East Brickton Commands & Controls 2023

East Brickton: Are you interested in knowing East Brickton Commands & Controls? You’re in the right place. Here you can find the entire list of all Eastern Brickton commands in Roblox 2023.

Communication is the most critical factor for the game Roblox East Brickton. In the absence of proper communication in-game, players are at risk of conflict and difficulties with other gamers or any other situation.

In addition, inadvertently communicating could cause a player to be banned for a short period from East Brickton

To stay out of these situations during the game, knowing all East Brickton’s instructions is essential. Now let’s start by going through the East Brickton commands and controls list.

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East Brickton Commands & Controls

Game Overview

Start with a game overview before diving into the controls and commands.

Roblox East Brickton is a simulation game that lets players create and personalize their characters and decide their destinies. 

The world that is East Brickton is inspired by Buffalo, a city in the state of upstate New York. The player must act like their character after creating them.

Game Overview

East Brickton Commands Controls

We welcome you to the East Brickton Commands Controls guide. There are commands for phones (required to equip the phone), and the emote command (constantly start with/ e). Open the chat window and attempt each one.

East Brickton Commands Controls

Phone Chat Commands

To utilize phone commands, you must equip yourself with the appropriate handset (press “1” or click the phone) and utilize these conversation rules:

  • /contact list: Shows contact list
  • /call NameOfThePlayer: Calls NameOfThePlayer
  • /sms NameOfThePlayer: sends sms to NameOfThePlayer
  • /give contact NameOfThePlayer: Gives a contact to NameOfThePlayer
  • /call[911]: Emergency services

Emote Chat Commands

They function like phone commands, with chat, however, use them when you do not have your phone equipped.

  • /e hips: Hands on hips
  • /e cross-arms: Cross your arms
  • /e sit: Sit on the floor
  • /e woo: Dance
  • /e surrender: On the floor
  • /e hands: Hands up
  • /e shoot: Jump on one foot
  • /e turn up: Get hype
  • /e moneybox: Low Dance
  • /e gs1: 1st Gang Sign
  • /e gs2: 2nd Gang Sign
  • /e gs3: 3rd Gang Sign
  • /e gs4: 4th Gang Sign
  • /e hs1: Hand Shake (formal)
  • /e hs2: Hand Shake (casual)

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Stay tuned—more emotive commands are coming.

Controls – East Brickton Commands Controls

The controls are the ones that visit default in practically any Roblox video game, there are no unique commands, yet if you need aid:

  • WASD: Move up, left, down, and right respectively
  • Shift: Hold Shift
  • Space: Jump
  • 1, 2, 3…: Equip or Unequip Items
  • Backspace: Drop Item
  • Left Mouse: Click to use the Item
  • `: Open or Close Backpack
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel: Zoom In and Out
  • /: opens Chat

Funny things in East Brickton

About East Brickton

Marcus760 created East Brickton on June 13, 2018. When this article was made, the last update of this game took place on August 10, 2021. 

The server’s size has been set at 85, and the type of game’s genre can be described as Town and City. This game has over 3.5 million players & over 50k fans.

This game requires a keyboard & input device so it cannot be played on mobile devices. In this game, the city is located in the 21st century. 

You can design and customize your character and choose your fate—the city’s best detective or most known criminal.

About East Brickton

You can change your character’s fate and become the person you want.

Download the game. Get an award. This badge can be found in Early Access. 

This badge is earned by purchasing the game during Early Access. You’ll receive reward points for the characters you play once the final product is released. In addition, you will be able to purchase the game pass included in this game. 

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The game pass can purchased within this particular game called Extra Safe Storage. The cost for an Extra Safe Storage game pass is 250 Robux. The Extra Safe Storage game pass is 250 Robux. 

The last update for this game pass occurred on March 13, 2020. In the section on the description of the game’s past, it’s explained that safes are created to protect essential objects that players come across in the course of playing. 

They are also a critical economic pillar, and savvy players are capable of using them to ensure that their assets are secure. 

Through this game pass, you can increase the number of things you can store inside your safe. This is only for those seeking an entrepreneur build or stacked veteran with plenty of weapons.

About The Developer of East Brickton

Marcus760, The creator of the game, has over an 87k follower count on his Roblox account. He also has 76 followers. 

His Roblox avatar wears Dominus Aureus, Versace Robe pants, Versace Robe shirt, and Beast Mode face. 

He is a proud owner of various Roblox badges like Warrior, Homestead, Veteran, Inviter, and many more. There are a number in the form of game badges, such as New Career, You Invaded, and numerous others.3

About The Developer of East Brickton

East Brickton FAQS

What is East Brickton?

East Brickton is a 2018 town-and-city experience in the open world developed by marcus760, an independent developer

East Brickton a fictional Buffalo NY city, is the setting for the open-world game.

Are you able to make East Brockton on the phone?

Additionally, East Brickton is also not available on phones. The game is being developed in its early stages, which could be the primary reason for East Brickton’s computer-only exclusivity.

How do you say OOC In East Brockton?

Roblox East Brickton – Phone + Chat Commands 

This can done by using key 1 (for beginners) or pressing the phone option at the lower right of the page

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These commands must typed into the chat window after holding the phone.

Does there exist a voice chat feature on East Brockton?

East Brickton with voice chat is sure to be something to look for.

What is the quickest method to earn money in East Brickton?

Jobs. Right now, jobs are the only source of income for residents of East Brickton. There are jobs available by visiting The Key Resource office, which is located downtown, as shown above. 

You’ll see the available jobs at the counter.

What is the best way to become a detective within East Brockton?

If you’d like to join the East Brickton Police Department, you must apply for the position and pass an entrance test

The process for hiring is, however, conducted differently from the Roblox East Brickton games. To become a policeman on Roblox East Brickton, players must join the EastBrickton Police Department – Discord server (see below for more details).).

Where can I purchase guns from East Brockton?

Near the hospital. Every player can purchase guns from the Gun Shop located in Roblox  Brickton. 

There are six guns that Tyson Birkley, the store clerk NPC will sell to players, and they vary from 3,000 Brickton Bux up to 15,000 Bux Brickton.

How does Roblox operate in East Brockton?

Getting a job 

The only way to earn money on Roblox EastBrickton is by working. To find a job, head to the downtown area and go into the Key Resource building. 

You’ll find an area that lists all open job positions. You can apply for a vacant job by choosing the job from the board.


We hope that this East Brickton commands & controls post was helpful to you. 

Please post any additional commands & controls in the comments area so others can use them.

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