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Setting up your return policy – eBay

eBay Return Policy: eBay has been a long-standing integral part of online eCommerce. A variety of products are offered on the website. What happens if you’re looking to return something and receive an exchange or refund?


We’ll look at eBay’s policies and frequently asked questions about the process of refunds and more.

eBay Return Policy 2022


eBay Refund Policy

After the seller has completed the process of confirming the item you returned, It will take two business days to complete your refund. 

They will also email you that they have granted your refund. Following the eBay return policy, shipping costs will be borne through the seller if your item is defective right from the moment it is received or doesn’t meet the description of the item provided by the seller.

It can take between 3 days to allow the PayPal refund to be processed. Depending on your credit card company, it could take up to 30 days to process your refund when you make the payment using the card.


eBay Refund Policy

Refund Period Within 3-5 Business Days
Refund Method Original Mode of Payment or in cash if purchased through a debit card

What Is eBay’s Return Policy?

There are various return policy options available to sellers who sell on eBay. Private sellers can also choose a return policy at their discretion.

Here are the options for return policies that are offered:

  • No refunds
  • 30 days, free return
  • 30 days at the buyer’s cost
  • 60 days, no return fees
  • 60 days at buyer’s cost

It is also crucial that Top Rated sellers provide a return policy of at least 30 days. But, sellers who fall into these categories be able to offer 14 days of return time:

  • Mobility, medical and disability equipment
  • Camera and pictures
  • Collectibles and art

The return policy, as written, could be at the seller’s discretion unless otherwise stated.

How To Return eBay Products?

The return procedure for an item could be contingent on the seller’s policy. Here’s a step-by-procedure that you’ll have to follow:

  • You can find the return policy by clicking the ‘purchase history’ tab under the ‘My eBay’. You’ll be able to look up the order and the initial link.
  • Make sure to confirm that the seller is willing to accept returns. If there isn’t a return policy, further reading is needed. If there is any return policy, continue going through the book.
  • The policy will specify how long you have to return the product. For instance, if an item is sold with 30 days to return a product and you are allowed to return the item within 30 days from receiving the item to send it back. You can also cover return shipping or pay a restocking charge.
  • If you’re logged in, then you need to navigate to your purchase history and select the item you wish to return. You can like ‘Return This Item’ under the “More Actions ” hyperlink. Additionally, you must choose ‘Contact Seller.
  • You’ll have to complete a questionnaire and provide information about the item you’re returning. You can select options like ‘wrong item that doesn’t fit or isn’t what I wanted it to be and so on. You can also choose other alternatives. Include photos to support your argument about why you’re requesting an exchange or reimbursement. Click ‘Request a Return’.
  • Print the return labels that eBay provides to you. Place them on the outside of the package. The return slip should be placed inside the box.
  • eBay can contact the seller with additional instructions if the item is difficult to ship or is significant in dimensions. If the thing was delivered internationally, there might be a wait time.
  • Pack the item as you would and ensure that you have the tracking number in case you can track the item’s status.

How Strict Is The eBay Return Policy?

There are many policies available it’s not clear what the strictness of returns is on eBay. It is possible to exchange the product within a specific period from the day you received it (unless the seller states that it is a non-return item).

eBay Exchange Policy

The exchange policy could be applicable when the seller owns many items. On the eBay website, there seem to be no rules regarding the commodities exchange. 

It is possible to inquire with the seller about the sale of an item and whether it’s feasible.

eBay Refund Policy

eBay has a Money-Back guarantee that sellers must respect regardless of whether they have a return policy. They have to wait 30 days to reimburse the buyer.

The guarantee is valid if the buyer doesn’t get the item or receive it, but it doesn’t conform to the description if they get it or when the seller fails to comply with the return policy.

eBay return policy – A detailed overview for sellers  

If you’re planning to sell your goods on eBay, it is essential to have a clear idea of the alternatives you have in terms of dealing with returns.

To ensure you’re well-informed to make the right choices to run your business, Here’s a comprehensive review of the information you should know about eBay’s return policies.

eBay return policy

Does eBay Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, once thirty days (or after the fixed return period) Day period (or following the return time), There is no return policy. When there’s the no-return rule, then the product can’t be returned no matter what.

 What Items Cannot Be Returned To eBay?  

There are a few items that aren’t able to be returned on eBay.

This includes but is not restricted to classified advertisements, industrial equipment and motor vehicles, boats, RVs and aircraft, vouchers and tickets, digital content, and intangible items, including NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and websites, businesses for sale and real estate.

How Long Do eBay Refunds Take?

Refunds are expected to be processed within two working days after the date that the seller received the return. 

The funds are available in three to five days following. The amount you receive will be according to the method of payment you used for making the purchase.

Can I Return eBay Products After Use?

This could be contingent on the item being utilized. It could also be up to the seller to decide what they can sell the product after using it.

It is a matter of contacting the seller in case you spot any problems regarding the product while using it.

Also, you need to know if the item can be returned. Certain things are not returnable regardless of the reason.

Original packaging, tags or other items could require preservation before being repackaged and returned.

The item cannot be returned if post-shopping damage has occurred in the course of or following use.

eBay money-back guarantee

It’s also important to remember that eBay has a money-back assurance if the product isn’t delivered in the manner described. 

So ensure you give truthful, clear information regarding the product in your listing description.

Frequently Answered Questions

Do I need to cover return shipping costs?

It is entirely dependent on the reason behind the return. Some sellers will provide free returns as well.

When will I receive my refund?

It generally takes six business months for an online seller to make your refund.

Can I exchange an item following eBay’s return policy?

Of course, you can. Make sure that your item remains in good original condition. Then, do the packing and repackaging.

Can eBay sellers refuse to accept a return?

You can only deny an item’s return if the purchaser is returning the item because they’ve changed their mind or if your return policy states that you do not accept returns.

Does eBay offer a refund on your purchase?

Yes, within 3 to 5 days from the date of return.

Can you deny a return on eBay?

eBay will determine that the buyer is in the right, and you’ll be require to pay the buyer back. You’ll have a problem with the seller’s account if this happens. 

You should take the refund and not cause the pain. You can reject the return. However, you aren’t able to refuse the refund.

Do I have to accept a return on eBay if I said no returns?

Even if you say “no returns accepte,” under the eBay Money Back Guarantee, the buyer is still able to return the item in case it does not match the description of the listing.


eBay’s return policy could have change over time. At present, sellers can take advantage of any of the options available.

If you’re a buyer, be sure to be aware of the seller’s return policy before you click the buy button.

You may not be please with the product, or it could have been damag during shipping.

We hope that you find this guide to be extremely useful. If you have recently bought an item on eBay and wish to return the item, follow the steps list above.


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