anime song codes for roblox 2023

anime song codes for roblox: Players can access a variety of songs & personalize their in game soundtrack by going to the radio and punching in a code.


Popular game platform Roblox is well known for emphasizing user autonomy and community. The ability for players to develop their own games and share them with others encourages creativity and teamwork.

The capability for people to create their own games and experiences is one of the main characteristics of Roblox. Users can build a variety of games on the platform, from straightforward platformers to intricate role-playing games and simulations, using its simple construction tools and scripting language.


With so much room for creativity, a huge and diverse library of user-generated content has grown, and new games and experiences are perpetually being added.

anime song codes for roblox

For a very long time, players have enjoyed it when music is included in video games. It heightens immersion and can improve the entire gaming experience. Going to the radio and entering a code is one option for players to access music in-game.


Making a choice among the countless song codes available can be intimidating. Here are some suggestions for the top anime song codes for Roblox to help you choose. There is a song for everyone, regardless of whether they prefer pop rock or something in between.

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Roblox Song Codes

The songs you can play in Roblox are listed here along with the corresponding activation codes. It’s also vital to remember that these codes lose their effectiveness after they expire.


23736111- Attack on Titan Theme
2417056362 – Black Clover Theme
2425229764 – Boku No Hero Academia
6334590779 – Chika Fujiwara Dance
5937000690 – Chikatto Chika Chika –
158779833 – Death Note Theme
3201020276 – Demon Skayer Gurenge
2649819366 – Fukashigi No Carte
5308729538 – Hai Domo
1609101267 – Kakegurui Theme
3805790057 – Oi Oi Oi
288167326 – One Piece Theme
697708015 – Ouran High School Host Club Theme
5689675302 – Poi Poi
2751415304 – Renai Circulation
321224502 – Seven Deadly Sins Theme
200810669 – Splash Free
183743606 – Your Lie in April Theme
2891190758 – World is Mine by Hatsune Miku
4614097300 – Naruto’s Theme Song
1260130250 – Naruto Shippuden Opening 1
268463724 – Naruto Memories –
147722165 – Naruto Poof Sound Effect
3057786388 – Naruto Sadness And Sorrow (Original)
2417056362 – Black Clover Theme
3201020276 – Demon Skayer Gurenge

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In general the addition of music to video games increases players enjoyment. Players can access a variety of songs and personalize their in game soundtrack by going to the radio and punching in a code.


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