There is no way to return any items listed as ‘final sale.’ You can only return the item if you intend to claim a warranty.

Wear and tear

If you’re returning an item because of expected wear and tear, you might not be eligible to claim according to REI’s REI returns policy. It’s usually an assessment from the side of REI. For instance, your return could be rejected when it is clear that you’ve gotten many uses for the item.

Garage sales

If an item was bought through a garage sale REI (regular promotions they have throughout the entire year), the store might not be in a position to accept a return.

Be aware that some garage sales may be used and will be sold “as-is’. It is not possible to exchange a product in an issue you are aware that it was before you bought it.

Does REI have free returns?

If you bring a product into an REI store, it is free. 

If you’d like to return the item by sending your item directly to their returns department, it will cost $5.99. The cost is not charged upfront. Instead, it will be deducted from your refund. 

If you send the package straight to REI’s return department, you’ll need to create an online prepaid label. REI will guide you through the procedure via their website.

How long do REI refunds take?

It takes about ten days to get the refund. This is the case whether you go into a store or send the items back by post.

REI Return via email/call

Yes, you can return REI products via telephone or email. Following the REI Return Policy, You can file a return report using an email or phone number and hand the package to the closest REI store.

  1. You can reach REI on their number: 001-253-891-2500, or send them an Email.
  2. Please request a return and provide all the information they require.
  3. Drop the package off at the closest REI retail store.
  4. Transfer the product using the original packaging.
  5. Include evidence of purchase and receipt of purchase together with the package.

In the end, you’ve successfully returned the item. Easy, isn’t it? Here are the methods you could use to return your item. Pick the most suitable one.

Shopping Hack – REI Credit Cards

If you’re a big fan of REI products and are a frequent customer, you can use one of their credit cards. REI provides credit cards that are in partnership with Mastercard without annual fees.

The card has many advantages, including cashback of 5% at REI purchases in stores and 2% cashback for mobile purchases plus 1% cashback for transactions that are made at any other location.

If you apply for the REI Co-op Global Elite Mastercard(r), If it’s approved, you can purchase it within 60 days, and you’ll receive a 100-dollar REI Gift Card.

In addition to this credit card, the company also provides several memberships that offer numerous advantages, such as 10% cashback when you make all valid purchases for a once-off cost of $20. Find out more about these here.


How can you get your REI refund?

If you return products to an REI store and return it, they will usually be refunded with the payment method you initially used. Refunds of more than $500 will be made via cheque. 

If you ship the item to the department for returns, the refund will be made through a check.

What happens to the returned REI products?

They are typically sold at one of the numerous REI garage sales. They may also be listed as used products on the website.

Are you able to exchange REI products by post?

No. You’ll have to go to the REI store if you’re looking for an exchange.

What is the procedure for the REI return policy function?

If you’re not completely satisfied with the product you purchased from REI product, then you may return it for a refund or a refund. 

Return items must be returned within one year from the date of purchase, except for products purchased from REI-OUTLET, which are required to be returned 30 days after the purchase.

Do you have to exchange with a receipt at REI? 

If you are making a return or exchange with REI, we request that you bring a purchase receipt.

What was the reason for the REI Change return Policy?

Most Read Business Stories. ACCORDING TO THE SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT FOR RETAIL TIM SPANGLER, Kent-based REI is actually in the form of Recreational Equipment Inc., which changed its name after seeing a dramatic rise in returns of items over a year.

Does REI offer free return shipping?

Free Return Shipping | REI Conversations. Membership is now as enjoyable as the great outdoors! Check out the Co-op Members section of our community. Learn about the benefits available here.


For the majority of products you purchase from REI, You have up to one year to exchange or exchange the purchase, and there are no limitations.

All you have to do is go to the nearest REI store and present the receipt. If you don’t have the convenience of a local REI store, you can also request reimbursement by mailing the item to REI. It will cost $5.99.


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