Zara Return Policy 2023

Zara’s Return Policy and the Future of Retail

Zara Return Policy: Zara is a clothing store that makes up Inditex, the largest seller of apparel worldwide. If you’re not familiar with Zara, it’s because there are 99 stores across the continental United States, with the vast majority of them in California.

Zara Return Policy

Zara Return Policy

Returns and exchanges at are free for returns made using their return options. Returns and exchanges must be completed in the first 30 days following receiving the shipping confirmation email. retains the option to deny returns received beyond the return time limitation or for items that don’t match the state in the condition the items were purchased. 


It is recommended that the items be returned in their original packaging if possible and should in good condition with attached tags.

There are a few restrictions on the purchase of certain items at Zara;

  • Swimwear: Include the label for hygiene.
  • Underwear: items for underwear may not be returned or exchanged except bodysuits, tops, or vests in the Kids’ section that are kept within their original boxes.
  • Accessories: They must be returned in the complete original packaging.
  • Fragrances: They must returned in their original packaging.

If you’re sending an item to Zara, you must review the Zara Return Policy before sending the return package to ensure that everything will receive a refund.

Zara Return Policy

How to return items to Zara

You can return the items to the Zara store in the original packaging and proof of purchase.

If you wish to return your purchase to Zara via mail, go to and then My Account > Returns and Orders. 

There you can request an exchange in size or request a return. The complete directions on what to do with your packaging can be found on the label for returns.


Home Return: Attach the label printed on the sealed box, and comply with the “Home Return” instructions on the return label. 

Drop-Off: Attach the label you printed to the sealed box, and comply with the “Drop-Off” directions on the return label.

Even if you don’t have a Zara account, you’ll be able to complete returns by clicking the return link in your confirmation email of purchase.

How to return items to Zara

If you’re packing the item you’re returning, you must include the receipt to prove your purchase and that it was received in the same original condition. 

The refund will be credited to the credit card used for the payment method used initially and can take between 14 and 14 days. Make sure the packaging you choose to use is appropriate because this item will remain yours until the time it is back to Zara.

What Is The Return Policy At Zara?

Zara does have an exchange and return policy. You have 30 calendar days after the item was delivered to make an exchange request, after which you will be given 14 days to send the product back to Zara.

If Zara hasn’t received the items you returned to exchange within the 14-day timeframe; the payment method will be charged the cost of the article for which you submitted an exchange request.

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The policy for exchange is the same as in-store for as long as you return the item within 30 days, in its original and unopened condition.

Zara will allow returns up to 30 days after the purchase date. If you want to make a return on an item, customers need to access your Zara account, either through the online store or through your Android or iOS app. You’ll need to complete a return request form.

What Is The Return Policy At Zara

According to Zara’s Return Policy, The item to be returned should be in “perfect” condition, and the original packaging should remain in place. 

It’s okay if it’s been removed from its exterior packaging, for example, the envelope or box, provided the package around the item is not opened.

If you made an in-store purchase, The same rules apply, except that you have to return the item to the store in the thing in its original, unopened condition, provide an invoice, and will not be required to submit the Return Request in the same way as you would with online returns.


Return Period30 Days
Return MethodIn-Store or online
Exchange Period30 Days
Exchange MethodIn-Store or online
Refund PeriodWithin 14 Days From the Purchase
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

 Does ZARA Accept Returns Without a Tag?  

The ZARA cannot accept returns without the original tag attached to the product, and a return in-store requires you to return the original packaging and titles. 

However, the labels may be removed from the product, and the packaging may be opened.

Furthermore, you must carry the original receipt along to receive an entire refund using the same payment method you used to purchase the item. 

For instance, if you bought your purchases at ZARA and have a receipt from the ZARA store, they’ll reimburse you in cash. ZARA is a partner of PayPal, Apple Pay, major credit cards, and ZARA gift cards.

ZARA’s online return policy is simple. ZARA’s Return policy online is easy, provided the items are correctly sealed to prevent being lost.

Additionally, ZARA’s ZARA exchanging policy on “in-season” items lets you only exchange the item for an alternative size or color.

How Strict Is The Zara Return Policy?

The most stringent aspect of Zara’s return policy is to return the unused, sealed package and the return request form. As with many retailers, you’ll need to give an invoice.

According to Zara, the company will only give you a refund in the form of the card that you used to purchase the item. Also, in-store purchases are only eligible for return in-store, not by shipping.

Zara Return Policy Online

Similar to online exchanges, you must complete a Return Request. If the request is accepted, you must ship the item back to Zara, which you paid by Zara, after which, when it arrives, the company will reimburse your funds using the same form that you initially used.

How To Return ZARA Items Online for Free?

ZARA provides free return shipping on online purchases up to 30 days following the date of shipping confirmation. You can return your online purchases to a closed ZARA store for no cost too.

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These are the steps you must follow to return ZARA products online to receive a refund:

  • Then, go to first the ZARA site to search for your order. Select the item(s) you wish to exchange or return.
  • Go to the returns tab and choose the no-cost option to return the original purchase.
  • Return the items you purchased within 14 days of requesting an exchange or return.
  • If you do not return the products after 14 calendar days following receiving your request and you don’t return them within 14 days, you’ll be charged for the shipping costs using the payment card that you used to purchase in the first place, like a credit card that has the chip or PayPal.

Check that the return box is sealed properly, so the item doesn’t get lost in the shipping. 

Can I Return Items To Zara After 30 Days?

Zara’s return policy is that it is impossible to return any items you purchased at Zara beyond 30 days. For items purchased in stores, you might be able to convince the local management to accept a refund after 30 days. However, this will be on a case-by basis.

Of course, dealing with managers and managing returns online are entirely different aspects. It’s unlikely that online returns will be handled case-by-case; you’re likely not to be able to return an item within 30 days.

Who Pays for ZARA Return Shipping?   

ZARA will cover free return shipping on its website if you begin returning your items within thirty days after purchase. 

After that, you must return the item after 14 calendar days following the date of your request, or else ZARA will charge you for return shipping. Customers can shop on ZARA online confidently because they know the free shipping.

You cannot return any online purchase made in your nearby ZARA store. Purchases made at a retail store can only be returned to a different retail store.

Are There Return Exceptions?

Zara does offer a range of exceptions that they call “special conditions.” According to Zara, they have “certain criteria that must be fulfilled” to be returned.

  • SwimmingwearHas has been designed to carry the “hygiene” sticker.
  • Unterwäsche: No return or exchange for underwear, except tops, vests, and bodysuits
  • Wears: Original condition and home return only
  • FragrancesHas to be returned precisely in identical condition that it was bought
  • Additional Features: Still in the bag and the original box
  • PacksIndividual products within packs cannot be returned in separate packages
  • cosmetics to be returned within the same condition and packaging that it was received in when it was purchased.
  • ZRATTRIBUTE T-shirts can not be removed from the box before returning
  • Special packaging items: Must be returned with everything intact and not individual

Any situations outside of those exceptions would have to be cleared up by contacting customer service. 

Can You Return Items To Zara Without A Receipt?

Zara’s official return policy states that all products are to be returned in their original condition within their packaging within the 30-day timeframe along with the original receipt.

There is no way to circumvent this policy except the purchase in-store. If that’s the case, you may speak with an employee and perhaps receive a refund for the purchase from the store.

It’s beneficial if you recall the person who took care of your order at the time you purchased the item, and you’re able to call them to start the process. There is a rule against returning products without a receipt, but working in person could change the practices.

Whatever the case, trying to return an item purchased in-store will be handled depending on the individual situation, in contrast to the store’s official policy.

Does Zara Have Free Returns?

Does Zara Have Free Returns

From the perspective that you’re returning the items in the exact condition that you bought them.

Zara is quite firm regarding its policy on returns online. Will not likely offer an exchange for free if the items aren’t in the same condition as when they were purchased.


How long will Zara’s Return Policy be?

Zara operates on a 30-day return and exchange policy. However, refunds are only available within 14 days of the purchase.

What if I want to send an item back to Zara without a receipt?

There is no way to return an item without a receipt. Zara demands that returns be made in the original packaging and with an invoice.

Does Zara Price Match?

No, Zara does not offer price matching to customers. Instead, they try to keep their prices at a competitive level.

Can You Get A Refund From Zara?

If you return the item within 30 days, the customer receives a full reimbursement, except for shipping charges.

If you return within 30 days, you won’t receive any refund and will only be eligible for credit on your purchase.

ZARA Return Policy Summary

It is easy to understand the ZARA returns policy is simple customers can return items within 30 days of the date they purchase them to a retailer. 

In the same way, you can exchange ZARA online purchases up to 30 days following the delivery confirmation. 

You have 14 days to return the item following the date you request the return. You can return or exchange an item within the same region and country in which the item was purchased.

ZARA’s success is due to many factors. However, one of ZARA’s strengths is the ability to put the needs of its customers first.


While shopping, it’s good to know that the store has a reasonable return policy. Particularly for Zara, the return process is a breeze for many customers. However, you can return online purchases with the same ease.

You can now shop without worry knowing that in 30 days, you can return the item for an entire refund. If you’d like to learn more about the return policy of Zara, read pages 6 to nine of the General Terms and Conditions.


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