Best Buy Return Policy 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Buy Return Policy

Best Buy Return Policy: You’re lucky if you’ve purchased something from the online retailer giant, Best Buy, that you’re not completely happy with. 


Best Buy offers an all-year-round return policy, which applies to purchases made from the company itself and purchases made through its outlets and affiliates.

Like every return policy, terms apply. However, Best Buy’s policy on returns is far more generous.


For more information on how you can benefit from Best Buy’s return policy when the product you purchased did not turn out as you expected you wanted it to, continue reading.

Does Best Buy Have a Return Policy?

Best Buy’s Return Policy – How Does It Work?  

Best Buy’s return policy have an average return period of 15 days from your purchase date. Products are eligible for a full exchange or refund with receipts; an item may be exchanged without confirmation of purchase. 


The return time extends to fourteen days for mobile phones and other devices with activation requirements. 

Also, Wedding registry merchandise is eligible to be returned within 60 days from the date of purchase.

Remember that phones or other devices that require activation will be subject to a $35 restocking charge.


Drones and DSLR cameras, lenses and DSLR as well as mirrorless cameras and lenses, rideable as well as special order items will be charged 15% of the purchase cost. 

No restocking cost on unopened items that are either returned or purchased in the states of Alabama, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and in other states that are laws prohibit it.

Best Buy's Return Policy - How Does It Work

What is Best Buy’s return policy in 2023?

The return policy was designed to be as simple and painless as possible. Best Buy gives customers the option to return or exchange products within 15 days after the date of purchase.

The company recognizes that there are times when products don’t function as you would like them to, or your requirements alter after purchasing.

The window is narrow to 14 days after the date of purchase for activate devices, like mobile phones, tablets, mobile hotspots, and cellular wearables; however, the exception is Verizon devices from these categories, which come with a 30-day return and exchange period.

It is vital to remember that the window for exchange and return commences on the day you receive the product, instead of the date you purchase it if the date is different.

When you purchase Best Buy Elite members, you are entitle to having a 30-day window to return and exchange all items. However, the 14-day timeframe for devices with activation, like the ones mention above, is applicable regardless of membership.

In the case of Best Buy Elite Plus members, The window is extend further, allowing an additional 45-day period after the purchase date to exchange or return an item. Also, the 14-day period for activate devices, with the exception of Verizon devices, is still in effect.

In the end, Best Buy Totaltech members have 60 days to return and exchange most items and devices, except activate devices.

What is Best Buy's return policy in 2022

Return Timeframe 15 Days post-purchase
Return Item Exclusions Sale items
Return Method 1. In-store
2. Post
Exchange Period 15 Days
Exchange Method 1. In-store
2. Post
Refund Period 7 Days
Refund Method Original Method of Payment
Extended Holiday Returns Purchases made between Oct 18-Jan 2, returns starts From Jan 16th.


Best Buy’s return policy does not cover the final sale items and other purchases that are categorize explicitly, including custom orders, customize orders, and digital subscription content. 

To see a complete list of exclusions, refer to Best Buy’s return policies below. Items to be return must be in like-new condition, which means that items with damage or missing content won’t be accept.

Holiday Return Policy

Holiday Return Policy

This year, the window for most purchases made during Christmas time has been extend until January 16, 2022, regardless of membership status.

If you buy an item at Best Buy anywhere between October 18, 2021, and January 2, 2022, You have until January 16 2022, to exchange or return the item. 

This does not apply to activatable devices and other holiday items such as decorations, artificial trees and even lights.

Best Buy Return Policy Exceptions

The Best Buy open box return policy permits returns for an entire refund, provide the items are return in new and in good condition, with all accessories and original packaging. Best Buy might deny a return or deduct a non-refundable fee from the refund in case of parts of the package are not present.

While certain items may come with return costs, charges are waive if the item is not open or if the purchase or return is made within the states below:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina

What is Best Buy’s return policy for online purchases vs. in-store purchases?

The return policy at Best Buy works on both in-store purchases as well as online purchases. 

Online purchases can be return to the nearest Best Buy physical location or with a pre-paid shipping label create by an online refund.

What if I don’t have a Receipt?

If you don’t have receipts, ensure you have an acceptable ID when returning an item in Best Buy.

They do this to attempt to reduce returns fraud at their stores.

They have the right to reject any return without a receipt if they believe it’s a fraud.

Can I return an item at Best Buy without a receipt?

For a return in Best Buy, you must have the original items and packaging, receipts, the card use to make the initial purchase, and a picture ID.

If you bought something on the internet, you could return the item with no receipt, as long as you possess the packaging slip to prove you’re the purchase.

What items cannot be returned at Best Buy without a receipt?

Best Buy asks for proof of purchase for all its products to be able to process returns. Suppose you cannot show an original receipt or any other evidence of purchase at the time of returning the item. 

In that case, you may be able to continue to return the product by providing the email address link to your purchase.

However, your return could be reject or accept, but state sales tax or other fees are not refund.

What Other Gifts Can You Return to Best Buy?

All gifts bought during the holidays from Best Buy can be return for a full refund or exchange before the 16th of January. 16th, 2022. This includes:

  • Microsoft Office cards that have not been scratched of their key code off
  • The majority of products you buy are purchase at the Best Buy Express location or through Best Buy Business or Best Buy Education (in-store returns only)
  • Magnolia Design Center products are only available for return in Best Buy stores with a Magnolia Design Center inside.

Facilitate the return/exchange process for the person receiving your gift by requesting a receipt when you purchase in-store and then include the receipt with the present. 

Also, you can request the receipt for your donation online when you check out. Gift receipts do not show the purchase price, but they provide the original purchase details to be use by the Best Buy representative who will need to complete the return or exchange.

Does Best Buy have a 30-day return policy?

Best Buy offers a 30-day return policy, or even longer, only in the case of My Best Buy Elite members, My Best Buy Elite Plus members and Best Buy Totaltech members. 

Non-members can take advantage of the fact that most items provide a 15-day return period starting from the date you receive the item.

Despite the usual return policy timeframe, Best Buy has extend the time frame for return and exchange for the holiday time this year.

Anything bought between October 18 2021, and January 2, 2022, can be exchange or return until January 16 2022. This window extension does not apply to activatable devices or holiday-relate products.

What is Best Buy’s return policy after 90 days?

The most extend time frame for return by Best Buy’s return policy is a 60-day time frame in the case of Best Buy Totaltech members for most products. Any product purchase after the time frame is not eligible for return.

What is Best Buy’s return policy on open-box items?

Best Buy will accept returns of items in open boxes that aren’t damage as you return the original packaging and all the accessories that came with the thing. 

Suppose you cannot supply your original packaging or other accessories during your return. In that case, you could be able to still return your purchase with a deduction of the items that are missing.

What is Best Buy’s return policy for laptops?

Best Buy will accept the return of laptops, provide the return is made within the stipulate timeframe. 

The computer has not been damage, All accessories and original packaging are in stock, and you have the proof of the purchase.

What is Best Buy’s return policy for headphones?

Like Laptops, too, Best Buy will accept the return of headphones, so it is made within the return timeframe. 

The headphones are not damage, the equipment and the original packaging are in stock, and you can provide evidence of the purchase.

If the headphones were gifte to you, Best Buy would offer credit on the cost of purchase for the headphones.

What is Best Buy’s TV return policy?

TVs are treat as any other item and are remove within 15 calendar days.

If there’s no damage to the TV and you have all the packaging materials, you can return your TV to Best Buy for 15 days, as with most other items.

Restocking Fees at Best Buy

For some items at Best Buy, you’ll be charge restocking costs. If you purchase items with charges for restocking returns, we’ll list the information below…

  • Canon DSLR LensesLenses for DSLR Cameras – You’ll have to pay a 15% restocking charge.
  • Smartphones will be assesse a $35 restocking charge.
  • Drones -You’ll be charge a 15% restocking fee.
  • Projectors, You’ll be charge a 15% restocking charge.
  • Riderables -you’ll be charge a 15% restocking charge.
  • Special Order Products You’ll be charge a 15% restocking charge.

What is Best Buy’s return policy in Canada?

Best Buy’s return policy applies to any location, including Best Buy outlets and Best Buy subsidiaries. To find a complete list of affiliates, read the return policies of Best Buy on this page.

Best Buy FAQS

Do I require the box for return at Best Buy?

There is no need to use your first box to make a return, however, your return must be within the terms of the exchange and return policy.

    Can you return opened stuff to Best Buy?    

Best Buy allows customers to return virtually every open box product (including open-box products, new clearance, re-owne. Clearance and refurbish items) if the return is receive within the applicable return or exchange timeframe.

How long will you have for your go back at Best Buy?

As per Best Buy’s return and exchange policies. Customers can return their items for repair. Refund, or replacement up to fifteen days following the purchase. 

The 15 days can be extend only if a customer joins the My Best Buy programs.

What if I could make a return to Best Buy without the box?

If hockeycanuckjc is correct. We do not always require original packaging to return items according to the Return & Exchange promise: “Please return items with all accessories and packaging. 

If you do not. We may either deny the return or allow a return with a nonrefundable deduction on your refund for what is missing.”


Everyone has to return at times which is why Best Buy understands that.

To give customers enough opportunity to return their purchases, Best Buy allows 14 days for returns on nearly all items.

Certain products come with specific conditions or restocking charges.

Returning items can be done by mail or in-store, while employees and customers prefer to return items in-store.

Keep in mind that Best Buy has the right to refuse returns base on the employee’s discretion.


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