Sorel Return Policy

Sorel Return Policy- An extensive choice of boots, shoes, and supplements is known for men, ladies, and children from the well-known footwear company Sorel.


It’s crucial to comprehend the store’s return policies if you need to exchange or return something you bought from Sorel.

We’ll give a thorough explanation of the Sorel return policy in this article, covering its features, advantages, and application.


sorel return policy

What is the Sorel Return Policy?

A return policy is a constant component of a firm. On the one hand, shoppers may return unused goods they’ve already purchased thanks to the return policy.

On the other hand, the return policy enables customers to make additional investments. And this approach will help every business greatly to increase its revenue. Additionally, Sorel has announced their return policy.


Some important guidelines for their clients have been established in Sorel’s return policy.

All purchases made on the Sorel website are always welcome to be returned. You have 60 days from the date of investment to start your recovery.

What is the Sorel Return Policy


The Sorel Return Policy is very clear that any items you return must be in their original packaging. They must be undamaged and unused. The merchandise must have all of the tags attached.

The original box for any returned footwear must be in brand-new condition.

Exchanges are not available at Sorel. The price of return shipping is not stated. The amount that can be refunded will be reduced by a fixed $6.

How to Return an Item to Sorel

To return an item to Sorel, follow these steps:

Locate your receipt: You will need your receipt to return or exchange an item.

Wrap the item: Create sure the article is in the exact condition as when you bought it and that it is still in the original packing.

Take the thing to a Sorel shop: To complete your return or exchange, take the item to a Sorel shop together with your receipt.

Obtain your exchange or refund: You can choose to get a refund or an exchange for the returned item, whichever you want.

How do I package my Sorel return?

Print your return label, then affix it to the package containing your shoes. The return shipping label needs to adhere to the outside of the return package.

Since Sorel won’t accept returns if the original shoe box sustains damage, you shouldn’t ship it without an outer cover shipping box or package.

Sorel Product Care and Cleaning Information

On their website, Sorel presents a step-by-step tutorial for washing your shoes. What you need to know is as follows:

  • Observe the recommendations on the care label inside your shoes.
  • To get rid of any grime or residue, use a soft scrub.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of your footwear.
  • Allow your footwear to air dry.

Sorel Warranty Information

Sorel offers a one-year limited warranty on their footwear.

Here’s what you ought To understand:

The warranty covers faults in materials And workmanship for one year from The date of acquisition.

The warranty does not cover ordinary wear and rip, misuse, or damage induced by accidents.

To make a warranty claim, contact Sorel customer service.

How do I return the product to Sorel?

The merchandise you want to return must be sent straight to their distribution facility. The steps listed below must be followed if you want to return the item to Sorel:

  • You must first input the information for your order. hen
  • The return label must then be printed.
  • The next step is to pack your belongings.
  • The package must then be delivered to their address.

When will I get my refund from Sorel?

When Sorel receives your return shipment, their team will thoroughly inspect the contents. The returned interests will be examin to create sure they are intact, unuse, and in their original packaging.

The refund amount will then be credit to your initial form of charge within 7 to 10 business days.

How do I exchange my Sorel items?

This is to let you know that Sorel no longer offers direct exchanges for their products if you want to exchange any of your Sorel clothing. You must ship the thing back to Sorel and receive a refund if there is a concern with the size or colour. You must then place a fresh order in the manner of your choice.

Does Sorel offer a free return to customers?

No, clients cannot return anything for free to Sorel. For your return, it has create a flat-rate UPS delivery label. Your total refundable payment will be facilitate by a fixe rate of $6.

Sorel Return Policy for Gifts

To return your gift, you must adhere to the same standard return procedure. If the present was purchase online, the gift recipient rather than the original buyer would receive the reimbursement. To place a new order for your item, you must talk with the gift-giver.

Features of the Sorel Return Policy

The Sorel return policy offers several features that make it easy for customers to return or exchange items.

The Sorel return policy has the following main components:

60-day window for returns: From the date of purchase, customers have 60 days to return or exchange an item.

original container and state: The returne item must be in its original packing and condition in order to qualify for a refund or exchange.

Receipt require: Customers must have a receipt to return or exchange an item.
Refunds and exchanges: Clients can decide to receive a refund or exchange for their returne item.

Benefits of the Sorel Return Policy

The Sorel return policy offers several benefits to customers, including:

Easy returns: The 60-day return window and requirement for original packaging and condition make it easy for customers to return or exchange items.

Refunds and exchanges: Clients can decide to obtain a refund or exchange for their returne object, which gives them flexibility in how they handle their return.

Receipt require: The requirement for a receipt helps ensure that customers receive proper credit for their return.

What is the return address for Sorel online order?

The return address for Sorel online order is given below: Returns 

2009 Northern Star Way 

Robards, KY, 42452

sorel customer service number

1 (888) 697-6735


Customers can easily return or exchange things with Sorel within 60 days after purchase as long as they are in their original packaging, undamage, and have the receipt.

Customers may also select a refund or exchange for their returne goods under the policy. Contact Sorel customer support for guidance if you have any queries or problems regarding the return policy.

sorel return policy FAQs

Q.1 What is the Sorel return policy?

ANS. Customers can return or exchange Sorel items within 60 days of purchase with a receipt and the original packaging.

Q.2 What items can I return to Sorel?

ANS. Sorel accepts most things in their original packaging with a receipt.

Q.3 Can I return an item to Sorel for free?

ANS. Yes, returning an item to Sorel is free of charge.

Q.4 Can I return a product to Sorel if I have worn it?

ANS. No, things must be in a new, unworn state to be qualifie for a return or exchange.

Q.5 Can I return a Sorel product purchas online to a physical store?

ANS. No, online purchases must be return by mail.

Q.6 How do I initiate a return with Sorel?

ANS. To initiate a return with Sorel, contact customer service or follow the instructions on the packing slip includ with your order.

Q.7 How long does it take to receive a refund from Sorel?

ANS. Refunds are generally processed within 7-10 enterprise days.

Q.8 Can I exchange an item at Sorel?

ANS. Sorel will exchange items in their original packaging and with a receipt.

Q.9 Can I return a gift to Sorel?

ANS. Sorel accepts returns of unopen gifts with receipts.

Q.1 Is the Sorel return policy similar to other retailers?

ANS. Yes, the Sorel return policy is similar to other retailers such as Columbia Sportswear, which also allows returns within 60 days of purchase for items in their original condition.


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