Costco TV Return Policy

Costco TV Return Policy can be described as an American Multinational business that is referred to as a wholesaler, sells a wide range of goods, and is well-known. 


It is possible that you don’t like the items you bought and you may wish to get them back. If the item you wish to exchange is a television there could be a myriad of reasons to return it. 

It might not function properly or may not satisfy your requirements. If you’re seeking guidelines on returning your items to Costco TVs, this article is perfect for you.


This article will provide Costco TV Return Policy for TV returns, methods for returning items, and what Costco does with items that are returned.

Costco TV Return Policy

How to Return a TV to Costco?

It is possible to return the television in person to the store where you purchased it or via the online return procedure.

To return it online do this:


Login to your Costco account

Select Orders and Returns

Choose the returns section and complete the form


Print the label off to return your TV

Drop your TV at the USPS drop-off point or have them pick it up

Can You Return A TV To Costco After 90 Days?

The return policy of Costco restricts returns on electronics to 90 days. Once this time period has expired you’re no longer eligible to return your TV to Costco. 

However, the enforcement of specific policies can differ between stores It’s therefore always worth trying to return the item that doesn’t meet your requirements, even if you’re concerned that the return will not be accepted.

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If you are required to return your television after the normal return window is over due to an issue with the product or malfunction Your options will be determined by the warranty. 

All TVs sold at Costco include an automatic two-year guarantee that covers repairs and replacements in the event of need. 

This means that once you have had 90 days and 2 years after purchasing the TV, you’ll be eligible for repairs or replacements from Costco. 

If you have purchased an extended warranty like the Allstate Protection Plan through Costco Your options will be determined based on the conditions of the warranty. 

Items damaged may be eligible to be exchanged or returned for up to 3 years under the Allstate Protection Plan.

What Do You Need To Return A TV To Costco?

For returns that are simple within the return period (90 days), all you have to send back your item is the product the item. 

Although Costco declares that it’s beneficial to provide the original receipt and/or packaging, these elements are not necessary for processing the return.

Within the 90 days for return TVs can be exchanged in any state. Even if the item may be damaged Costco can accept returns for any electronic item for 90 days.

How Does The Costco TV Warranty Work?

Televisions purchased at Costco include at least a 2-year guarantee through the Television Warranties offered by Costco. 

Customers can also purchase additional warranty coverage with Costco’s Allstate Protection Plans, which will extend warranty protection for as long as 5 years. 

Within the warranty period, you will be qualified for the repair or replacement of the item however, you won’t be eligible for return after the 90-day window for returns is over.

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How To Return A TV To Costco

There are several methods to return your items to Costco and it all depends on the way you bought the item initially. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of returning your TV in case you wish to return the TV in person or on the internet.

If you bought your items from the Costco Warehouse Location…

Bring your television to any Costco Warehouse location

If you’ve got your original receipt as well as the packaging of the product Bring both along (optional)

Bring all components of your product that were in the packaging that came with it, which includes the manuals and accessories.

Bring your product to the return counter and inform them that you’d like to receive a refund.

The employee working at the return counter will guide you through the remainder of the procedure.

If you purchased your items at…

If you purchased your initial purchase on and want to process your return online take these instructions…

Sign in with your account

Choose “Orders and Returns”

Select the “Return Items” button next to the item you’d like to return. Follow the instructions.

The steps will guide you through the steps of printing the return label assembling your return box and then returning the item via mail


Costco TV Return Policy signifies its dedication to customer satisfaction, offering a safety net for consumers’ electronic purchases.

Understanding the specifics empowers customers to make informed decisions, knowing they’re supported by a customer-friendly return policy.

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Costco TV Return Policy FAQ

Can I return a TV to Costco without the original packaging?

Yes, Costco typically accepts returns even without the original packaging, provided you have the receipt and membership.

What if the TV develops a fault after the return period?

In such cases, you can contact Costco’s customer service to discuss potential solutions or warranty coverage.

Does Costco charge a restocking fee for returned TVs?

No, Costco doesn’t usually charge restocking fees for returned TVs.

Can I return a TV purchased online at a Costco physical store?

Yes, Costco allows returns of online purchases at their physical stores.

Are there any special considerations for returning high-end TVs?

Costco’s policy applies similarly to all TVs, but it’s advisable to retain all original accessories and packaging for high-end models.

What happens if I miss the return window for a TV?

Costco might offer solutions on a case-by-case basis beyond the standard return window.

Does Costco’s TV return policy apply to refurbished TVs?

Yes, Costco’s return policy extends to refurbished TVs, subject to the same guidelines as new ones.


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