Fitbit Return Policy 2023

A Complete Guide to the Fitbit Return Policy

Fitbit Return Policy: Fitbit is a great company that produces incredible intelligent watches for fitness tracking. 


Their unique products monitor daily step count, heart rate in incoming texts, and much more. But what happens if you buy the Fitbit and realize it’s not for you?

In this article, we discuss how to return your Fitbit Fitbit return policy and a lot of the frequently asked questions regarding that process.


Fitbit Return Policy

What Is Fitbit Return Policy?

The terms of the return policy of Fitbit are as the following (please be aware that this policy only applies to purchases directly through the company’s website). Their website store).

You can return your Fitbit to receive an entire refund. If you’re not happy with the product for any reason-as as the following three conditions are satisfied:

  1. You have to exchange your Fitbit in the first 45 days from the date of delivery
  2. The Fitbit itself, as well as all of its accessories, should be) in good working order and) in the original packaging
  3. You need to have an authorization number to return your item

What Is Fitbit Return Policy

Return Period 45 Days
Return Method By Phone or Online
Exchange Period 45 Days
Exchange Method By Phone or Online
Refund Period 7-10 business days
Refund Method Method of Payment

How To Return Fitbit Products

How To Return Fitbit Products

If you’re looking to exchange your Fitbit and you’re in compliance with all of the above conditions outlined in their policies, Here’s how you start the process of returning your device.


Start your return in one of the below ways:

  1. On the Fitbit site:

    • Go to this return application, enter your order number and the billing zip code, and follow the next instructions listed below.

   2. To call:

    • Contact (877) 623-4997, and provide the requested details to the customer service representative. They will then follow their directions.

    3.  Via Live Chat

    • Visit Fitbit’s Contact Support page, and select “Live Chat.” Once an agent can join the chat, provide them with the required information and follow their directions.

4. You are likely to have received the return authorization number through the method you chose to use.

5. Place your Fitbit and any equipment in its original package

6. Send the package to the address you have specified.

How Strict Is The Fitbit Return Policy? 

Since you can return your unloved Fitbit in any way you want, we’ve decided this policy isn’t any stricter than the others. 

They seem to be highly patient and provide you with an incredible 45 days to return your purchase of Fitbit to receive a full refund.

Fitbit Exchange Policy

Fitbit is currently not offering exchanges for its products. If you bought your Fitbit from a third-party retailer, However, they might have a different exchange policy, and you might be eligible to swap your Fitbit for another product at their store.

Fitbit Refund Policy

You can return your Fitbit for a full reimbursement if you satisfy the above three criteria. This is, however, only available on the Fitbit website. 

The refund policies of third-party retailers could differ from the Fitbit policy.

Are There Exceptions to the Fitbit Return Policy?

The following fees and conditions qualify to be refunded according to the Fitbit return policy. Review the following guidelines to make sure you’re eligible:

  • Handling, shipping, and gift wrap costs aren’t refundable.
  • Taxes (including customs, state, and VAT) aren’t refundable.
  • Returns that don’t meet the essential requirements of the policy can be refused or subject to an additional 15% restocking charge.

What Items Cannot Be Returned To Fitbit?

The only time you’ll not be able to return your product to Fitbit is when you are trying to return the item outside of the 45 days, are trying to send back an item that is not in any packaging in its original condition, trying returning an item which is damaged or is not satisfactory, or trying to exchange an item that is not covered by an authorization code to return the item.

Does Fitbit Have Free Returns?

We couldn’t determine the cost of returns when you return an item to Fitbit. While looking on their website, we couldn’t discover an answer to this frequently asked question. 

Fitbit does not refund shipping charges when they ask you to return an item in exchange for a refund.

Can I Return Fitbit Products After Use?

Yes. You can take back your Fitbit after trying it for a while, provided you comply with the guidelines to return it. This means that your Fitbit must be in perfect shape (as are the other accessories). 

Also, you must return it in its original packaging and with all accessories. Returns must be received within 45 days of purchase, and you need an authorization number for returns.

Can I return opened Fitbit to target?

The Fitbit can be returned to Target. Be sure not to take the Fitbit out of the package if you aren’t sure you’ll need or want it. 

It is possible to exchange an opened Fitbit for a product of identical value with the customer service department at the retail store.


How Long Do Fitbit Refunds Take?

We were also unable to figure out the length of time they took Fitbit to refund your purchase following the return of your product to them. 

We’d bet that it will take the industry norm of 7-10 business days for you to get your money.

Does Fitbit accept returns after 30 days?

Yes. There is a 45-day period to return the Fitbit to the manufacturer when you have purchased it.

Is it possible to return Fitbit?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase on in any way, you have 45 days from the day of purchase to ask for a full refund.

Can I exchange my Fitbit for an alternative one?

At the moment, we don’t offer exchanges. If you bought the Fitbit device or accessory from another retailer, contact the retailer to know their return policy. 

Customers residing in the United States can initiate a return using this application.

Do I have to send back an open Fitbit for a refund to Best Buy?

It is possible to exchange your Fitbit within the 15-day return/exchange timeframe (Elite 30 days and Elite Plus 45 days).

What should I include inside the return of my Fitbit return?

Your returns authorization numbers are required to be included with the returned Product. 

The Product must be delivered in the original packaging or in packaging that provides the same degree of protection at the address provided by Fitbit.

In Conclusion

We hope that you enjoy this piece that details the return policy of Fitbit. 

Our opinion is that they’re unique and their return policy is among the most generous available for similar products.


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