Finish Line Return Policy

Finish Line Return Policy: Popular athletic shop Finish Line carries a large choice of shoes, footwear, and athletic apparel from leading works including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Under Armour.

It’s important to comprehend Finish Line’s return policies if you need to exchange or return something you bought there.

We’ll give a thorough explanation of the Finish Line return policy in this article, covering its features, advantages, and application.

Finish Line Return Policy

What is the Finish Line Return policy?

The most stringent return policy is required for every consumer. Customers have consistently desired a return policy for their preferred brands. The finish line is a reputable business that offers a refund policy program.

One crucial item you are looking for is the Finish Line Return policy. If you are considering purchasing anything, act quickly.

You can easily return an item to Finish Line if you decide after buying it that it is not right for you. The business offers a 45-day return period.

You have 45 daylights from the date of investment to return the product. When they return to the store, they swap the returned goods.

What is the Finish Line Return policy

However, if you return An item via mail, you might not be able to swap it. The conditions of our return policy must be met when a product is returned.

Finish Line Return Policy looks out for its customers. Customers have 45 days after making a purchase to try a return.

  • Whatever the reason, products cannot be returned after 45 days.
  • The goods must be in brand-new condition.
  • Orders can be returned by mail or at your neighbourhood Finishline store.
  • If you return something, you must maintain the original receipt or identity document.
  • For returned goods, there is no compensation for shipping costs.
  • The item must remain unchanged from the time it was purchased.

If you purchase something from, you can only return it to the shop. However, Macy’s FinishLine stores do not accept returns from

For the return policy system, we suggest two delivery options: email and in-person.

How to Return an Item to Finish Line

To return an item to Finish Line, follow these steps:

Locate your receipt: You will need your receipt to return or exchange an item.

Package the item: Create sure the article is in its original packaging and in the same state as when you purchased it.

Bring the item to a Finish Line store: Bring the item and your receipt to a Finish Line store to process your return or exchange.

Receive your refund or exchange: Relying on your preference, you can obtain a refund or exchange for your returned object.

Finish Line Return Policy for Online Purchases

Additionally, Finish Line has an online return policy. To return an item you bought online, take these actions:

Completing the return form : Fill out the order return form that was included.

Wrap the item: Create sure the article is in the exact condition as when you received it and that it is in its original packing.

Send the product: Send the merchandise along with the return form to the address listed on the form.

Obtain your exchange or refund: You can choose to get a refund or an exchange for the returned item, whichever you want.

Finish Line Return policy for in-store purchase

Products can be simply returned by the customer to their nearby Finish Line location. When you buy something from the store, you should take it by the authorities. Find the Finish line store first using the finder.

  • The purchaser must include the original packing slip.
  • Actual tags must be present on all clothing products.
  • The original payment method, such as PayPal, PayPal credit, and debit card purchases, is still refunded in cash.
  • A legitimate photo ID is required.

How to return Finish line items by mail?

Many customers are not living near the Finish Line stores, or someone just prefers to return the product.

The reason is not essential but follows the tips below to ensure a flexible process. Online purchases may be paid back to the address provided.

  • You may contact our customer care at the below number to acquire authorization for your return.
  • The number is 888-777-3949
  • Monday – Friday 8 am – Midnight Eastern
  • Saturday 8 am – 10 pm Eastern
  • Sunday 10 am – 8 pm Eastern

Can You Return Products to Finish Line Without a Receipt?

Yes, however, a company representative will estimate if the return request is justified. Returns without receipts are only eligible for store credit at any Finish Line location.

Finish Line Exchange Policy

There are no abnormalities to the requirement that you bring the item you bought in-store or online in order to receive an exchange. The original tags and/or box are required.

Finish Line Refund Policy

If the item or items you purchased from Finish Line are still in their initial packaging, you power be eligible for a refund. They must be packaged and tagged properly.

The original payment method used to purchase the item will be used to refund you. For instance, if you paid in cash, anticipate receiving cash back. Expect a credit payback if you paid with a credit card.

Does Finish Line Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Again, yes! After 30 days, returns are accepted. The 45-day exchange policy is the cause of this. This return policy covers purchases made up to and including 45 days after the original acquisition date.

The article(s) must be in excellent shape, and you must adhere to the proper return policies.

How Strict Is Finish Line With The Return Policy? 

Finish Line is generally a little more lenient than other businesses. You still have the option of returning your purchases without a receipt, and you now have 45 days instead of the usual 30 to do so.

How Long Do Finish Line Refunds Take?

If you spent utilising a card, allow a minimum of five business days for the transaction to show up on your bill.

Features of the Finish Line Return Policy

Numerous aspects of the Finish Line return policy make it simple for customers to exchange or return merchandise. The Finish Line’s return policy has the following critical components:

The 45-day window for returns: From the date of purchase, customers have 45 days to return or exchange an item.

original container and state: The returned item must be in its original packing and condition in order to qualify for a refund or exchange.

Requires a receipt: To return or exchange an item, customers need to have their receipt.

Exchanges and refunds: Clients have the option of returning an article for a refund or an exchange.

Benefits of the Finish Line Return Policy

The Finish Line return policy offers several benefits to customers, including:

Easy returns: The 45-day return window and requirement for original packaging and condition make it easy for customers to return or exchange items.

Refunds and exchanges: Clients can decide to receive a refund or exchange for their returned object, which gives them flexibility in how they handle their return.

Receipt required: The requirement for a receipt helps ensure that customers receive proper credit for their return.

How To Track Your Finish Line Order

  • Create a Finish Line account for free or visit the Finish Line customer care page.
  • Save your order confirmation number.
  • Log into your account via the Finish Line app or on your desktop for order history and real-time shipping updates.
  • If you don’t have a Finish Line account, you can enter the confirmation number and your zip code in the search box on the customer care page.

How Do I Contact Finish Line Customer Service?

Depending on your goal, Finish Line offers numerous customer care choices. Check their extensive FAQs before contacting customer service.

Call the Finish Line Customer Service phone number: 1-888-777-3949 Email Finish Line Customer Service here Tweet Finish Line Customer Service: @finishlinehelp


Customers can easily return or exchange things through Finish Line’s return policy within 45 days of purchase as long as they are still in their original packaging, undamaged, and have the receipt.

Customers may also select a refund or exchange for their returned goods under the policy. If you have any questions or issues about The return policy, please contact Finish Line customer service.

Finish Line Return Policy FAQs

Q.1 What is the Finish Line return policy?

ANS. Customers may return or exchange products at Finish Line within 45 days after the date of investment as long as it is undamaged, in their original packing, and has a receipt.

Q.2 Can I return an item to any Finish Line store?

ANS. Yes, you can return an item to any Finish Line store.

Q.3 Can I exchange an item at Finish Line?

ANS. Finish Line will exchange items in their original packaging with a receipt.

Q.4 Can I return an item by mail?

ANS. Yes, you can return an item by mail, but it cannot be exchange.

Q.5 What items can I return to Finish Line?

ANS. Finish Line accepts most things in their original packaging with a receipt.

Q.6 Can I return an item without a receipt?

ANS. If Finish Line determines a return meets the criteria despite the lack of a receipt, the item can be exchange or receive a store credit for the lowest sale price.

Q.7 Can I return an item after 45 days?

ANS. No, items cannot be returne after 45 days.

Q.8 What is the return policy for Macy’s Backstage purchases?

ANS. The traditional return period for Macy’s Backstage purchases is 30 days. For the 2022 holiday season, however, returns on Macy’s Backstage purchases are accepte until Jan. 31, 2023. The merchandise must have tags attache to it and should be unworn.

Shoppers must return the item to a Backstage location with the receipt. The policy does not apply to Last Act merchandise.

Q.9 What is the return policy for Apple products at Macy’s?

ANS. Apple products only have a 14-day limit for returns at Macy’s.

Q.10 What is the return policy for Big Lots?

ANS. At Big Lots, you have 30 days to return most items, with some exceptions. The items should be in their original condition and packaging, and you should have the receipt. Products can only be exchange or submitte for a refund.

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