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Etsy Return Policy: In the past decade, small-scale businesses and creators have experienced massive successes selling their goods to customers on Etsy

The site is a dream for customers to locate custom products that meet their customers’ exact specifications. It also offers smaller-scale creators the opportunity to get exposure and clients more quickly than other methods.

Many people shop on Etsy but are concerned about whether they have a return or exchange policy. 

Because many of the products are custom created or exclusive and unique, can you return these items? In this article, we will explore the specifics and nuances of Etsy’s return policy and a few of the most frequently-asked queries regarding the Etsy return procedure.

Etsy Return Policy

What Is Etsy Return Policy?

With regards to returning items, Etsy is unique in the sense that the site does not come with a comprehensive return policy. 

Each seller is responsible for their orders, including making the final decisions on cancellations, refunds and returns.

Etsy notes that they don’t oblige sellers to accept exchanges, returns or even refunds unless their policy declares they will.

If you’re looking for the shop’s policy for a particular store, You can locate it on the shop’s homepage towards the bottom.

What Is Etsy Return Policy

How To Return My Etsy Products

If you purchase an Etsy product that you aren’t satisfied with, the first step is to visit the Etsy shop where you bought it and review the policy of return/refunds for the store.

Suppose you cannot locate any information or declare that they accept returns and refunds and you want to contact them. In that case, you need to get the seller via a message and describe your problem with the item (in a polite manner) and inquire about the specifics of returning.

Etsy recommends that you discuss the following subjects in a private message before you send back the item:

  • What address should you send the item you want to return
  • The length of time the seller believes is suitable for the item to be returned in
  • Who will cover the cost of shipping for returning the product 
  • What is the most effective way to ship the item to send the item back

If The Seller Won’t Accept Returns

In many instances, when a seller isn’t willing to take returns, you might have no recourse. However, you could file a complaint with Etsy to challenge the seller’s policy regarding returns. 

This is the most effective method of proceeding if you have not received your order or if you believe the product you received was not what was advertised in the initial purchase.

What If My Seller Denies For A Return?

Etsy will not let you down when the seller refuses to accept returns. According to Etsy’s return policy, you can file a case. Etsy returns policy. If the seller rejects the refund or returns, you may start a claim by contacting Etsy.

What If My Seller Denies For A Return

  1. Visit the “purchases and reviews” section and click “help with order” after the purchase you wish to return.
  2. Choose “still need help” and select “yes, I want to open a case.”
  3. Give the reason for opening the case and other details about the return. Then click submit.

How Strict Is The Etsy Return Policy?

The policies are based on the particular seller. Therefore, there is no one size fits all solution to this problem.

Etsy Exchange Policy

Etsy’s exchange policy is different among sellers. Certain sellers might not be able to agree to exchanges, but some might be completely content with this.

Etsy Exchange Policy

Etsy Refund Policy

Because each shop owner can decide on their policy and refund procedures, their policies for refunds will differ depending on the retailer you purchased the item from and your reason for returning the item or refund.

Etsy Refund Policy

Does Etsy Accept Returns After 30 Days?

It is contingent on the retailer’s policy who sold you the product. Certain stores won’t allow returns, others will allow them to be returned within a week, and some accept returns at any time.

Does Etsy Have Free Returns?

If the vendor from whom you purchased the product accepts returns, you’ll have to negotiate with them on return charges. They may pay the fee; however, it is also possible that you’ll be required to.

Who Pays For Returns On Etsy?

Usually, it is the buyer who is the one who has to pay to return the item purchased on Etsy. However, it’s always on a case-by-case basis. 

How Long Do Etsy Refunds Take?

If the seller you purchased from allows refunds and returns, the typical time is between 2 and 5 business days for the refund to appear on your statement. 

Etsy mentions that some card companies have more prolonged delays, which is dependent on your credit card. If you’re outside the U.S., receiving your refund usually takes at least 30 days.

Can I Return Etsy Products After Use? 

Certain sellers won’t be a problem; however, some will not allow returns if you’ve utilized their products. Naturally, this is contingent on the item in question. Each seller can establish its own rules; therefore, you’ll have to contact your seller directly to get the answer to this.

What Can You Open A Case For?

There are two kinds of openings in a case should you not be satisfied with what you purchased on Etsy.

1. Non-delivery Case -The seller isn’t responding to your order, paid for it, and the product doesn’t show up.

2. Not as described case The purchase doesn’t match the description and photos of the seller, and the order didn’t include the entire package.


If all aspects are considered, Etsy return policy is highly complex. The fact that timeframe for customers to return their items is simple. You will have 180 days from the time you receive your purchase in which to send it back. 

Its Etsy returns policy can be divided into two groups that are for buyers and sellers. If you are purchasing items from the website, there are some things to be aware of.


If you’re a seller on Etsy, Follow these instructions to refund an item to the website.

Log into your Etsy account on the Etsy site or the app.

  • In the section called “Your Account, You can click on the word “You” in the upper right-hand part of the display.
  • Look for the words “Purchases and Reviews” there and click it.
  • To exchange or return your order, go to”My Account” and then click on the “My Account” page and select”My Account,” then the “Contact the shop” button right next to your purchase. If you’re using an app, it will pop up after clicking the order and then scroll down.
  • If you’re ready to end your order, text the seller an email with your reason and hit “Send.”

After you’ve completed writing your message, click”send. The seller will be informed of your news, allowing them to reply.


The product will not be returned to anyone, and this is simply a way of saying that every seller selling their product will have their own Etsy policy on refunds.

The buyer can check their Shipping and Returns policy on the product’s page for listing items when buying anything on the site. It will let buyers determine what requirements must be fulfilled before returning the item. If you have questions, it’s best to speak to the seller.

There could be instances when Etsy’s return policy doesn’t match an alternative approach. This is why it’s best to confirm the company’s policy before buying an item.

Can You Say “No Returns” On Etsy?

As an Etsy seller, you can inform your customers that you will not accept returns. So long as your store policies are accurate and in place, you will be able to enforce this policy when your customers reach you.

It’s important to remember that even if you have a “no returns” policy implemented (see below for how to set it up), you’ll still have customers who contact you to return their goods.

You can expect to get criticism for how they enforce this policy – and be prepared for a few instances arising from those orders. Still, following the guidelines, you should not have any problems with Etsy assistance backing you.

What is the Average of Return Days on Etsy?

Since I’ve been shopping on Etsy for a long time, The average number of return days appears to range from 30 to thirty days.

Some retailers offer an excellent 100-day return policy. Some are more stingy with the 14 days.

In addition, most sellers will ask you to contact them within five days after the delivery date to ask for a refund.

In the end, make sure you know the exact returns policy for the vendor before you make your purchase.


What do I do to determine the return policy for my purchase?

You’ll nee to look into the seller’s return policy for the return or exchange options.

How can Etsy give refunds?

Most of the time, Etsy offers a refund on the payment method use originally. However, they’ll grant Etsy credits to the account if that’s not feasible.

What happens if the Etsy seller denies refunds or refuses to accept returns?

If the seller cannot solve your issue within 48 hours of contact, you can file an account with Etsy for further assistance.

Who pays for return shipping charges to Etsy returns?

Typically, this information is mention in your shop’s policies, but if there isn’t, you can contact the seller and request this information yourself before completing your return.

Does Etsy have any penalties for canceling an order?

Etsy doesn’t charge a fee for cancellations. If, however, you cancel within a brief period following receipt and the refund takes some time before appearing within your accounts.

In conclusion

Etsy returns policies can be diverse and diverse as they are all define by the individual seller. If you’d want to make the process of returning on Etsy, you can contact your seller to start the discussion.

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