H&M Return Policy 2024

H&M Return Policy: Finally…Here’s Exactly How It Works

H&M Return Policy: If you like shopping for clothes and accessories for your entire family, you’ve likely been familiar with H&M. 


Global clothing retailer H&M.Sometimes we buy items that aren’t the best choice for our family and need the option of returning or exchanging the products. 

H&M Return Policy

Read on to see if H&M accepts returns.


About H&M

H&M, a popular clothes store for ladies men, and children, has a large selection.

It is a Swedish multinational business, and Erling Persson was the founder of this firm in the year 1947. 

Since the business first catered to women’s clothing, it was given the Swedish name Hennes, which translates to her.


H&M is currently present in more than 62 worlds and has approximately 4500 stores across the globe. 

The company also offers online services to 33 countries to ensure greater visibility. The idea and the approach of the business have attracted many more customers over time which allows them to grow.

About H&M

What is H&M’s return policy?

H&M gives you 30 days to check whether the item you purchased isn’t suitable for you. H&M will offer exchanges and refunds for products for clothing as well as swimming suits (with a hygienic seal) and cosmetics. 


Returns must be made within 30 days with the sale receipt.

If you wish to exchange an item you purchase at H&M HOME on the internet, it cannot be returned to stores. 

H&M Home items must be sent back via postal post. And H&M can issue a credit to the original payment method. Returns may take 14 business days.

H&M Return Policy
Return Period30 Days
Return MethodPost or in-store
Exchange Period30 Days
Exchange MethodPost or in-store
Refund Period7-10 business days
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

How To Return an Item to H&M?

Return H&M products to a shop with the original sales receipt. Without the original sales receipt, you’ll only get the item’s selling price.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

If you buy an H&M Home item on the internet, you cannot return it in the H&M store. These items need to be returned via mail.

Other eligible purchases made online can be returned to the store. If you own an H&M product that you bought online and want to return it to the store, take your receipt in your email with your confirmation of shipping email or purchase form in the first 30 days following your purchase. 

In the following 30 days, you can exchange or return the item only at the current price. Any exchange of at least the same value or higher.

How strict is the H&M return policy?

H&M offers a reasonably flexible return policy. For a full reimbursement when you return your purchase, you must have the original sales receipt and submit returns within thirty days. 

After 30 days you can return an item without a sales receipt & receive the current price.

H&M Return Policy Online

They permit online returns, too, using mail. You’ll need the return label at the store or print it off the online website

After you have published your return labels, all you need to do is just pack your product correctly and without omitting any parts. 

Then you label the box & mail it back. The brand that you print will come pre-paid and will be pre-addressed. $5.99 will subtract from all refunds.

H&M Return Policy Online

H&M Exchange Policy

H&M stores allow exchanges.

To facilitate the process, take along your original sale receipt and ensure you complete it within 30 days of purchase.

H&M Refund Policy

H&M will offer an entire refund for items sold with the original sales receipt and received 30 days from purchase. 

The current sale price of the returning item will be refunded for purchases without a receipt within 30 days.

H&M Return Policy In-store

Another way to return your H&M product under an H&M returns policy is to visit the store. The process is free, and you will pay only for the journey in the direction of the shop. 

Make sure you complete the process before the expiration of 30 days on the day you made the purchase. In addition, it is essential to bring your purchase receipt along with you to prove the purchase.

Does H&M take returns without a receipt?

Yes. Returns that are not accompanied by receipts for sales are accepted for the amount for which the products are being sold.

Does H&M accept returns after 30 days?

Yes. Returns within 30 days are refunded at the current sale price.

What items Cannot be returned to H&M?

  • Face masks cannot be returned to H&M due to safety and health reasons.
  • Any swimwear that is not sealed with the hygienic seal in place is not able to be returned, and neither will underwear and
  • Items marked Final Sale.

How long do H&M refunds take?

H&M refunds may take two to two weeks before the credit will be credited to your account. 

Also, you should allow for two or three calendar cycles to allow the credit to show the credit card bill.

Can I return an H&M product after use?

The items must be free of wear to return. Swimwear that is not sealed with a hygienic seal, face masks, or underwear won’t be allowed to be replaced.

H&M Return Policy Terms and Conditions

Today, every business needs to establish terms and conditions just as H&M did, to ensure there are no violations in the H and M Return Policy. 

These rules apply to buying and returning items.

  • After receiving a return label you do not have the return label, call the company.
  • H&M offers traceable solutions for the delivery of your parcel.
  • It isn’t possible to use COD on H&M products.
  • It is possible to return items that fall under the clothing and swimwear that are sealed hygienic and cosmetics.

How to Contact H&M?

If you have any questions, H&M provides a few methods to reach H&M:

  • 24/7 customer service.
  • They also offer assistance through online chats.
  • You can get on a call with them at 855-466-7467(Toll-Free).
  • Join them on social media.

Company Overview:

H&M is a fashion retailer. In this article, we’ll discuss H&M’s Return Policy. H&M return policy in depth. The company operates more than 4,400 stores in Sweden across 74 countries. 

H&M has more than 2 million employees and earned 2480 crores of dollars. And it’s among the most significant worldwide clothing stores. 

H&M is owned by a family business, with the bulk of its shares held by Stefan Persson. One of the founder’s sons, Erling Persson. 


 What is H&M’s extended holiday return policy? 

H&M has an extended return policy for purchases made between November 19 to December 24 during the festive season. 

Items purchased during this period are eligible until January 31 to return to an H&M store. Things that have an authentic sales receipt will issue an exchange or refund based on the purchase method employed. 

Items with the original Gift receipt may be eligible for a discount up to the full retail value of the returned item.

 What should I do if I buy a recalled item from H&M? 

Sometimes, mistakes occur. Recalls of sold items are also justified by other factors. If you find the identified item that you bought. You should contact H&M customer service immediately. 

Contact H&M customer service by calling 855-466-7467, or you can email customer service via the Internet.

 Does H&M give full refunds? 

H&M will refund your purchase if you have the original receipt.

What can I do if I need to return a hazardous item?

If you bought something considered dangerous, like nail polish, perfumes, or pressurized sprays, you’d need to adhere to specific transportation requirements for return. 

something thought to be excessively dangerous. To return, one must be recognized.

LQ Hazmat Label on the shipping box. The shipping firm is informed via the label. That the package has flammable materials and is subject to a specific transport need.


When you purchase gifts for your family members in stores or on the Internet. It’s beneficial to know the process for returning items. In case you require to exchange or return the purchase. 

Customers can easily return items to H&M if they are unhappy with their selection.


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