Target Return Policy 2023

Target Return Policy 2023

Target Return Policy: No More Confusion

Target Return Policy: Target has a complex and rigorous return policy that is both complex and strict. 

It is contingent on whether you’re an existing member, if it’s the holiday season or if the item is electronic; these factors affect Target’s return policy.

We’ve worked hard to create the following information to be easier to comprehend.

Target Return Policy

What is Target’s return policy?

Target will offer a refund or exchange for the majority of unopened items in brand new condition if returnable within 90 days of the date of purchase. 

There are many exceptions to the standard return policy that alter the timeframe for return for some items sold by Target.

What is Target's return policy

Target’s return policy may seem to be a bit complex initially. This is a rundown of the bulk of Target’s policies.

Return Period 90 Days
Return Method In-Store or Online
Exchange Period 90 Days
Exchange Method In-Store or Online
Refund Period 7 Business Days
Refund Method Original payment method

How To Return a Target Item?

Target Store Return

Returning an item purchased in the store is simple.

  1. Take your receipt along with the product in its original packaging to customer service
  2. They will collaborate with you in making any exchanges or refunds.

That’s it. They will give your store credit if the item is not returnable but as long as your are inside the return period they can execute all returns without any problems.


Although it is more difficult it is still feasible.

  1. Visit Target’s website, and sign up.
  2. You can go to your order
  3. Find the item you wish to return
  4. Continue following the instructions until you’re able to make a label
  5. Apply the label to your product
  6. Could you send it back to a UPS store?

Some items on the internet can only be returned to a store. However, the website will inform you when returning the product if this is the scenario.

If you’re returning many items your might able to fit everything in one package as long as each one has a unique shipping label.

Can you Return an Online Purchase to the Store?

Yes, all items purchased online from Target can be returned to Store. Certain online purchases might not allow you to replace them Store.

How Strict is the Target Return Policy?

The return policy of Target is quite rigorous, with an exact guideline for almost every item on what items are and what’s not allowed to be returned and how. 

However, Target has implemented a policy where more loyal customers could be able to repay their items more easily and get the benefit of the doubt, even if the item doesn’t meet the return criteria.

Target’s Exchange Policy

Target's Exchange Policy

Target’s exchange policy is the same rules as its return policy. This helps reduce the confusion. Target provides customers an exchange period of 90 days following the purchase.

Target’s Refund Policy

Target can offer an amount of money back in every manner. They typically provide a refund for the credit card purchased. 

If this does not work, they’ll give you a Target present card or a regular multi-use gift card or money through PayPal.

Unopened items can returned for a complete refund. Certain opened items like Music films, mattresses, games on video and software are only able to be exchanged and not as a refund.

Other items like make-up and clothing can be returned in the event of being opened.

Most other items do not have an open or unopened packaging guideline and are generally left to storage discretion as well as the state of the product.

What Is Target’s Electronics Return Policy?

Target’s return policies for electronics are different from their standard return policy in that they have shorter exchange and return windows that are as follows:

  • 30 days to return electronic and entertainment products, including tablets and tablet computers other Apple products
  • All Apple products are covered for 15 days. Apple products that are not mobile phones.
  • 14 days to test mobile phones, that includes Apple products 

In many states of the U.S., a $35 charge for restocking will be assessed for phone returns or exchanges. 

If you signed up for a mobile carrier deal during the purchase and returned the phone, the company may charge you an additional fee for early cancellation.

If you bought an Xbox console/bundle that includes Xbox All Access service, you have 30 days to return the console and end this All Access service unless otherwise stated. 

A third party credit service will provide the reimbursement for the service if applicable.

Does Target Take Returns Without a Receipt?

If you’re a Red Cardmember If you are a Red Cardmember, you can return products without a receipt since they will find your details. 

If not, Target will allow $100 in returns annually without a permit, and you’ll require a receipt for purchases that exceed $100 or those that exceed the $100 limit.

The possibility of reimbursement exists if the item is a Target brand item or one your purchased the same day.

Can I return to Target without the box?

Yes, you can return products to Target without an enclosed box within 90 days as long as they’re in perfect condition, unworn and have proof of purchase.

Does Target accept returns after 30 days?

Except for Apple phones, devices, and other electronic items, they are generally returned as long as 90 days or longer subject to the item’s condition.

What Items Cannot be Returned to Target?

Target offers a precise list of items that are not returnable.

  1. Open or defective collectibles
  2. Customized items
  3. Digital downloads
  4. Pumps for breasts that have been opened or not sealed.
  5. Gift cards

Exceptions (To The Return Policy)

Music games, movies, and software can only be exchanged or refunded, but not a full refund. Mobile phones must returned within 14 calendar days whereas Apple items must be returned within 15 working days.

Red Card Members Items
  Return Period 120 Days
  Return Method In-Store or Online
  Exchange Period 120 Days
  Exchange Method In-Store or Online
  Refund Period 120 Days
  Refund Method In-Store or Online
Target Brand Items
  Return Period 365 Days
  Return Method In-Store or Online
  Exchange Period 365 Days
  Exchange Method In-Store or Online
  Refund Period 365 Days
  Refund Method In-Store or Online
  Return Period 30 Days
  Return Method In-Store or Online
  Exchange Period 30 Days
  Exchange Method In-Store or Online
  Refund Period 30 Days
  Refund Method In-Store or Online
Holiday Sales (Items bought between October 1st and December 25th)
  All policies start on the 26th Same policies as above, but they don’t kick in until after the holidays to give gift-recievers full time to return, refund, or exchange

Can I Return a Target Product After Use?

Certain items, such as breast pumps and collectibles, can’t be returned once used. Other things in good shape may be born. It’s up to the store choice though.

Target has specific guidelines regarding makeup since they realize that it’s difficult to determine whether products for beauty match your skin tone without testing it.

 Target return policy exclusions  

Certain exemptions in this Target return policy for certain products that you should be aware of before you buy.

These are the items that aren’t covered by the return policy at Target and have several different guidelines to return or exchange them:

  • An open bed isn’t eligible to be returned, but you may exchange it for an identical item.
  • Collectibles that are damaged or open (sports cards and exclusive edition Barbie dolls action figures, porcelain dolls, and die-cast vehicles) are not suitable for return.
  • Digital downloads and personalized merchandise cannot be returned.
  • Anything you buy from Target’s optical, Pharmacy, Starbucks and Target Tech departments will only be eligible for return or exchanges within this particular area of the store.
  • Lawnmowers powered by gasoline are eligible for return in Target stores. The item must be unfilled and free of harmful substances (gas or petroleum) when you decide to return it.
  • Gift Cards purchased after October. 1st 2020, cannot be returned. Physical Target Gift Cards bought before Oct. 1st, 2020 can be replaced with a receipt.
  • International purchases: If you’ve purchased something from another country, Target cannot accept the return.
  • Digital downloads and personalized items cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • Breast pumps that are sealed or opened are not exchangeable or returned.
  • Gift cards that are unique and pre-paid Target gift cards cannot be exchanged or returned.


Does Target Give Full Refunds?

Target is known to offer full refunds if they can accept the product as an exchange or return. If you receive an exchange or refund, the retailer will also consider any sales or discounts to account for.

How Long Do Target Refunds Take?

Red Card customers are the priority in refunds, and the process could take as short as a couple of days. However, most customers can take as long as three days.

Can you return to Target after 90 days?

Target will permit you to return your purchases to their store for store credit within 90 days after purchasing the item. 


Target has very rigid guidelines regarding returns of items. However depending on the customer level of credibility, the article and the shop’s rules may change slightly for each person.

Although this is a fantastic way to reward your valuable Target customer, the system could make it difficult to determine how much an item can refunded.

The best practice is to ensure that it’s always worth making an inquiry or attempting the return process on the internet to see whether it suits you.

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