Heardle Archive: How To Play Previous Games Unlimited

Heardle Archive with Play Previous Games 2023

Heardle Archive: Heardle, A musical take on The concept, Is one of the online spinoffs that emerged after Wordle’s meteoric rise to fame.

Here’s how to access the Heardle archive in case you’ve just learned about this daily music intro/song guessing game And would love to play the previous problems.

Heardle Archive

Heardle Archive to Play Previous Puzzles

Heardle doesn’t Have something comparable to Wordle’s archive web pages where users could play older games. However, the tried-and-true “change the date And time” trick still works, so let’s look At how to do it.

How to Play Old Heardle Games (Archive) on PC

To access older games on PCs And iOS/Android phones, players must adjust the Date and time settings.

  • Go to the Start menu on your Windows PC and type Date.
  • This should take you to the Date & Time Settings. You can also search for Settings on the Start Menu > Go to Time & Language > Date & Time.
  • Now toggle off the option of Set Time Automatically.
  • Click on Set the Date and Time Manually and hit Change.
  • Switch the Date to a previous one. So if the date is 21 April 2022, make it 20 April 2022 and confirm this by clicking on Change.
  • Visit hurdle. app (reload the page if it was already open).
  • By following these steps, you should be able to hear the intro to a different song.
  • Keep doing this and changing the dates to previous ones to listen to and guess older songs.

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Mobile users (iOS & Android)

The actions below must be taken In order To manually alter the date And time on mobile devices:


  • Tap on Settings > General > Date & Time.
  • Toggle off the slider of Set Automatically.
  • Change the Date to an older one.
  • Load up the Heardle website and start listening to the song intro.


The process may differ but the overall steps will be similar.

  • Open up Settings and search for Date.
  • Tap on Date & Time (which should be under System Settings).
  • Turn off the options to Set Time Automatically.
  • Input a past date.
  • Load up the Heardle website and start listening to the song intro.

That’s All There Is To know about Heardle Archive And how to “unlimited” play The game. After you finish playing, don’t forget to set The date And time back To local time.

We’ve written A lot about Wordle And all Its fascinating offshoots on Gamer Tweak if you’d like to learn more.

Where to play Heardle?

Heardle is entirely online, similar to Wordle. Every challenger gets to take on a brand-new, universal challenge every day in this free online game at Heardle. app.

What is Heardle?

Players have six chances to correctly identify the song of the day in Heardle, a musical variation of Wordle.

The best aspect of the game is how effortlessly it enables you to overcome stress and worry. Additionally, the game is compatible with tablets, smartphones, And laptops.

How to unblock Heardle in your region?

The only way to circumvent region-locking difficulties That prevent some SoundCloud music from playing In your location is to utilize a VPN.

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You can appear To be playing from An area where SoundCloud allows songs To be played by using a VPN to conceal your actual location.

Are you curious to learn more about it? We’ve got your back. Read more about how To unblock Heardle in your area in the detailed article we have on The subject that Is linked below.

Why can’t you play Heardle?

Many players have lamented the fact That The soundtrack is frequently inaudible to Them, preventing Them from experiencing the thrill of The game with the rest of the world.

It is crucial to realize that If you Are one of the many people who play Heardle, this is due to regionally-based music licensing and associated limitations.

The embedded music player on the Heardle gaming platform is the SoundCloud player. However, SoundCloud lacks the authorization to broadcast all of the songs in its library throughout the world.

Therefore, on some days the game may use music with a regional license, making it your good day, while on other days it may be one of those bad days with no noise.


All of the information about Heardle Archive: How to Play Earlier Games Unlimited has been covered on the site.

You may now play This game effortlessly through Any of The platforms you desire, whether It be A PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. This blog makes detailed mention of the methods.


Q.1 Is there a way to play old heardles?

ANS. The only method to play a vintage Heardle game is to manually change the system date on your phone or computer before visiting the Heardle website.

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Additionally, the letter will remain gray if it is not in the word. The game hit the big time in January 2022.

Q.2 How do you play unlimited Heardle?

ANS. Heardle Unlimited gameplay guidelines. To fully understand The music, The player must listen to it multiple times.

The player receives The tip following the second failed attempt at solving. The user must select The musical genre And style.

Q.3 Can you only play Heardle once a day?

ANS. Heardle is, In The words of Its developers, “a respectful homage to Wordle, with A musical twist.” The name, The number of guesses you receive, And the fact that you can only play one Heardle a day (which refreshes at midnight) with everyone else are the primary similarities.

Q.4 Can I play Old Worldles?

ANS. Through the Wayback Machine, an archive website created and launched by the nonprofit Internet Archive, you can also access previous Wordle games. You can access previous Wordles on Wayback Machine as far back as February 10, 2022.

Q.5 Is there an unlimited version of hurdle?

ANS. Word Huck can be played continuously. A fun word game for teams called Word Hurdle is ideal for icebreakers and small group activities.

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