StockX Return Policy 2024

StockX Return And Exchange Rules

There is a StockX returns policy pretty strict. Refunds are only possible when a problem arises that is the company’s fault.

It is impossible to return or exchange items you bought in error; however, you can resell them on the site.

StockX is growing in popularity as the stock market for things. The site gives you the chance to buy items at a low price. 

Knowing the return policy is crucial to understanding what options are offered to the buyer.

StockX Return Policy

About The Stockx Platform

Stockx is an app and website that allows users to purchase and sell sneakers as well as other items of clothing. 

The company was established on February 2, 2016, by two acquaintances who had grown tired of paying the high price for sneakers online.

The stock offers a mobile application that lets you shop while on the move. The app allows users to shop in-store and avail of special deals. 

Inventory lets users purchase and sell sneakers for an agreed price, which removes the need to bargain. Their algorithm evaluates the demand and supply of sneakers and helps determine the cost.

You can also check prices for a pair of sneakers by using the Price Tracker to determine whether there are any bargains on offer. 

About The Stockx Platform

Stockx has joined forces with more than 55,000 stores around the globe. Their website has a store locator that you may use to identify stores near where you are.

Although the Stockx application allows users to monitor their order history and determine the resale value of their merchandise, there are occasions when you need to cancel and return the purchase. 

You can do it using the app and by contacting customer care, Stockx has a 3-day return policy on all purchases.

What Is the Return Policy at StockX?

Returns from StockX are handled individually. Within three days of the item delivery, you must write to customer service to report any issues you have with your order.

To accomplish this:

  • You can email the customer service department to report the issue with a written note within the three-day return timeframe.
  • Provide in detail any problems regarding the product, which could include undetected damage or evidence of counterfeiting.
  • Include pictures of the issue, and an image that proves that you have the StockX verification tag remains in place on the product.
  • Include at minimum one clear photo of the QR code on the StockX verification tag. StockX verifiable tag.

Do not take off the verification tag until you’re certain you have the item. By doing this, you will automatically cut down the chances of returning the item.

In most instances, StockX acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. There is no assurance that you will receive an exchange, refund, or swap.

If your company exempts you (usually in the event of an oversight on their end), you must return the item to the country where the return label states. The label is tied to the original address for shipping. If you do not, it could cause additional shipping charges.

Return Period3 Days
Return MethodOnline
Exchange Period3 Days
Exchange MethodOnline
Refund PeriodWithin 14 Days From Purchase
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

How Strict Is the StockX Return Policy?

This StockX Return policy is thought to be extremely strict. A brief window of time is given to you to begin the return procedure & before it can be accepted for return the item must in the same condition as when it was delivered.

StockX cannot accept refunds if the fault is on the part of the customer (i.e. purchasing an item of the incorrect size). The customer support team will direct the buyer to sell the item on the website to recover the loss.

Even damaged products aren’t returnable in all instances. StockX may offer a coupon for your next purchase. However, this isn’t an assurance of resolution.

You should only anticipate the return process when the company or fake goods make clear errors.

Can I Return My StockX Products After 30 Days?

It is impossible to return StockX products within 30 days, and the return window is set at three days following the day you receive your item.

You can resell StockX products on the website within 30 days. However, you’ll need to alter the price to account for any wear and tear to the product over the 30 days. If the item was in storage for some time, it will not cause a significant cost difference.

Are there Return Exclusions?

Returns exceptions are granted on an individual basis. StockX cannot guarantee results, and StockX ensures results as every shopping experience is different.

Only if the request for an exception is allowed when the refund is approved usually in the event of a mistake on their behalf are refunds guaranteed.

This is in addition to any problems buyers might have about fraudulent sales or counterfeits. The buyer is required to cooperate with the investigation procedure.

Does StockX Have Free Returns?

If StockX allows your return, you can ship it back to their business for no cost, provided you return it to the country specified in the label for return.

Generally speaking, this isn’t a problem. If you cross the border at any point after receiving your product you should be aware of it.

For instance, there is a risk that you will pay additional shipping fees if you get the item mailed to you while on vacation in the United States & then attempt to return it to Canada.

How Long Do StockX Refunds Take?

Since there isn’t a specified return process, there’s no way to know the length of time a refund would be given if granted one.

If the item in question is a fake the refund won’t be given until the inquiry is finished.

Refunds are typically processed within 7 business days of the return receipt. You might be able to receive a custom timeframe for your particular situation through StockX’s StockX customer service department.

Does StockX Send Fakes Back?

Following Article 6 of StockX’s terms and conditions, StockX will refund all costs and fees paid by the purchaser in the case of a counterfeit item, including handling and shipping fees.

The buyer must get in touch with the company within three days of receiving the product in order to request an exchange according to the corporation. StockX will initiate an investigation, and the consumer must cooperate with the research as well as the disposal of the product.

This could be:

  • Provide any required photos and proof
  • Transferring the item to authorities
  • Disposing of the item (with evidence)
  • Returning the item

If an investigation proves that there is evidence of a fake item and the buyer cooperates with the study, they can count on StockX to accept the phony back and pay any charges incurred.

StockX Shipped Me The Wrong Item – What Now?

If you received an incorrect product, you’re most likely to receive a credit in exchange for the returned item.

There are many reports of people who received the wrong shoes, and this is due to a simple human error. In all cases, StockX made things right.

Typically, this would require you to mail an item to us with your StockX verification tag intact. The refund will be made when StockX accepts the thing.

Contact customer service within three days of receiving the item and have photographs and other proof ready if they request it. Please be advised that StockX may need a few business days to react to customer inquiries.

Who pays for return shipping?

If you qualify to receive a refund or a return, StockX will pay all return shipping charges associated with shipping the items back to the company.

So it is possible to return the shoes without risk and be certain that you’ll get all the money you paid for the purchase returned to you, including shipping charges.

The payment method you initially used to make your order will be utilized to handle all refunds.


 What is StockX’s return policy for wrong sizes?  

We cannot offer refunds, exchanges, or swaps due to the anonymous nature of their market live, even if you bought the incorrect size. You may sell the item you bought if you decide you don’t want it.

 What can you do if your order is damaged?  

If the transporter damaged your product, Send an email to StockX Support with the purchase reference number and a photo(s) that show the damages, as well as an image of the box the item was shipped in so that they can investigate the issue for you.

 Does StockX have buyer protection? does not offer buyer protection, and the company claims that everything it offers is genuine as the result of its thorough process of verification.


Do you realize that StockX’s first stock of sneakers at StockX is quite impressive, with 15,000 pairs of limited edition sneakers equivalent to more than 3,500 models?

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