Top 50 Deez Nuts Jokes For 2022

Deez Nuts Jokes For 2022

Deez Nuts Jokes: America continues to buzz with the idea of Deez Nuts Jokes. What is the origin of the name Deez Nuts originate?


Mostly, Immaturity.

Dr. Dre is a credit to some extent. Dre’s “Deez Nuts” from the The Chronic album from 1992 introduced the term to the map.



The phrase has often been used in popular culture in the past two decades. For instance, this man believed it was the most hilarious thing ever for Deez insane to be taken to “People’s Court” in 2022.

The incident sparked a variety of memes, spoofs, and imitations.


Deez Nuts” literally refers to the person’s crown jewels. The numerous popular “Deez Nuts jokes” that are now being shared widely on social media are a result of Welvin Harris, who was the one to make the prank phone call.

He phoned his dad to ask if he got any mail. When his father was asked “what,” he replied, “Deez Nuts,” about his danglers before laughing.

Welvin Harris

It’s not a surprise. It’s no secret that Welvin Harris, also known as Welvin is Amazing, can entertain. He became famous for his hilarious skit, and his wit gained him a growing following.


He’s even been linked with the actress Amber Rose. What is the source of the idea for his comedy? Let’s look at some things that make jokes about Deez nuts hilarious.

Welvin Harris was the subject of headlines when the comedian pulled the “Deez Nuts” prank on an uninvolved acquaintance. While his character’s real name is Welvin Harris, he’s amassed a following of over 30,000 followers on Instagram and paid appearances at events.

His fame has led some of his followers to replicate his actions. But, unlike most of his followers, Harris can’t handle the media attention and is reported to be too ashamed to be a part of his fan’s videos.

Josh Allen

Nothing beats the charm of a good Deez nuts tale in the world of laughing out loud. Josh Allen has a unique method of making newcomers laugh.

Based on Bills player Dawson Knox, the quarterback creates a new joke daily. Allen’s jokes don’t just pertain to football too.

Allen likes to play jokes on people who he considers to be his best friends. The hilarious moments from his game are broadcast to the media too.

Despite their similarities, Allen is probably the most effective NFL quarterback. The combination of his running skills, along with arm strength and peace at the pocket, is key to his success.

Despite these attributes, Allen also enjoys cracking jokes about Deez’s nuts. Allen’s fellow teammate Dawson Knox admitted that the quarterback regularly attempts to crack jokes about Deez nuts. Allen’s Deez nuts jokes bear an equivalence with Nick Saban.

Dr. Dre

The term “Deez nuts” first appeared in 1992, after the rapper Dr. Dre released his album Chronic. The track begins with a man shouting, “Deez nuts!” which translates to”Gosh! It has been used in many ways throughout the years.

And in 2015, Instagram user Welven DaGreat made the song viral after posting an Instagram video of her telling a joke to a close friend. It quickly turned into a viral phenomenon.

Suppose you’re a big admirer of the singer whether you’ve encountered one of the many jokes about the rapper.

When you first encountered the phrase, you could be fooled into thinking it was an actual track. However, the internet was so impressed by the humor that the video became quickly viewed by millions of people.

The basic idea behind this joke is that Dre was a teenager who opposed the two presidents, Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Since then, the jokes have been given a completely new form and gained a new amount of traction on Tik Tok.

Dr. Dre’s song

Its beat from Dr. Dre’s “Been There, Done That” is a classic illustration of what we now refer to as “grown-man rap.” The beat is so easy and easy that it has earned an exclusive spot inside the Dre canon.

Dre collaborated alongside two producers who were beginning their careers, Scott Storch and Mel-Man, to create the track, and the result was a fun, easy pop-punk track.

People have also posted on Twitter to mock the rapper’s attire. Many noticed fifty was sporting the exact tank he used for the song.

Fans of the rapper’s 46 years old noted that he’s been filling out since 2003. After receiving numerous tweets ridiculing his attire, 50 of them replied with jokes about his track.

The fans were not impressed with the lyrics. The lyrics were written out. He’s worn the same tank top for his music videos for nearly ten years.

Dr. Dre’s t-shirt

In an Instagram post from last week, Xzibit posted a photo of Dr. Dre sporting T-shirts bearing the N.W.A. acronym and the album’s title, Straight Outta Compton.

As the couple discussed their separation, Dre laughed about his former wife’s latest shirt. The jokes about the t-shirt put Dre into hot waters.

There is a myriad of jokes on T-shirts that feature Dre. In one instance, Dre made fun of his relationship with Nicole.

Dre also blamed Nicole for having to drag out their divorce by hiring a lawyer team. Nicole, however, on the contrary, was demanding $4 million to end the divorce. However, Dre’s t-shirt jokes have proved to be a huge success with his followers.

Teacher: In all your subjects I am giving you D’s.
Student: Well, I am also going to be giving you D’s.
Teacher: What do you mean?
Student: Deez nuts!

Hey, I heard that you are a huge fan of Dee.
Dee who?
Deez nuts!
And I thought it was Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory!

Do you know Landon?
Landon who?
Trip, fall and Landon deez nuts!
Be careful! You wouldn’t want to land on someone’s nuts!

You need to shut up before you end up like Ken.
Ken who?
Can Deez nuts fit in your mouth?
Poor Ken! I don’t want to end up like him!

Hey, are you hungry or thirsty?
I’m thirsty/hungry.
You can have some of deez nuts.
I don’t need nuts. I want to drink water!

What is the easiest command you can teach your dog?
– I don’t know. Maybe roll over?
ROL-OVA Deez Nuts!

Do you want Apple to launch a new product?
– I hope so.
You hop-on Deez Nuts!

How do you say “Yes, you look good” in Spanish?
– Si…
See Deez Nuts!

I am so sick of this. This sucks!
– What sucks?
You suck on Deez Nuts!

Hey, do you smell that?
– Nope. What does it smell like?
It smells like Deez Nuts!

Do you know what happened in Kenya today?
– No, but you’re about to tell me.
Today Kenya FIT DEEZ NUTS in your mouth.

Excuse me, can you spell the word “indeed” for me please?
– No problem. I-N-D…
IN Deez Nuts!

Excuse me but do you like Wendys?

– Yes why?

Because you are going to love when deez nuts hit you in the face.

Excuse me but do you Bofa?

– Bofa? I don’t think so?

Bofa deez nuts!

Hi there, I heard that you are a huge fan of Dee.

– Dee who?

Deez nuts!

Do you enjoy parodies?

– sure why?

Well how about you enjoy a pair of deez nuts on your chin.

Have you seen the film Bofa?

-Bofa? Who is in it?

Bofa deez nuts.

​Hey there buddy, I have a bunch of old albums, would you like 2 cd’s?

-Sure thanks

To see deez nutz.

Hey there, what kind of music do you like?

– Oh, I like Green Day, Eminem, you know that type of stuff.

Do you like Imagine Dragons?

-Yeah sure.

Imagine dragging deez nuts over your head.

-Do you know who is coming to our party later on?

Yeah Dee is.

-Dee who?

Deez nuts.

Have you considered leaving?

Leaving what?

Leaving deez nuts in your mouth.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Dee who?

Deez nuts.

I think you should be a goblin this halloween.

– A goblin? Why is that?

Goblin bofa deez nuts

Do you prefer the Yankees or the Expos?

Expos deez nuts!


Yank on deez nuts!

Hey do you like Chef Boyardee?

Chef Boy-Are-Deez nuts tasty!

Do you know the new rapper Willya?

Willya who?

Willya put deez nuts in your mouth.

How do you say “yes, I would like some” in Spanish?


(quickly interupt) see deez nuts!

You: Dee was asking after you the other day.

Person: who is Dee?

You: Deez Nuts!

Do you like Vanessa Paradis?

-Yeah sure

How about a pair of deez nuts.

Have you heard about this new breed of bunnies that have been emerging all over town?

Oh really?

Yes, they are called Slaw Bunnies.

Oh wow, tell me more.

Slob on Deez Nuts.

Have you heard about the news in Kenya today?

No, tell me more.

Well, Kenya fit deez nuts in your mouth.

Teacher: In all your subjects I am giving you D’s.

Student: Well I am also going to be giving you D’s.

Teacher: What do you mean?

Student: Deez nuts!

Have you played that Xbox game “Sea Of Thieves”?

Yes why?

Well Sea Of Thieves Nuts fit in your mouth.

“I was shopping at the local farmers market and purchased some fermented succondese”

“fermented succondese?”

“yes, Fermented succondese nuts”

Excuse me but do you know Candice?

Candice who?

Candice set of nuts fit in your mouth?

If you are so clever, have you ever heard of Ligma?

Ligma? I don’t think so, tell me more.

Ligma nuts!

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On the TV show “The People Court” the guy below pulls off an absolute stunner of a “Deez Nuts” joke on the interviewer. The interviewer is absolutely blind sighted by the hilarious joke!

I am so sick of this it sucks!

What sucks?

You suck on deez nuts.

Hey Mike is Phil there?

Phil who?

Fill up on deez nuts!

Have you met my friend Phillip?

– Phillip who?

Phillip on deez nuts.

Excuse me but do you like pudding?

– Yes, of course.

Well how about pudding deez nuts in your mouth.

Hey, are you familar with Landon?

Landon who?

Slip, fall then landon deez nuts.

Do you remember that guy Willya?

– Willya who?

Willya put deez nuts on your chin.

“Do you like tulips?”
“yeah, why?”
because you’re gonna love your two lips on DEEZ NUTS!!”
With all due respect, Bargle

Do you like one direction? Cuz the only direction DEEZ NUTS are going is in yo mouth!
With all due respect, Bargle
“Do you like CD’s?”
“See Deez nuts!!”
“Do you want to see bofa?” They respond “Sure, why not?” You then call out “Bofa Deeeeeez Nuts!” It is then up to you whether you honor their request to actually see bofa.
With all due respect, Bargle
“Do you prefer McDonald’s or Wendy’s?”
“When deez nuts are in your mouth!!!”
– Bargle
“Hey, I heard you like Dee.”
“Dee who?”
“Deez nuts!!!”
With all due respect, Bargle

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