AutoZone Return Policy (Updated 2024)

AutoZone Return Policy Without A Receipt

It’s crucial to have a solid AutoZone return policy in place when it comes to automobile components and accessories.

This guarantees clients’ peace of mind and gives them the assurance to buy with confidence knowing they can return things if necessary.

We will examine the AutoZone return policy in this post, highlighting its salient characteristics, eligibility requirements, and processes for both in-store and online returns.

AutoZone Return Policy

Aftermarket car parts and accessories are what AutoZone mostly offers for sale. It is a U.S. company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.

Have you ever purchased a part for your preferred vehicle and it failed to function? You won’t need to worry since we’ll walk you through the AutoZone return policy and returns step by step.

Full Return Process

Full Return Process

The period for return – 90 days

The majority of Autozone’s products are returnable within 90 days of purchase.

We’ll try to cover issues like the Autozone battery warranty, return policy online, return policy opened, return policy in-store, etc. On the product Slip, you can find any restrictions that AutoZone may have placed on the items you bought from and brought into an AutoZone shop.

How To Return In Your Nearest Store?

You must take care of a few things before returning your purchases to AutoZone via online or store mode:

Before returning an item to an AutoZone store or by mail, drain it of all liquids.
Make sure the products being returned don’t contain any flammable liquids or dangerous materials by emptying and cleaning the parts.

You have the freedom to return most of the items you purchase online through AutoZone Returns in-store. Simply follow the instructions listed below to hassle-free return your merchandise.

Step-1: determine whether the item can be returned in-store or if it qualifies as an exception before returning it. Here you may find the closest store.

Step 2: Take the goods to the local store, and don’t forget to bring the original receipt.

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Step 3: Take the credit card with you if the purchase was made with that card in order to receive the refund right away.

Step-4: Present the original receipt if the purchase was made using a different method, such as PayPal or a debit card, and an Autozone representative will start the refund process for your account.

Step 5: Speak with a customer service representative in-store. A staff member will inspect the item and complete your refund using the original payment method.

How To Return Items Bought Online?

Some of the products from AutoZone that you purchase online may be returned via online and in-store channels, but not all of the products are eligible.

Here, we’ll walk you through some simple online return procedures:

Step 1: Make sure there are no flammable or hazardous fluids in the merchandise before sending it back by mail. If such drugs are discovered in any product, AutoZone will not issue a refund.

Complete the return form located in section B of the shipping invoice as directed.

Step 2: Put the return form in the box containing the item to be returned after filling out all the necessary information.

Step 3: Along with the invoice, place the return form inside the shipment. Don’t forget to include the return reason with the box.

Step-4: After completing the aforementioned steps, get in touch with AutoZone customer support to arrange a return shipment.

For US citizens, the AutoZone Return Policy offers the option to guarantee pre-paid returns. You can return goods with the carrier of your choosing if you’re a resident of another country.

Which Products Are Covered Under Autozone Return Policy?

People frequently inquire about things like the Autozone battery return policy. What is the electrical return policy at AutoZone? Some product categories have strict rules regarding returns, while others have no such restrictions. These are what? Look down below!

ProductsConditions for returnReturn Policy
General Product PolicyThe product should be in their original condition without containment of hazardous and flammable substancesThese products can be returned within 90 days.
Customized ItemsNAThe product should be in their original condition without the containment of hazardous and flammable substances
Gift CardAll the gift cards bought from Autozone can’t be returned by online or in-store mode. The sale of gift cards at Autozone is final and can’t be processed.All the customized items are final sale items and can’t be returned via a store or online mode.

Autozone Refunds

Autozone often directs returns to the original method of payment; ensure that the goods are still in their original packaging. The refund gateways for various payment methods are listed below:

Type of paymentRefund and Credit Policy
Credit card/Debit card used at H&M storeAutozone will issue a refund in the form of the original payment; if you use the credit card, you will get the refund in your credit card. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.
CashIf you paid by cash, you will get a refund through cash.
PayPalAutozone will issue a refund in the form of the original payment; if you use the credit card, you will get the refund on your credit card. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.


AutoZone provides a customer-friendly return policy that tries to provide its consumers with a hassle-free experience.

Returns are accepted within 90 days of the original purchase date, allowing buyers to return items in new, unused condition. Refunds and exchanges are also available for defective or damaged products at AutoZone.

Overall, AutoZone’s return policy is intended to assure customer pleasure and to meet their requirements. Customers can easily return or exchange things within the specified term by following the requirements and providing the relevant documents.

AutoZone return policy FAQ

Q 1. Can I return an open item to AutoZone?

ANS: You should have your item in its original packing and condition, as well as the receipt, to ensure that your AutoZone return goes as easily as possible.

You may return a product at any point throughout the product’s warranty period if it has been used but is still defective.

Q 2. Does AutoZone give cash back for refunds?

ANS: If you have the product in its original packing and the receipt, AutoZone will give you a refund.

Please do not include any items that are not returnable or eligible for a refund. If you don’t have the original packing and documentation, they might issue you a store credit, however, they don’t usually do this.

Q 3. What is Advance Auto Parts return policy?

ANS: Within 45 days of the purchase date, online items can be returned to any Advance Auto Parts location.

Bring your receipt, order confirmation email, or merchandise return form, as well as the original packaging. You will get all refunds using the same payment method that you used to place your original order.

Q 4. Can I return something to AutoZone without packaging?

ANS: You can return qualifying items to AutoZone under the company’s existing return policy within 90 days of the date of purchase.

To be eligible for a refund, you must also present the item in its original packing, the receipt, and a form of government-issued identification.

Q 5. How does AutoZone lifetime warranty work?

ANS: The retailer will either issue a refund or replace the part at no additional expense. The AutoZone warranty only covers components that fail after routine usage, just like any other car protection plan.

Abuse, misuse, poor installation, off-road use, and damage brought on by another faulty component are not covered.

Q 6. What is core deposit at AutoZone?

ANS: It is essentially a deposit. Some products, like starters, generators, batteries, etc., require the old item to be returned so that it can be used as a “core” and rebuilt, then sold once again.

You can turn it in then and avoid paying a deposit (core charge) if you pull it first and take it with you when you get your replacement.

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