Uniqlo Return Policy

Uniqlo Return Policy – Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing company that has gained praise across the world for its low-cost and stylish dresses.

If you’ve bought clothing from Uniqlo and aren’t capable of returning it, It’s crucial to know the Uniqlo return policy.

This report will cover all you must know regarding the Uniqlo returns policy, which includes the procedure for returning products, the timeframe for returns, and any limitations.

Uniqlo Return Policy

Uniqlo Return Policy Overview

Uniqlo provides a 60-day returns policy on most in-store or online purchases. The items must be in their initial state, with tags attached, and accompanied by a filling slip or receipt.

issue a credit in the original form that you used to pay for the cost of the merchandise, excluding any handling or shipping charges.

Uniqlo Return Policy Overview

Returning Items to Uniqlo

To return an object to Uniqlo, follow these steps:

Prepare the item for return: Ensure it is in its initial state with tags attached and include the ticket or packing slip.

  1. Choose a return method: Uniqlo offers two return methods: in-store or by mail.
  2. In-store return: Bring the item to any Uniqlo store with the receipt or packing slip. A store associate will process the return and issue a refund to the original form of payment.
  3. Mail return: Fill out the return form included with the original shipment and include it with the item being returned. Affix the prepaid return label to the package and drop it off at a UPS location.

Time Frame for Returns

Uniqlo provides a 60-day return policy for all items purchased in stores or online. The 60-day course begins on the day of buying. Products must be returned in the period to be eligible for an exchange.


There are some restrictions to the Uniqlo return policy. Final sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Additionally, online items cannot be returned in-store and must be by mail. Uniqlo reserves the right to refuse any returns that do not meet the return policy requirements.

Uniqlo return online order in store

Check out the return policy. Check out Uniqlo’s website or read the paperwork included with your order online to read how to return your order. Be aware of the acceptable return time and any other in-store conditions to return online orders.

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Prepare the item to be returned. Check that it is returned in the original condition, with the original packaging and tags intact. Take any documentation or accessories that came with the item, such as the online order receipt or packaging slip.

Locate a Uniqlo store: Find a Uniqlo store close to your home that will accept returns. You can find The store locator on their website or call customer service To help locate the correct store.

Go to the store: Take the item, along with the necessary paperwork, to the selected Uniqlo store. Inform the staff you’d like to return an online purchase and follow their guidelines.

Remit the return Store staff will assist you with the return procedure. They will look over the item to determine if it meets the requirements for return and verify the purchase details. Depending on their policies, they might issue a refund, offer credit for the purchase, or help with the exchange.

Does UNIQLO offer free returns?

Uniqlo offers free returns on online purchases during the time frame. If you’re not happy with the investment made in Uniqlo, it is likely to return it at no additional cost. The specifics of their return policy can differ based on the region and country.

For a return that is normally free, do these steps:

  1. Read the return policy carefully. Go to Uniqlo’s website, or review the documents included with your purchase to know the return policy. This includes the period of return that is eligible and any additional specifications.
  2. Prepare the item to be returned. Ensure it is returned in the original condition and has the original packaging and tags intact. Include any documentation or accessories that were included with the product.
  3. You can request return labels. Uniqlo may provide a prepaid return label based on the country of origin. You will typically access this feature on their website or contact customer support for assistance.
  4. Pack the item carefully. Securely place the item in a box for shipping or a bag. Add the label for return to your package according to the directions.
  5. Send the item the package to a specified delivery location or make arrangements for a pickup following the instructions on the label for return. Keep any receipts for shipping or tracking numbers for future reference. The item will be processed once Uniqlo receives the returned item. They will accept your return and then issue required refunds or exchanges according to their policies.
  6. It’s crucial to know that although Uniqlo frequently offers return shipping for free, it’s advised to check their specific policies or call their customer support for the most up-to-date and accurate details on free returns for your location.

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Uniqlo Return Without Receipt

If you’re planning to return a purchase from Uniqlo without a receipt, there are some hurdles to overcome due to their return policy, which generally requires a receipt. However, the exact return policy could differ based on the location and country of the shop.

In general, the return policy of Uniqlo stipulates that the item is required to be returned within a specified time frame (often within thirty days) with the item in its original condition, with tags.

If the item cannot be returned with a receipt, the retailer might offer options like cash back or exchange of the amount at which they offer the item.

If you’d like to return the products without a receipt, visit the Uniqlo store where you bought the item and report an employee.

They’ll help you navigate the procedure and inform you which options are available to you. It is important to recognize that Uniqlo’s policies may be subject to modification.

Therefore, visiting the official site or calling their customer service is recommended to get the most current information.


Its Uniqlo returns policy is simple and gives a 60-day returns period for most products purchased in stores or online. Items must be returned in their original state, with tags connected, and attended by the receipt and packing slip. Uniqlo provides two options for returning items that are in-store or by mail.

Final sale items can’t be exchanged or returned, and online purchases must be returned by post. When you know this Uniqlo Return policy, you can make educated purchasing decisions and be confident, knowing that you can return products if you need to.

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FAQs – Uniqlo Return Policy

Q.1 What is the time frame for returning items to Uniqlo?

ANS. Uniqlo offers a 60-day return policy for most items purchased in-store or online.

Q.2 What items are eligible for return?

ANS. The articles must be in the original situation with tags attached. They must be the confirmation of receipt or packing slip.

Q.3 What is the process for returning items to Uniqlo?

ANS. Uniqlo offers two return methods: in-store or by mail. In-store returns can be made at any Uniqlo store with a receipt or packing slip.

Mail returns require filling out the return form including the original shipment and affixing the prepaid return label to the package.

Q.4 What is the time frame for returning items purchased online?

ANS. Uniqlo offers a 30-day return policy for items purchased online.

Q.5 Can items purchased in-store be returned by mail?

ANS. No, items purchased in-store must be returned to the original purchase store location.

Q.6 Can final sale items be returned or exchanged?

ANS. No, final sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Q.7 Can items marked as “Final Sale” be returned or exchanged?

ANS. No, items marked as “Final Sale” cannot be returned or exchanged.

Q.8 Can innerwear be exchanged or returned?

ANS. No, innerwear cannot be exchanged or returned due to Uniqlo’s strict hygiene policy.

Q.9 Can items be returned or exchanged if they have been open?

ANS. Packaged items may be returned after opening the box; however, tags must remain connected to the product.

Q.10 What is the process for exchanging items at Uniqlo?

ANS. If you wish to swap an item with identical items in another dimension or a separate color, visit any Uniqlo store with the item in stock within the 30-day exchange time.

It must remain in the original state, not worn and undamaged, for the store to take the item for exchange.

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