Costco Return Policy 2023

Costco Return Policy Without A Receipt (2023 Updated)

Costco Return Policy: Costco has a very generous return policy. From memberships to old products, They will accept almost everything back and offer you a full reimbursement. 

Most of their items do not even come with an exchange period on time, and it would help if you took them back.

Certain items cannot be returned in any way. Some things have their policies. Read on to learn the answers to a few frequently asked questions and the details of Costco’s return and exchange policy.

Costco Return Policy

What is Costco’s return policy?

Costco is willing to accept returns, and they’ll even offer an exchange for your membership when you’re unhappy. Additionally, they take returns for every reason. 

This can include changing your thoughts and missing items, erroneous purchases, and lost or damaged packages. Most of their products can return at any time with no time limit for return.

What is Costco's return policy

Return Policy 90 Days
Exchange Policy 90 Days
Return Method In Store or by mail
Refund Method Original form of payment
Membership Can be refunded at any time
Electronics Can return for 90 days (Cell phone returns depend on the contract)
Diamonds If over 1.00ct, the diamond can be returned for store credit after being checked for authenticity. Unlimited return time
Cigarettes, alcohol, and medication Depends on the state, but most Costcos do not accept returns
Perishable or used products Depends on the specific warranty
Customized orders Cannot be returned, a warranty may apply
All other items Can be returned at any time, depending on the item


How To Return a Costco item?

Costco provides two options to return items online or in their stores.

Warehouse Return

Costco accepts returns at their warehouse. This is advantageous since they’ll refund you within a few hours. You can even get refunds for your shipping costs.

A copy of your original packaging and an official receipt is the most effective way to receive a refund. However, they could accept returns with no tickets.

Online Returns

Going back to Costco’s website is as simple as going to a store. It’s as simple as four steps.

  1. Log in to Costco’s website.
  2. Click on “orders and returns”.
  3. After you have placed your order, you’ll need to select “return items”. A series of prompts will follow to return or exchange your purchase.
  4. You will receive an email with a label as soon as possible, or you can arrange an appointment for a pickup.

Jewellery, unique items, perishable products, Apple products, digital items, tires, and vision equipment cannot be exchanged online.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

Yes, you can return a purchase made online from Costco in the retailer. Doing this can get your refund or replace your investment more quickly.

How strict is the Costco return policy?

Costco’s policy is relatively rigid. However, as the returns policy is pretty open and comprehensive, it’s quite simple to obtain an item back. 

If you’re unsure you are not sure, consider talking to someone from customer support, and they will inform you.

Costco Exchange Policy

Costco Exchange Policy

Costco has no specific exchange policy, and they will attempt to exchange the item. It is also possible to visit any retailer or website to exchange an article, even if it’s not from the same store you purchased it from.

Costco Refund Policy

Costco will reimburse the credit card that you used to buy an item at the total cost for the majority of things. 

If you purchase jewellery, you might not receive a refund. However, you will receive a Costco credit instead.

Costco Diamond Returns Policy

Costco Diamond Returns Policy

If you purchase high-end jewellery, particularly diamonds with a weight of more than 1.00ct, You can anticipate the return to be only a credit. 

Make sure you have the original paperwork, and your diamond may require a visual inspection by a Costco Graduate Gemologist to verify the authenticity. 

Jewellery that is costume jewellery or lower-end jewellery can be returned following the return policy, which is more generous.

Costco TV Returns Policy

The return policy for televisions is more stringent than for other purchases. You must return the television after 90 days. 

Televisions and other electronics (but not all of them, so make sure to confirm) are covered under Costco’s Concierge program, which assists with technical issues, free troubleshooting, and an additional one year of the Costco warranty. 

If the reason behind your return is due to technical problems, make sure you contact the Costco concierge to determine how they can help solve the issue.

Does Costco take returns without a receipt?

Costco is a member-based set-up. That’s why Costco can look through your membership records to verify the purchase, whether you purchased an item on the internet or at a shop. 

So, no receipts are essential and make sure you have your membership to send a refund.

Does Costco accept returns after 30 days?

For the majority of items, Costco will accept returns within 30 days. The 90-day period is the return policy provided that the item isn’t perishable or covered by a warranty, which was less than 30 days.

What items Cannot be returned to Costco?

Alcohol, cigarettes and medications are typically things that aren’t able to return to Costco. Most other items, including mattresses and contacts, is returnable due to their 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.

How About Returning Gifts to Costco?

Yes, you can return things for the refund to Costco that were provided to you as gifts.

It doesn’t matter if you are an active member or not. You’re able to come in and drop off your items.

Keep in mind, however, that If you don’t possess the original receipt, you’ll require to know the Membership ID of the individual who bought the gift on your behalf.

 How To Return Or Replace Items From Costco Online Order?  

Returns are easy. If you’ve never opened the package and would like to return it to get a refund or even exchange, Costco can help.

If you do not have an account, create one on Costco Corporate. Costco Corporate site. After that, in the section for tracking orders, you can click on Return order. 

If you’ve got an email confirmation via, which includes the barcode (if it is available) for orders that are of high value

Exceptions (to return policy)

Anything can return to Costco. Food products that have been used, open food items and anything else you think of can be sent back to Costco anytime. There are some instances where this is not the case.

Drugs and cigarettes cannot returned. Alcohol returns vary based on condition, but they are usually not returned.

Electronics can  returned within 90 days, but mobile phones are dependent on the service provider.

Jewellery can  exchanged at any point; however, all official paperwork and an authenticity test must  completed first. 

Items worn down, such as batteries or tires, can  returned. However, they all have separate warranties which define the return timeframe.


 Does Costco give full refunds?  

The answer is yes. Costco offers complete reimbursements for products, including shipping and handling costs. If you decide to return an item online, they’ll cover shipping and return charges for a new thing in the event of an exchange.

 Can I return a Costco product after use?  

If an item does not fall into the category of exceptions, used items may  sent back to Costco with a full reimbursement. 

Even if an item has been eaten, used or damaged, they’ll most likely accept the item back.

 How long do Costco refunds take?  

If the return is made in a warehouse, you will receive the return and  processed immediately. 

If you return an item through Costco’s online store, Costco will send a refund to the credit card with which you bought the item within a few hours of receiving and confirming the return.


Costco accepts returns for almost anything. There have been reports of opened food items, partially eaten items being returned, and even used toilets. 

The staff don’t appear to mind so long as it doesn’t directly contradict the return policies they have.

If you’re not sure you are not sure, take the item to Costco to check. You might  shocked to discover that you did receive a refund.

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