Nike Return Policy

Nike Return Policy: Nike is a well-known firm apparel and footwear company that delivers a vast choice of goods for men, women, and kids.


It’s critical to comprehend Nike’s return policies if you need to exchange or return an item you bought from them.

We’ll give a thorough explanation of the Nike return policy in this article, covering its characteristics, advantages, and application.


Nike Return Policy

What Is Nike’s Return Policy?

Clients have the ability to test out their Nike or Converse creations to confirm they work for them thanks to the brand’s generous 60-day return policy, which applies to all purchases.

Specific written guarantees or warranties are available for some Nike products. In those circumstances, the label, hangtag, or warranty card that was sent with the item would give details and return information.


What Is Nike’s Return Policy

Features of the Nike Return Policy

Numerous aspects of the Nike return policy make it simple for customers to exchange or return merchandise. Some of the major aspects of the Nike return policy are as shadows:

The 60-day window for returns: From the date of acquisition, clients have 60 days to return or exchange an article.


original container and state: The returned item must be in its original packing and condition in order to qualify for a refund or exchange.

Requires a receipt: To return or exchange an item, customers need to have their receipt.

Exchanges and refunds: Clients have the choice of returning an article for a refund or an exchange.

Benefits of the Nike Return Policy

The Nike return policy offers several benefits to customers, including:

Easy returns: The 60-day return window and requirement for original packaging and condition make it easy for customers to return or exchange items.

Refunds and exchanges: Clients can decide to receive a refund or exchange for their returned object, which gives them flexibility in how they handle their return.

Receipt required: The requirement for a receipt helps ensure that customers receive proper credit for their return.

How to Return an Item to Nike

To return an item to Nike, follow these steps:

Locate your receipt: You will need your receipt to return or exchange an item.

Package the item: Create sure the article is in its initial packaging and in the same state as when you purchased it.

Bring the item to a Nike store: Bring the item and your receipt to a Nike store to process your return or exchange.

Receive your refund or exchange: Relying on your preference, you can obtain a refund or exchange for your returned object.

Nike Return Policy In-Store

Going to the store and making your return there is the simplest option. You will require to keep in reason a few things in order to make it happen. Follow these steps after locating the closest Nike store.

  • You should pack your product properly.
  • Unwashed products are eligible for a return.
  • There should be no torn or worn to the original condition.
  • Complete your return before 30 days.
  • Take your purchase proof along with you.
  • Carry valid ID proof with you.

Return through Mail

when you buy something from Nike’s online store. You must acquire the skills necessary to return those kinds of purchases. Look at our points below for an easier understanding.

  • Repackage the item in the mailing box.
  • Obtain the return label, then affix it to the box.
  • Drop off your items at the UPS location of your choice.

You must keep these crucial considerations in mind, or you risk violating their terms and conditions. which implies that your request for a return will be denied.

The product must be handled with care up to a certain point during the trial run, thus there are some risks involved.

Nike Online Return Policy

For things bought on Nike’s website, a return policy is also available.

The Nike online return policy includes the following crucial elements:

The 60-day window for returns: From the date of delivery, customers have 60 days to return or exchange an item.

original container and state: The returned item must be in its original packing and condition in order to qualify for a refund or exchange.

Requires a receipt: To return or exchange an item, customers need to have their receipt.

Exchanges and refunds: Clients have the choice of returning an article for a refund or an exchange.

Can I Return My Worn Nike Shoes?

Yes, returned worn shoes are accepted under the Nike return policy. To ensure they are comfy, Nike advises clients to go for a test run. If you’re not fully happy, you can return It for A complete refund.

Is It Possible To Return After 60 Days?

You can’t send it around to get your cashback. After 60 days, however, you can still phone or visit your local Nike store to replace your unworn and unwashed Nike items.

Can I Return To Nike Without Receipt?

Nike will accept your return request even if you can’t find your original receipt. You will accept store credit established on the item’s recent price. For assistance, you can go to the closest Nike location or get in touch with their customer service department.

How Many Return Days Does Nike Allow?

30 days.

Returning merchandise purchased from a Nike Store or is free of charge for 30 days.

By signing up to become a NikePlus member for FREE, you can extend this policy to 60 days.

Exceptions To The Standard Nike Return Policy

Nike makes every effort to assist its consumers. You might not think it’s fair, but not all products are eligible for returns.

They have added a section of exceptions to their Nike Return Policy as a result. You can read more about the goods or categories of products that can’t be returned in this section. The time that the product was purchased may potentially be an exception.

  • Nike+ and AppleCare are purchased along with Apple Watch. You have a 14-day window to return items to Nike.
  • Within 90 days of purchase, Nike golf clubs can be returned.
  • Gift cards from Nike cannot be cancelled or returned.
  • Nike won’t accept your return if the items have been opened, including Nike+ devices like the Nike+ FuelBand SE, Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ SportWatch GPS, Nike SportBand, Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360, Nike + iPod, Nike+ Basketball, Nike+ Training, Nike + iPod Sensor, and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

These are the exclusions to the Nike return policy. Nike now has various products with special return policies, which are noted on the label or tags of those products. You can look for this information on your product.

Nike Exchange Policy

Nike will provide you with a complimentary exchange at any of their accounts if you have a problem with size, colour, or style.

For exchanges on online items, call them at 1-800-806-6453 instead. You can also take your internet-purchased Nike merchandise to any Nike retail location, per the company’s online return policy.

Exchange Period 60 Days
Exchange Method 1. In-store
2. Online

Nike Refund Policy

In accordance with the Nike Return Policy’s terms and conditions, Nike will accept your return. These terms and conditions will be simply described in this area. after you’ve finished the return process.

The refund procedure is carried out. The payment method you used to purchase your product will be utilized to process your refund. Refunds will vary relying on your case.

  • You will receive your refund in the same form that you paid for it if you have your original receipt with you.
  • You will accept store credit for the item’s present price if you don’t have your receipt.

Nike promises that processing your refund will take two days. If there is a problem, it could bring up To 10 working days To resolve It. The time it will take for it to appear on your account is included in these days.

Refund Period Within 10 Business Days
Refund Method Original Mode of Payment


Clients can easily return or exchange items with Nike within 60 days of investment as long as they are in their original packaging, undamaged, and have the receipt.

Customers may also select a refund or exchange for their returned goods under the policy. Contact Nike customer support for help if you have any queries or problems with the return policy.

Nike Return Policy FAQs

Q.1 What is the Nike return policy?

ANS. For effects bought at a Nike store or online At, Nike has a 60-day return policy. All tags must be current and attached, and the original packing sheet or invoice must be includ with the item. The same form of payment that was us to make the purchase will be utiliz to issue refunds.

Q.2 Can I return an item to a Nike store?

ANS. Nike products can be return to any US shop with the original receipt for a full refund.

Q.3 Can I return an item I purchas online to a Nike store?

ANS. Yes, items purchas online can be returne to a Nike store.

Q.4 Can I exchange an item at Nike?

ANS. Nike exchanges things. Return the item within 60 days for an exchange or refund to your original payment method.

Q.5 How long does it take to receive a refund from Nike?

ANS. Refunds are generally processe within 7-10 enterprise days after the return is receive.

Q.6 Can I return a gift to Nike?

ANS. Return Nike presents. Return the item within 60 days for a refund or exchange to the initial payment process.

Q.7 Do I need a receipt to return an item to Nike?

ANS. Yes, you need a receipt to return or exchange an item at Nike.

Q.8 What if I don’t have a receipt for my Nike purchase?

ANS. Nike purchases without receipts can be returne for store credit.

Q.9 What items cannot be returned to Nike?

ANS. Final sale items cannot be return or exchang at Nike.

Q.10 Is there a time limit for returns at Nike?

ANS. Rescues must be complet within 60 days for a refund or exchange.


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