DSW Return Policy 2024

DSW Return Policy 2024

DSW Return Info | Return Policy, Refund, Exchange

DSW Return Policy: DSW offers an excellent return policy, allowing customers up to three months to bring their items in for a return in case they are disappointed that the things don’t work for the store.

This makes them a fantastic source to purchase gifts from during Christmas because present recipients can quickly request the item back or exchange it for items that do not fit their needs.

DSW Return Policy

DSW Return Policy

Returning items purchased in-store

It is possible to return any items you have bought from the DSW retailer for a complete reimbursement to the original payment method if you meet the following conditions.

Time: Returns must be delivered to the shop within 60 days from the date of purchase. If you wait 60 days to return your purchase, you may still receive a credit on the investment if the item is not worn or you’ve received the purchase receipt. 

DSW The VIP Elite members have up to 30 days to exchange the merchandise for receiving an exchange to the original payment method.

The condition: The item must be pristine and undamaged, with the original packaging.

Documentation: Bring your original receipt along with you. If you do not have the ticket, you could still receive an amount of merchandise instead of a refund.

Method Products purchased at DSW stores DSW store have to be returned to the DSW store. The items cannot be sent back. 

DSW Return Policy

What Is The Return Policy At DSW?

DSW accepts returns on all items within 90 days from the date of purchase and will provide a full refund for items that are not worn. The merchandise must be returned in its original packaging along with the original receipt or shipping invoice.

DSW has an excellent return period, which gives users 90 days to return their items that haven’t been used. 

It is recommended to keep the original receipt and all packaging to ensure that your return process is satisfactory.

If you wish to return the item within 30 days of purchase, you will receive a refund. However, it will be issued as a credit instead of being refunded using the original payment method.

Return Period90 Days
Return Method1. In-store
2. Online
Exchange Period90 Days
Exchange Method1. In-store
2. Online
Refund PeriodWithin 10 Days
Refund MethodMethod of payment
Contact Number1.866.379.7463

DSW Exchange Policy

DSW will also allow customers to exchange items if their purchases aren’t suitable.

If you want to swap an item you purchased in-store, it is best to do it in-store. If you bought an item from DSW.com but you have paid with PayPal, DSW also recommends exchanging the item at a physical store if you can.

You can exchange products purchased in buy-one-get-1 promotions. However, this is done pro-rata depending on how the original advertisement was used.

Specialty items (such as rechargeable batteries, fragrances, nail polishes, etc.) can’t be exchanged. Products marked “FINAL SALE” are also not exchangeable, regardless of whether or not you bought the item in-store or on the Internet.

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If you exchange your purchase within 60 days from the purchase date, any amount due to you by the retailer will be credited as a credit against the original method of purchase.

If you do an exchange within 60 days, you’ll only be issued a store credit.

DSW Exchange Policy

Dsw Online Returns

You can receive a full refund on the original payment method for products purchased from Dsw online store if you meet the following conditions. It will take 7 to 10 weeks for DSW to make your refund.

Time: Send your online purchase back to us by post within 60 days of the date of purchase.

Cost of Shipping: You can pay for shipping on your own or utilize DSW’s FedEx label which is included with your online purchase. 

The price for this FedEx label amounts to $8.50, which is then taken out of your refund. DSW Gold and VIP Gold or DSW VIP Elite members do not pay for the return shipping charge. 

It is also possible to save the $8.50 cost by making your original purchase using a DSW Rewards Visa(r) credit card.

The condition: The item must be unworn, unused, and returned in the original packaging.

Information: Fill out the Return & Exchange form on your invoice. Please attach it to your shipping receipt to receive an exchange back to the original payment method.

How Strict Is DSW Return Policy?

The DSW indeed returns policy uninformed regarding the length of time, but they’re very strict regarding the conditions the product has to be within.

They will not accept items in their original packaging and labels still intact. The company will not get returned items or items with no original packaging.

Can You Return Shoes After Wearing Them?

You cannot return the footwear you’ve been wearing to DSW, and the company will only accept brand-new items in good condition.

You might be able to try on shoes and then wander around the house to see if the shoes are at ease for you. However, wearing shoes, you plan to return is not recommended.

Never take DSW shoes outside to test them until you’ve tried them thoroughly inside to determine whether they are comfortable.

Once you’ve decided an item of footwear is appropriate for you, it is essential to ensure that you save all the receipts and packaging.

This is also the invoice for shipping and should be in the package if you purchased your shoes from a website.

Can I Return Shoes That Hurt My Feet?

It is only possible to return shoes you’ve never worn back to DSW, and they won’t accept shoes used for any reason, even if they’re uncomfortable or do not suit you well. When you’re confident that your boots work, wear them only indoors and ensure that they are kept clean.

Also, keep the labels on all packaging and other documentation until you have determined that you want to save the footwear. Don’t throw away any receipts or other documents up to the point at which you are ready.

Keep in mind that the shoes cannot be returned as soon as your shoes show signs of wear. The soles are ruined, dirt on the soles, and stretched fabric or worn-out laces can hinder your ability to return your shoes regardless of whether they’re comfortable.

How Long Is DSW Return Policy?

It is important to note that the DSW Return policy for most items is 90 days for most products. This policy begins from the day you purchase the item. Within 90 days of purchase, customers may still return items in a like-new condition. 

However, you’ll be required to accept credit for the purchase rather than reimbursement to the original payment method.

DSW VIP Elite members can return the merchandise within 365 days following the purchase date.

Can You Return DSW Online Purchases To Stores?

You can, indeed, return the items you bought on the internet at every DSW retailer for a complete refund. Be sure to bring your proof of purchase and a photocopy of your identification when you do this. You cannot return purchases made at a website store, and they must be brought back to the store.

Can You Return To DSW Without A Receipt?

DSW will accept returns with or without receipts. However, they will only credit the amount of the product on the day. DSW reserves the right to restrict returns that are not receipt-based and to reject the return.

Customers should carry an acceptable ID when making a return with no receipt since this is required. Your request is not accepted if you don’t have the proper ID.

Does DSW Have Free Returns?

It is completely free to return items to DSW stores. If you want to send an item back for return to DSW (e.g., to return it online), you will have an $8.50 shipping cost. 

The fee is exempt in the case of DSW members who are VIP Gold and DSW VIP Elite members.

There are no additional charges for returning items (e.g., the restocking fee). However, if you have a nearby DSW shop, it might be cheaper to send the product to the store instead of sending the item back to DSW.

How To Return Items To DSW

Returning your goods is simple if you follow the steps in the following paragraphs.

  1. Please return your purchase to the closest DSW store to have it replaced.
  2. Check whether it is in good condition or original as per the DSW return policy.
  3. Make sure you have your receipt present (for purchases made in stores or online)
  4. Make sure to return the item to the DSW Store in the box you received.
  5. DSW will reimburse you within a few days of when your return is accepted.
  6. Refunds will be made in the same method of payment that you used to make your first purchase.


How Long Is DSW Return Policy?

DSW has a 90-day return policy after purchase.

Can You Return To DSW Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can return the product without a receipt to receive credit.

Does DSW Have Free Returns?

If you’re returning to the store, it’s free, but customers will be charged shipping charges if they choose to use mail. When you’re a VIP member, there is no charge for shipping.

How strict is the DSW the return policy of DSW?

It is possible to return any item you purchased from DSW stores and DSW retailers for a complete refund on the original payment form, provided the conditions. 

The timing: Returns must be returned at the DSW store no later than 60 days from the day of purchase

Within 60 days of purchase, customers may still receive a credit on the merchandise when the item is in good condition as long as they keep the original receipt.

Do I have to return my shoes after I’ve worn them DSW?

The item cannot be worn. Bring your receipt, original packaging, and the original form of payment when the item was bought with a credit card. 

Returns or exchanges made within 60 days of purchase will be credited to the initial payment method. After 60 days, the credit will be issued. DSW product credit is provided.

Does DSW’s cost match the prices of other stores?

DSW stores do not price match DSW.com. If you discover a lower price on DSW.com for a pair of shoes you want to buy in a store, you may (and should inquire whether they’re willing to give you the lower price. However, in general, DSW doesn’t price match.

Can DSW find my receipt?

The credit you receive will only be for the price at which you currently sell the product. Remember that when you have a DSW account, they’ll be able to search your purchase record, eliminating the requirement for receipts.

Do you think DSW accepts coupons with expired expiry dates?

I could not avail of the discount back then, and I believed I wouldn’t be able to utilize it because it had expired. 

But, as I got to the check-out and talked to the Cashier found out that DSW accepts expired coupons and lets you make use of three coupons within one purchase.

Does DSW offer authentic Gucci? 

Gucci shoes mix the most fashion with the essence of luxury, creating fashion-forward styles that elevate your appearance to a new level. 

Check out Gucci sneakers for women and Gucci men’s shoes at dsw.com or DSW stores, as well as in the DSW app.


Its DSW policies on returns are relatively straightforward, giving its customers an excellent return window.

They also allow exchanges, which means that the difference is returned to the method used to purchase the initial purchase or gift card, subject to how quickly the business can be completed.

It is essential to keep the receipt and the original packaging of the item to ensure that you can exchange or return your purchase quickly.

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